How To Set Boundaries In Relationships

How To Set Boundaries In Relationships

It is an unfortunate truth in life that there are going to be people that come into our lives that will have NO UNDERSTANDING of boundaries. And if they do, they will try and cross them. If you want to learn how to set boundaries in relationships, in this article I give you 10 effective ways to do so.

By not setting up boundaries you allow anybody, narcissist most likely, to come into your life and do whatever they want.

Nobody…mother, father, sister, brother or lover, has the right to come into your life to do what they want.

How To Stop Being Controlled: 10 Effective Ways To Set Boundaries

1 – Know and Place Your Limits

How To Set Boundaries In Relationships

What will you tolerate? What won’t you tolerate?

Knowing this will be a great step in setting up boundaries. Quite often, many of us give people “the benefit of the doubt”.

And unfortunately, many people do not see this as a good thing. They see it as a means that they can get away with a lot of sh*t.

By knowing what you WILL not tolerate in people you can start distancing yourself from these people or you can let them know that there are certain things you walk away from.

Letting people know you will walk away from certain behaviors will let them know NOT TO DO THEM around you or towards you.

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