Just A Thought For Those Who Say “I’m Too Old”

Just A Thought For Those Who Say “I’m Too Old”

Just A Thought For Those Who Say “I’m Too Old”

If You Still Have Breath In Your Lungs…

“But I lost so many years and decades? How can I move on from that? I am too old?”

Too old, you say.

What is human life when you compare it to existence?

We, no matter how “old” we may think we are, we are always children in the eyes of existence.

We have but so much time to learn and do all that we want.

And we have but so much time to get to know who we are, and less time to really and truly get to know other people.

As long as you have breath in your lungs, as long as you have the where with all, as long as you have the strength to get out of bed, you have everything you need to become the person you want to become.

The issue that you and so many other people have is that you have set your goals and your life at a certain time mark. A time mark that SOCIETY, NOT YOU have determined.

And this is tortuously foolish.

It’s like running a marathon race bit saying if you dont reach 1 mile in 20 minutes, you will end the WHOLE MARATHON.

A marathon is not a race.

And this is what many of us forget about life.

We get to our finish line when we get there.

The time that you believe you “lost” while being with the narcissist was not time lost, but it was time that was preparing you. Preparing you and training you to become your most excellent version of yourself.

It is and was that energy drink you needed to STAY THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE.

But you have to shift the way you think about the time with them.

Tell me…what is rumination doing for you right now?

Every time you think about all the time you lost, you continue to lose more time that you have ahead of you.

And that…that only makes the narcissist happier.

Always remember this phrase.

“Memento Mori.”

“Remember, you are a man; you are going to DIE.”

Check out my article “Getting Back The Years After Being In A Narcissistic Relationship.”

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