How To Make A Narcissist Angry

How To Make A Narcissist Angry

So you want to learn how to make your narcissists angry? You want to get back at these S.O.Bs. Well in this article I will show you how to make these people rage, vent, and foam at the mouth.

It is not uncommon for many of us who have been hurt by a narcissist to want them to hurt as well.

But I steadfastly believe that it is NEVER okay to act like them or to be like them in any fashion. I have noticed many people in our community who have become broken. I call these people the broken empaths.

They become just like the narcissist; if not becoming full-blown narcissistic.

4 Things You Can Do to Make Your Narcissist Angry and Feel Anger

How To Make A Narcissist Angry

1 – Be Happy

Oh, eternity! You being happy will turn these people’s world upside down. You being happy is an insult to them. They want everyone to be miserable while they are the only ones happy. Why? Because narcissistic people have a scarcity mindset. If you are happy that means that they can’t be happy.

How does that work?

Shut up. That’s how that works.

2 – Going No Contact

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I have written an article on why going no contact is the best thing to do with a narcissist. It really hurts them in more ways than just emotionally. Like the symbiotic parasites they are, not having someone to whom they can leech on for substances (that substance being your suffering) kills them.

If you really want to upset your narcissist and hurt them GO NO CONTACT. They will truly shrivel up like the slugs they are when you pour salt on it.

Truly a disgusting and amazing sight to behold.

Read the article here.

3 – Grey Rocking Them

Gray Rocking is just as effective as going no contact. When these kidult narcissists start stomping their precious little footsies around and pout, the best thing to do is to grey rock. GIVE THEM NO EMOTIONAL REACTION. Much like a toddler, they will tire themselves out and fall asleep sucking their thumbs.

4 – Being Successful

Much like being happy. If you are successful that means they are a failure. How does that work? Hey! Hey! Do I have to remind you again? Shut up. That’s how that works.

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