How To Make A Narcissist Envious

How To Make A Narcissist Envious

How To Make A Narcissist Envious

Narcissists are some of the worse people to be around or to have in our lives. Learning how to make a narcissist envious can be the ultimate revenge; well, at least one of the ultimate acts of revenge.

Giving them a taste of their own medicine can be sweet — and it can feel like we have somehow vindicated ourselves.

So in this article, I will explain how you can make a narcissist envious. I will explain how you can mess up their life. And I will explain how you can drag them down in the dirt.

Be ready to get dirty. Get ready to lie and manipulate others around you. Get ready to LOSE who you are — because making the narcissist envious will require that you do these things.

And heck, losing who we are just to make a narcissist irrationally jealous is a good wager, don’t you think?

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How To Make A Narcissist Envious

Get Your Hands Dirty: Making The Envious Narc

How To Make A Narcissist Envious

You will first have to learn how not to give a f*ck whom you use in your scheme to make the Narc envious.

If you know a narcissist likes/ or hates a certain person, you will need to befriend that person.

Now, you don’t have to befriend them. Remember, we are trying to make narcissists envious. We don’t want to fall in love with this person.

It is okay if they fall in love with us, however.

So, what you will need to do is USE this person.

You know, like the Narc used us.

We must become like the Narc. Screw being an actual human being. Forget taking the noble, honorable, and better path.

The only way the world will get better is if good honest people do more lying, manipulating, and cheating.

Let’s get down and dirty.

Befriend that person, and if you f**k up their lives to get revenge…hey, it’ll be worth it.

And an eye for an eye, right??

Step 1: Use The New Person: Gossiping

For this step, after you have “befriended” the person, make sure this person is naive (you know, like we were; they won’t know any better) to make this plan work out. Get them to be your voice.

What do I mean?

Get them to start spreading rumors about you and them. Make them think you guys have a GREAT RELATIONSHIP.

It’s okay to break their hearts. The Narc did it to us, so why not do the SAME thing to someone else who doesn’t deserve it?

This is WAR, right?

Step 2: Post FAKE FUN Picture On Social Media

For this step, after you have used the new gullible supply…oh, I mean the new “friend,” start taking pictures of you and them together.

Put on a fake smile, and go to expensive places. Don’t worry; you don’t have to buy anything; it looks like you’re having a good time. Take hundreds of selfies…ALL OF THE TIME.

It’s more important to LOOK GOOD than to FEEL GOOD.

You know what I mean, right?

Moving on and pursuing a happier, more successful, more fulfilling life is for LOSERS.

And we aren’t losers.

We are vindictive people who will waste our lives getting revenge on a narc who doesn’t have the mental capacity to feel empathy.

We are using our time productively.

By making them envious.

Step 3: Use Your Kids

Hey, their kids. We can mess up their lives to make our Narc envious.

Even though kids can suffer from Childhood trauma and C-PTSD later on in life…who cares.

That’s later on in the future.

And the future…we can’t even see that. So it can’t be real.

It would be stupid to instill in our kids valuable lessons about relationships.

No, let them learn how WE LEARNED.

That is great parenting.

With the kids, you will want them to love the new supply…oh, I mean the new friend (I keep doing that, sorry), as if they were heaven on earth.

Tell the kids to always smile BIG in your new photos with the new friend. Tell them to always ask about the new friend when they visit the Narc.

This will REALLY make the narc envious.

And boy, that will show them. That will show the narc what they are missing out.

Instead of actually going out there and finding someone who will actually complement our life and who we are as a person — let’s use someone in our scheme to make the narc envious.

It’s okay to wallow in the mud instead of climbing out of a nasty environment, cleaning ourselves off, and living a happier and healthier life with a partner who genuinely loves us.

That would be a ludicrous way of living. We need to get back with our narc — even if it was a hellish relationship.

Step 4: Reunite With The Narc Who Messed Up Your Life

Gotta love playing in the mud

After you have done all this, the Narc will come running back into your life.

They will want you when they see you happy and successful in a relationship.

So now, discard the new supply…oh, I mean the new friend.

It’s okay to discard that person like the Narc discarded you so you can get back with the Narc that discarded you.

This all makes sense, right?

After the person has served their purpose, kick them to the curb. Better yet, ensure it is a rainy day when you tell them you no longer need them. That will make getting back with the Narc MORE DRAMATIC.

They are just items for us to use.

The same way we were by the narcissist.

Man, this all makes sense, right?

We finally made the narcissist envious and the narc…well, the Narc was able to make us like them.


This video really shows how you can have a happy ending (from Karen’s perspective).

Movie: The Last American Virgin

The Best Way To Make A Narc Envious

Hopefully, you understood that I was sarcastic. It is NOT OKAY to use someone for your schemes in life. This is what narcs do.

It is not okay to become a narcissist.


Because when we become like narcissists, that is when they ULTIMATELY WIN.

To them, everything is a game, and when we become like them, that levels them up.

Taking the higher ground and living a truly happy life after they have discarded us is the best revenge, and it will make them envious.

By living happily and being in a healthy relationship, we can make them envious without a doubt.

And the best thing is that we don’t have to sink low. By taking the higher ground, we win in everything else in life.

Taking the higher ground in life is when you win in life. Click To Tweet

Narcs love to destroy people’s lives.

You being happy and prosperous will make the Narc envious as hell, and you become a better person all the same.

Move on and be happy; that is the greatest way to make a narc envious.

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9 thoughts on “How To Make A Narcissist Envious

  1. I could never do a animal the way the narcissist do people the best revenge to a narcissist it’s just to go no contact it’s hard but it can be done

    1. Agreed. This whole article was a Spoof.

      I was trying to show how making a Narc envious will just turn you into the narc and THAT IS NOT WORTH IT.

  2. As an empath, and a victim of a narc, I started to read this article and to my dismay (after going no-contact back in March) I had to sit back and try to figure out why I wanted to even see what it said. My conclusion is that I am still hurt beyond words at the fact that anyone could live with themselves after treating someone like narcs treat us.
    I have a S/O and for the most part we have an amazing relationship, except for the fact that every few months he gets into these moods where he thinks of my ex, gets moody, and proceeds to bring him back into our relationship just by mentioning him. Which of course brings back the thoughts of, the curiosity about, feelings for, (the person he pretended to be) and all the hurtful things done to me. And its at these times that I want to contact (but DO NOT) him. So all in all I guess I am in a way staying strong by staying no contact, and doing a lot of reading of articles on narcs and survivors of narc abuse. I am very thankful for everything in my life, and that I have been able to remain true to my beliefs and morals. I’m not saying that it isnt hard, because there are more times than not, that I waver and it really hasnt gotten any easier with time, yet, but Im sure it will. Or at least I hope so.
    So…. I only have the one issue that still needs to be dealt with, with my S/O. And life will be as it should be, happy and hopeful. So thank you, for being a significant part of my healing by posting these articles. And thank you to those who reply and share.

    1. I am very honored and humbled that my articles are helping you in some way. That means the world to me.

      I would like you to think about this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The Most Difficult thing a man (person) can do is to be themselves in a world that is constantly trying to change them.”

      I am happy that you are sticking to your morals and belief, and yes at times it can be very difficult. But the greatest achievement we can ever have in life is to ALWAYS be ourselves.

      A Narcissist has a great time trying to break our characters. And I can think of no greater achievement than to remain who we are when so many people try and change who we are.

      Bless you and I wish you all the best in your life.

  3. Report your Narc to the tax department and welfare. We all know what liars they are but they also lie on their tax returns and everywhere they can. They use triangulation and lies to smear a victim so see if you can get the tax department to find some facts for free and this is not revenge. It is justice just like catching a burglar on film and helping the law.

    1. To Jeff: Who left a comment about reporting a Narcissist to Tax Dept. & Welfare Dept. (They Lie on Tax Returns)
      Get the Tax Dept. & Find Facts for free.
      Do You/ Anyone know of a telephone number to call & Speak to A Live Person?
      I’ve been trying & No Luck!? Please Help with this🙏🏼 Who To Report this to? What to say? WTD? Thank You,
      Need Justice In California
      Praying For All Us Warriors ❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼

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