5 Ways On How To Help a Narcissist

5 Ways On How To Help a Narcissist

5 Ways On How To Help a Narcissist

So you want to learn how to help a narcissist so that you can make your relationship go back to the way it was when you first started?

Here is what you can do to learn how to help a narcissist in your life.

Narcissistic people are some of the most misunderstood people on this planet.

But I guess when you are SO AMAZING, SO SMART, SO FANTASTIC, AND SO FREAKING WONDERFUL, being misunderstood by the worthless pieces of mediocrity that we non-narcissists are, it just comes with the territory.

These people are so great, and they deserve ALL the worship, praise, adulations, and honor for being the NOTHINGS they are.

So in this article, I will go over seven things you can do to help the narcissist in your life.

Get ready to waste your one life on these people; it will surely be worth it in the end.

I mean, most people who give their time, energy, and life to the narcissist die with a big smile on their face.

No one ever feels regret for wasting…umm…giving their precious time to these outstanding specimens of human beings.

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5 Ways On How To Help a Narcissist

1 – Praise Them As If They Are Gods/Goddesses

Ways On How To Help a Narcissist

Despite many of these people doing nothing extraordinary, or even borderline mediocre, our job is to ease and inflate their egos.

A great way to appease these less than mediocre beings is to appeal to their deluded egos.

What to say to disarm a narcissist when they enter their temper tantrums, and go on a rampage of uncontrol rage, is to praise them for what they did that day.

Examples being:

  • Praise them for making their bed this morning like a big boy or big girl.
  • Praise them for finishing their full breakfast; they sure are going to grow up big and strong.
  • If they took the garbage out, applaud them for being responsible as an adult should, but remember, with these kidult narcissists…umm…these fantastic people, we can’t praise them enough for doing things that any ordinary adult wouldn’t give a second thought.

Praise these kidults as you praise your three year old for going potty, “ALL… BY…THEMSELVES.”

Hassa! Praise the narcissist for their less than mediocre accomplishment!

2 – Overlook All Their Red Flags

Ways On How To Help a Narcissist

Nothing turns a narcissistic man on more than having his woman overlook all of his red flags.

That late night out with Jenny, whom he has shown to have apparent attractions for and even mentioned it to you, is just business.

He isn’t getting busy with her; he is doing business with her, and by you overlooking all his signs, that will help ease his conscience.

Because we all know that narcissists live their lives based on how their conscience tells them to live.

Ignoring the red flags will help them sleep better at night, knowing they have a partner who will believe them 100% despite all their red flags.

3 – Become What They Want

Ways On How To Help a Narcissist

True love is all about giving up who you are and becoming what they want you to become.

You are not a person, remember that.

You are a toy for them; playdough that they can mold and form into whatever they deem fit.

Who you are as a person is GARBAGE, and as long as you remember that and accept that, you will be able to help give the narcissist the person they want.

Who cares about your dreams, your goals, your desires in life.

Your job, NO…your duty as the narcissist’s lover is to give up everything about yourself for them.

This is how you help a narcissist to be happy in life.

If they want to destroy your life, remember they have every right to do that because…LOVE.

4 – Feed Their Victimhood Nonsense

“Oh! Woe is these people.”

“Oh! Dear god in heaven! Woe is these people’s life.”

Nobody on earth has ever suffered as these people have suffered. They are such victims.

The Uyghurs, being culturally genocided by the CCP TODAY, has nothing on a narcissist hurt fweewings

Them being told they can’t cut in line is such a TRAVESTY; their egos were hurt. 

What is the vicious murder of millions of people to the narcissist’s ego being hurt? 

Everyone is either racist towards them, sexist towards them, mean to them for no reason, has a vendetta against them, hates them for no reason, and wants the worst of them.

Woe! Woe is the life of these precious little angels.

Because we all know that nothing ever bad happens to good people. 

Good people have all the success and happiness in the world.

Nothing ever bad happens to anyone except the narcissist.

So keep feeding their victimhood nonsense.

The reason that they have that sucky 9 to 5 job at Mcdonalds is because of…um…racism.

The reason that they can’t purchase a car is because of…um…sexism.

Why the cat next door hisses at them is because of…um…Satan.

It’s always someone and something else that is making life hard for them.

It is never the choices they make or the lack of choices they make that cause them to have the life they have.


It is the racist’s fault for why they are poor.

It’s the sexist fault why they live where they live.

And it is Satan’s fault for them being who they are.

Remember, they are always the victim.

Because when you are a victim, nothing is ever your fault; it is always the fault of others.

Remind them of that every day when they fail, and you have yourself a happy little camper.

5 – Sacrifice Your Happiness For Them

Happiness, much like Bitcoin, has a cap.

Not everyone can be happy in life because there is not that much happiness in the world.

So, to show TRUE love, you must be miserable so that they can be happy.
By you suffering, you help them to be happy.

What sense does that make?

Shut up; that’s the sense it makes.

This Is A Spoof

Hopefully, you could see the blatant sarcasm in my writing.

It is NOT our job to help these self-pitying LOSERS.

If they have a crappy life, TOO BAD!

It is not our fault they are losers.

It is not our fault they had a bad childhood. As if that even justifies destroying the lives of people who did not give you that bad childhood.

It is not our responsibility to be heroes to these villains.

We need not have sympathy for people who have no empathy. Click To Tweet

It is not our job to help these people, and once you stop helping them and start helping yourself, you will see how much better your life will become.

We owe them not a DAMN THING, but we do owe ourselves so much more than we ever gave them.

One thought on “5 Ways On How To Help a Narcissist

  1. hat you are describing is probably a sociopath. Sociopaths tend to be also narcissists, with the added “loser” variable you are describing. They are losers despite lack of mental or intellectual disability. Losers in life are always easy targets, evil people are not. There are a lot of narcissists are ‘”winners” in the eyes of society.. A lot of narcissists do achieve great things and also a lot of psychopaths are successful. A lot of “losers’ don’t hurt people at all, but have hidden cognitive disabilities. People with chronic depression should be applauded for not killing themselves that day and/or taking out the trash. However women should avoid dating losers in any form. All people should be actively working to improve themselves. Depressed people shouldn’t date.

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