Just A Thought For Those Who Say “I’m Too Old”

Just A Thought For Those Who Say “I’m Too Old”

Connecting With Your Kids Again

I want you to imagine this for a second.

Life ends.

Upon your death, you realize this; there is no heaven, no hell, no afterlife.

NOTHING is awaiting you after death.

Your idea, thought, and desire that may be in the afterlife, you would be able to reconnect with your kids, and loved ones is not a possibility.

And upon death, you then are hit with the most significant blow to your heart with regret.

You regret not using the time you had left to connect and reach out to your kid.

You regret not at least trying.

And now, after realizing you will NEVER have the chance again to reconnect, you die with a sadness in your heart and tears running down your face.

Is that how you want to end this life?

We Get One Go At Life

We get one go at this thing called life.

No matter how much time you may have lost, that does not take away from the idea that you still have time ahead of you.

It may be 30 more years, 20 more years, ten years, or five years.

Whatever the amount, you still have time ahead of you.

And what should push you to focus on the time you have right now, is that YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED TOMORROW.

Death can come at any time.

Live life while you can and make use of the time that you have left productively.

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