This Is How You Utterly Defeat A Narcissist

This Is How You Utterly Defeat A Narcissist

This Is How You Utterly Defeat A Narcissist

Defeating a narcissist is NOT as difficult as you may think it to be. These people are not as smart as they have FOOLED themselves into believing.

What usually catches us off guard is that we think we are dealing with grown adults, but in actuality, they are nothing more than kidults.

And this is a great thing.

Because much like kids who believe themselves smarter than their parents, so too are these kidult narcissists who believe themselves more intelligent than us.

So when a kid tries to get over on you, you see it and can prepare for it.
And you do this because you watch their signs.

Now, you just need to shift this way of thinking to the narcissist.

Here is how you can utterly defeat your narcissist.

This Is How You Utterly Defeat A Narcissist

Let them think they are hurting you or taking something from you.

Give these FOOLS the impression that they have something over your head. Give them that FASLE sense of superiority.

Much like playing chess, you only win by letting the other person think they are winning.

Now, you make them think they are hurting you or taking something from you.

And the reason you do this is that when they have plotted out for HOURS on end of their grand master plan to hurt you, you do this.

WALK AWAY with no emotions.

Now, this sounds simple, and it is.

Narcissistic people love reactions.

By not reacting to their lunacy and their foolish plans, you have NO IDEA how you crush them.

The opposite of love is NOT hated.

It is indifference.

And indifference to a narcissist is, without a doubt, the most PAINFUL thing you can do or give to them.

They need others to validate their existence.

They need others to make them feel like they matter.

And know this, the plans they create to destroy you, is also planning to help them be in your mind (remember these people need attention).

Trust Me I Know: This Is How You Utterly Defeat A Narcissist

When I was working for this one covert narc, he did everything to get under my skin. But he couldn’t.

When the time came to “fire me” (and I had already known this was coming, I found another job), this is how the conversation went down.

Narc Boss: Hey, can I talk with you real quick?

Me: Sure!

Narc Boss: Yeah, we have to let you go. You just aren’t a good fit here. (Trying to devalue me; HA!)

Me: Okay, no problem.

Narc Boss: Yeah, because you don’t look like you want to be here. (trying to bait and hoover me to stay; HA!)

Me: Okay, I understand. No problem I’ll leave!

Narc Boss: (Stunned and Stammering) You…You seem okay with this? (Frustrated because he can’t BREAK ME)

Me: It’s just a job, sir. I can always find another one. And I wouldn’t want you guys wasting your money on me if I am not doing the job correctly. That wouldn’t seem fair (and mind you I did the job exceptionally well as many of my coworkers loved how professional I was).

Narc Boss: (Grits his teeth and frowns) O…okay. Thanks for everything.

Me: No! Thank you, sir, for the opportunity.


The look of utter defeat on his face was PRICELESS. I almost saw the tears roll down his kidult face.

Narc Boss: (What I thought he was thinking) “But I want you to be mad. Wahhhhhhhhh! Why won’t he be mad.”


They Are Fragile Thin People

These people seek to tear down others because they are so broken.

When they try and tear you down, the best thing to do is to NOT CARE.
It is that plain and simple.

Stay strong warriors. Be cool, calm, and collected.

And you will win every battle you will have to face with these fools.

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  1. Finally found some true/helpful answers to ???’s I’ve been trying to find for years!!! Thx so much for your posts!! Extremely helpful & are working in my favor for once in our 20+ years of marriage hell!

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