How To Set Boundaries In Relationships

4 – Give Yourself Permission To LEARN (Make Mistakes and Learn)

You are only human.

We..are only human.

If you lashed out at someone because you thought they did you wrong and they didn’t; just admit. Apologize and forgive yourself.

DO NOT BECOME A BROKEN EMPATH. Someone who is so hurt and never wants to be hurt again that you see EVERYONE as a threat.

Knowing that you TOO can make mistakes is a great way to also set up boundaries.

If you feel someone has done you wrong but also feel that maybe you are taking things a tad bit more personal, you can take them to the side and simply say “Maybe I am seeing or hearing things wrong but what did you mean by this?”

In this situation, you not only come off as mature and someone in control of their emotions but you also will be able to ascertain the person’s true motives by the feeling you will have been in close proximity with them.

It is here will you will trust your intuition about the persons.

Your gut never lies.

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