Learn How To Stop Judging Yourself: You Are Only Human

Learn How To Stop Judging Yourself: You Are Only Human

How to stop judging people and yourself?

Judging yourself is keeping yourself from heling. And I must ask this.

What do you gain from maltreating yourself? Who do you help when you judge yourself?

How is you, continually hurting yourself emotionally and psychologically, making your life any better?

Now, yes I know, for some of us, we want to move on (Check out my “100 ways to let go and move on” article). We want that pain to stop. We want that negative chatter to stop. But so deeply ingrained has the self-hatred rooted itself that it seems impossible.

However, this is far from the truth.

One of the primary reasons so many of us never heal and move on in life is because of this idea that “We were so stupid for staying so long.”

We judge ourselves so harshly.

And because of this, we cannot heal.

But in this article, I want to help spark, even a flicker of hope, that you can stop judging yourself and move on with your one life.

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Learn To Stop Judging Yourself: You Are Only Human

You are only human. A finite creature in what seems to be an infinite reality. A child or eternity, A student of life.

And life is a classroom to which we are tossed into without ever knowing what subject we are supposed to learn about.

Narcissists are like this.

We go through life never learning about them. It is once they have borrowed their parasite like characters into our lives that we understand them.

And like the parasites they are, they take their time borrowing into our lives to show.

Life gives us SO MUCH TO TAKE IN.

We cannot and should not be expected to know all there is in the world.

You were not a fool into loving them or staying too long.

You, we, weer, just uninformed about these creatures.

Beating yourself up, overstaying with them, and putting up with so much, ONLY makes them happy.


Because they no longer have to do it themselves.

See, judging yourself is doing the job of the narcissist for them.

They love the idea that they have embedded their toxicity so deep into our character that we no longer can function right.

And this is why we need to learn to stop judging ourselves.

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