I Love A Narcissist What Should I Do

I Love A Narcissist What Should I Do

I Love A Narcissist What Should I Do

Being in love with someone who is a narcissist is hard.

You try to have a normal relationship with them, but it seems like to do this, you need to deal with a fragile ego, lots of outbursts, and always dealing with negative behavior against yourself. 

Many will agree that being in a relationship with a narcissist is challenging and should be avoided.

Still, when you are in the midst of that relationship, it is not always as straightforward.

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What is a Narcissist?

Someone who is genuinely a narcissist will differ from the average person. 

To a narcissist, other people only matter when it comes to making the narcissist happy. 

Once the other person no longer does that or does not allow the narcissist to control them any longer, they will get mad or leave. 

The narcissist is incapable of loving anyone like regular people because they are so preoccupied with themselves. They also have no interest in other people’s feelings.

Some of the signs of a narcissist include:

  • They expect they should always get special treatment
  • They exaggerate everything about themselves
  • Narcissists have no empathy, so they will take advantage of others and not regret it
  • They are compassionate and can get too jealous
  • They are thin-skinned for all the splendid, so they will lash out if someone criticizes them
  • Narcissists will lash out if they do not get the special treatment they think they need
  • They are very insecure
  • They struggle with a healthy relationship

I Love a Narcissist: What Should I Do?

It may be hard to hear, but there is no relationship that you can have with a narcissist. The only relationships will be an addictive, gut-wrenching, and confusing one. 

One thing that can be frustrating with a narcissist, whether you are in love with one or even at work, is that it will never get fixed if something is wrong. 

The rules are always broken. The boundaries are pushed as much as possible, usually by the narcissist though they will never admit it. 

The narcissist can’t even suggest that they are not perfect, even though they are usually so insecure that they will burst if they are blamed for anything.

Having a relationship each day with a narcissist is a lot of work, and you need to be mentally prepared for it all the time. 

You have to be on eggshells when their mood shifts, you need to blow off lousy behavior to keep the peace, and you need to figure out intentions and motives that often make no sense. 

This is not a healthy type of relationship, and no matter how hard you try with the narcissist, they will never change, and the situation will often worsen.

What Are Narcissist Lies?

Narcissists are often really great at lying, and this is how they get people to stay around. Remember that they do not care who gets hurt in the process, as long as they get their needs met. 

So if they can get their needs met by lying, they will do it with no scruples. A narcissist can lie for many reasons, such as to hide their own mistakes and flaws or to seek out admiration from the other side. 

They may do it to get more attention or, in some cases, to get the other person to question their sense of reality.

It is hard to love a narcissist. You are stuck with someone who has worked hard to make you reliant on them. 

And you may not want to walk away from something you spent a lot of time and effort on. 

However, in the long run, the narcissist does not feel love the way you do, and often they will cut you out if you no longer serve a purpose for them.

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