How To Make A Narcissist Fear You: 25 Ways To Do So

How To Make A Narcissist Fear You: 25 Ways To Do So

So you may be wondering what are narcissists most afraid of so that you can get a bit of revenge on them. This is how you make a narcissist fear you.

Despite their puffed-up chest, most narcissists are cowards.

A narcissist s life is mired in fear. They live in a constant state of fear!

Narcissists are scared little paper tigers that can easily be blown away by anyone who catches wind of their antics.

I think you will find that their fears and hatred are comical, as well as superlatively pathetic.

I often say that we have to laugh, NOT in a way that teases them, but laugh at their sheer absurdity.

It is quite humorous to see that people can be in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and damn 80s and can still act like children.

And don’t at me with that, “As we age, we reverse back to childhood” NONSENSE.


As we age we are SUPPOSE to get better; NOT worse.

The idea that it is okay to get old and become a child again instead of a, well becoming a LEADER FULL OF WISDOM DUE TO LIFE’S LESSONS, is frankly a stupid way of thinking and living out the rest of your life.

I am also quite aware that many people, as they age, develop different mental illnesses.

Mental illnesses and personality disorders may be genetic and hereditary, but character traits are something we create and foster on of our own volition.

Some research suggests that mental illness can run in families.

Rethink Mental Illness

We Cause Ourselves So Much Needless and Preventable Pain

Check out this video with Dr. Dispenza on how our thoughts affect our health.

We are the ones who create these diseases for ourselves.

Working at stressful jobs, being around toxic people, staying in a narcissistic relationship, and living out a stressful life are all ingredients for us developing many diseases that are otherwise…PREVENTABLE.

Stress kills” is not just a saying, but it is a reality. The more people stress out in life, the easier it is for them to develop many mental illnesses and physical illnesses.

Narcissistic people focus on negativity. This is why they get old and become some of the most cantankerous people you will ever encounter.

“Get off mah lawn!”

“What are you looking at?”

The angry stereotypical old man who doesn’t want people in his yard is mad because he finally realized, “I have done NOTHING with my life. I have hurt so many people.”

And like a scared little animal out in the wild who is on edge because they think they will be eaten…so too are old narcissists. So scared that all the stuff they did in their life will come back to bite them later on in life.

This is why I CHAMPION the idea of MOVING ON and GOING NO CONTACT.

These narcissists will do themselves in for us.

Staying with them ONLY hurts us.

With this said, let’s jump on into the article.

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What Do Narcissists Fear and Hate The Most?

  1. Abandonment
  2. Criticism
  3. Betrayal
  4. Humiliation
  5. Loneliness
  6. Rejection
  7. Being Disrespected
  8. Being Ignored
  9. Exposure
  10. Aging
  11. People Who Have Self- Respect
  12. A Person Who Knows Their Value
  13. People Who They Think Are Successful
  14. A Person Who Has Courage
  15. People Who Have Dignity
  16. Your Pets
  17. Your Children
  18. Even Your Family
  19. Your Friend
  20. Your Exes

7 thoughts on “How To Make A Narcissist Fear You: 25 Ways To Do So

  1. I was with my ex narc for 13 years this man destroyed me in everyway he got shot and i took care 9f him for 2 and half years the first 8 years i was with him he didnt speak to his family even after being shot so i guess i was in place of them he has money so he can use it against you and hold it over your head at first he uses it to act like you are in things together had me pick out cabin for 2 years iblooked at five thousand houses with him we were a we then it was all a show i guess not to me it wasnt then at 50 he started cheating behindcmy back only to blame me then he threw me away because he started talkjing to his family again so for last 3 years of our relationship i was treated like a maid or dog or nothing at all being jealous falesly turned into not caring at all planning trips canceling them on me then going without me meeting a girl there with buddies and inviting her to come stay at his csbin shes married and a singer but at t8me he didnt know that so he invited them both because she afmires him and he loves that of course she does he treats her like shes the queen of england while i get charged for everything now and broke up with once a month for dumb reasins until finally thrown away all together then hes on pirn sites telling women how beautiful they are fetting disgusting pics and when i confronted him because r8ght in front of me her face kept popping up on phone i was crazy yet he was telling friends how he wanted to fly her in here mind you shes only 20 if real so i was told finally they were getting know eachother and she would be here soon our life our memories me taking care of him wiping his ass changing his woynds daily none if that counted i was nobody nothing and weird and crazy and a stalker after 13 years and i only wanted money it was almost like waking up in nightmare now he doesnt soeak to me at all because god forbid he admit to making a mistake what would people say dont know what hapoened with fake girl ever bit of course shes not here but hes hit on anything with a pulse anyway im history to him idk i just dobt get any of how they can live with themselves it makes me so sick

    1. This is the mindset of narcissists. They can take no responsibility for their actions. They will place blame on others. They will do us wrong and then say we are crazy.

      They are like grown children.

      You may not see it know but once you heal you will come to see that him leaving is a blessing in disguise.

  2. I was raised by an entire family of narcissists and they abused me my whole life then when I finally became a mother very late in life, they abused my son and scapegoated us both. My narcissistic 88 year old mother assaulted my son many times, once I pulled her off of him and she told everyone we were on top of her. My brother and sister assaulted me and my son and they completely lie about it. My oldest sister isn’t physically abusive just extremely passive aggressive and believes all of their lies. My son and I went no contact in January and I can tell you it’s the only way to truly become joyful and whole again. My regret is that for financial reasons I stayed in the narcissistic mothers home too long. We didn’t ever need her. I just didn’t realize how well we would do without her. I hear now that she cries to people how much she misses us. Yet, she discarded us with a protective order after assaulting us and lying about it. I’m super relieved looking back that she did the PO. She’s nuts and I see it so clearly now. Not a mother, just a biological life giver. I can’t even call her my mother anymore. If you know a narcissist, then you know I’m not being unkind and I’m not exaggerating how bad they are. And so dishonest! And yes they do their best to steal from you whatever they can. It’s pathetic. But I won’t waste anymore of my energy thinking of them. They never deserved us. My son and I are doing very well now. He’s a 4.0 student and thinking pre-med! I’m a happy property manager and singer who loves to be a full-time mom. We are relieved and happy to be 100% no contact with ALL of them. Narcissistic people are extremely toxic. Get out and be 100% no contact! It’s the best and only way!

    1. So very happy for you and moving on. You are so right that moving away from them is when happiness begins. Your story could inspire many people.

  3. Nicely put. I’ve sent this to my daughter. She’s with a bi-polar, narcissist. It breaks my heart. She keeps saying, “mom u taught us unconditional love, and everyone deserves to be loved. ” I respond, yes that includes u. He self harms which scares me. He has scars down his face from slashing himself with hunting knives. Last spring he stabbed/slashed himself in the chest over his heart so bad he needed many stitches. I hope ur article helps her. Its very good thank you.

    1. My heart goes out to you and your daughter. And to the guy as well. He seems like he has NPD, not narcissism (as they are different).

      I applaud your daughter for having such a heart.


      We are human. And as I often say, we get ONE GO AT THIS THING CALLED LIFE.

      Is it fair to give up this GIFT (because life is a gift) to save someone who is HELLBENT ON NOT BEING SAVED?

      I understand that Bipolar and NPD are mental illnesses — but if he really wants to change and he really loves your daughter then he might want to speak with a therapist.

      Bipolar can be treated.

      I hope your daughter also finds this article helpful.

      I can imagine the conversations he has with your daughter. He probably says he will kill himself if she leaves him or that he will hurt himself if she walks out on him.


      And that is a form of abuse, even if she isn’t being physically harmed.

      Praying for the best (for everyone)!

  4. I am waiting for my estranged younger sister to need, need, need a victim again. She has no clue that I have learned what to do . She will be so freaked out and yeah, she will cry. She hates that. When she sees she cant touch me in any way, physically and emotionally she will go to the bar and drink until she can’t shit or go blind. She is so lovely . UGH !

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