“I Do Not Need You!” This Phrase Will Destroy A Narcissist

“I Do Not Need You!” This Phrase Will Destroy A Narcissist

“I Do Not Need You!” This Phrase Will Destroy A Narcissist

Many people are greatly mistaken about the narcissist in their life. They believe that narcissists don’t need others, that they are full of confidence, self-love, and are highly self-esteemed.

But the truth of the matter is that narcissists, most of them, are the complete opposite.

These people have an irrational need to be affirmed and validated ALL OF THE TIME.

They need people like an addict needs his next fix. These people are addicted to people and will do anything and everything to get attention from people.

This is one reason why they go batsh*t insane when we give them the silent treatment or go NO CONTACT.

They can’t process the “No Contact” and Ghosting.

When you move on from a narcissist or tell them you do not need them in your life, you have no idea how much you are KILLING THE INSIDE.

You are much more powerful than you know.

The act of not needing these people in our lives sends them into a maelstrom of insanity.

It is a huge blow to their ego, and for many of them, they never learn how to cope effectively.

Hence is why so many of them go on smear campaigns, gossiping about you around town, and even try and gang-stalk you.

These people are nutjobs, and they cannot take “I don’t need you in my life.”

What it does to them is, make them think…NO, it REMINDS them that of what they try and hide…a truth.

That they really do not matter.

This is why moving on, as hard as it can be, is so important. Learning how to be happy despite all that they did to you is important because it just reminds them of how worthless they really are.

All the smears and the gossiping are all attempts at getting back at you for not needing them, for reminding them that they are nothing and no one special.

If you want to hurt a narcissist who hurt you, simply do not need them.

“I Do Not Need You!” This Phrase Will Destroy A Narcissist

And this can mean:

  • Not needing them to apologize (which is what they want you to want)
  • Not needing them to pay for child support
  • Not needing them to see the kids
  • Not needing them to accept responsibility for their actions
  • Not needing them to stop talking badly about you
  • Not needing them to do anything or stop anything they are doing

Once you get to that level that they truly do not matter, YOU KILL THEM in a way that literally is like taking their lives would not equal.

By reminding them of their worthlessness, you strike them in their ego on a massive level.

Don’t need them to do or be anything to you, and you win.

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