100 Ways To Learn How To Deal With A Narcissist Ex Without Coming Down To Their Level

100 Ways To Learn How To Deal With A Narcissist Ex Without Coming Down To Their Level

How to deal with a narcissist ex

We are living in the age of narcissism. Narcissists have permeated much of society, and they do so in areas where they have power and authority. In this article, I give you 100 ways to deal with a narcissist without coming down to their level.

It can be extremely tempting to come down to their level and dish out the same insanity on them that they have dished out on us. But to do that only makes them happy.

Succumbing to this would only further make their emotional blackmail that much easier to use on you.

I am a firm believer that to remain who we are or to go back to the person we were before we met the narcissists is the best revenge. Click To Tweet

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder Is a Toxic Personality Disorder

How To Deal With A Narcissist Ex
This is not a healthy relationship

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder that is characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, a need for excessive admiration, and a lack of empathy for others.

People with NPD often seek out attention and validation from others and can become easily offended or angry when they feel they are not receiving the attention they feel they deserve.

They need others to validate their self esteem.

People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder can be difficult to be around due to their inflated sense of self-importance and lack of empathy.

They may also take advantage of others or be manipulative in order to get what they want. While not all narcissists are dangerous, it is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with this personality disorder.

Narcissists and The Many Types Of Abuse

Narcissists are frequently described as selfish, vain, and arrogant. However, narcissism is much more complicated than that. Narcissists can be manipulative, charming, and even dangerous.

There are many different types of abuse that narcissists can inflict on their victims. These include physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, and even spiritual abuse.

Narcissists often gaslight their victims, which is a form of psychological manipulation to try and hide their true colors from the narcissistic supply. Gaslighting is when someone tries to make you question your own reality or memory. This can leave you feeling confused, anxious, and even paranoid.

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, it is important to get help. Narcissistic abuse can have lasting effects on your mental and physical health. You deserve to be safe and happy in your own life.

1 – Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is a type of maltreatment that can have far-reaching and long-lasting effects. It involves deliberately inflicting emotional pain or suffering on another person. Emotional abuse can take many forms, including verbal abuse, threats, and isolation.

While emotional abuse can happen to anyone, it is most commonly perpetrated against children, spouses, and partners in intimate relationships. Victims of emotional abuse often feel isolated, worthless, and hopeless. They may also experience anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

If you think you are being emotionally abused, it is important to reach out for help. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. There are many resources available to support you in healing from emotional abuse.

2 – Narcissistic abuse

Narcissistic abuse is a form of emotional abuse that is often not recognized or understood. It can be subtle and insidious, or it can be overt and destructive. Either way, it can take a toll on the victim’s mental and emotional health.

Narcissistic abuse is often characterized by a pattern of controlling behavior, in which the abuser tries to control every aspect of the victim’s life. The abuser may also try to manipulate or gaslight the victim into submission. Narcissistic abuse can occur in any type of relationship, including family, romantic, and workplace relationships.

If you suspect you are being abused by a narcissist, it’s important to reach out for help. There are many resources available to victims of narcissistic abuse. With the right support, you can heal from the damage caused by this type of abuse.

3 – Psychological Abuse

Psychological abuse is a form of abuse that can include various types of manipulation, coercion, and control. It is often used as a way to assert power and control over another person. Psychological abuse can occur in any type of relationship, including between family members, friends, or in intimate relationships.

While physical abuse is easy to identify, psychological abuse can be more subtle and difficult to recognize. It can take many different forms, such as verbal abuse, emotional manipulation, controlling behavior, orgasms blackmail. Psychological abuse often starts with small acts and then escalates over time.

Victims of psychological abuse can experience a range of short- and long-term effects. These can include low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), difficulty trusting people, problems with intimacy or sexual dysfunction.

4 – Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is a type of abuse that can occur in any kind of relationship. It is a form of power and control where one person uses money to control the other person. Financial abuse can happen in marriages, dating relationships, and even between family members.

Financial abuse can take many different forms. For example, a person might control all the finances in the relationship and not allow their partner to have any say in how the money is spent. Or, a person might give their partner an allowance and not let them have access to any other money. Financial abuse can also involve taking out loans or running up debts in someone else’s name without their knowledge or permission.

Financial abuse can have a very negative impact on a person’s life. It can cause them to feel isolated, stressed, anxious, and depressed. They may also have trouble sleeping or eating.

100 Ways To Deal With A Narcissist Without Coming Down To Their Level – Protect Your Mental Health

How To Deal With A Narcissist Ex
Never feel powerless

1 – See Them For WHAT They Are

You see the signs.

Don’t ignore your mind because your heart is telling you something else. Sadly, the heart, as powerful as it is, doesn’t always make us do the most sensible things.

Yes, you may have let something slide in the past but make TODAY the day a new day. Make this the day you no longer give them the “benefit of the doubt.”

See them for WHAT they are.

You can fill in whatever name you want to give them here.

2 – Set Up Boundaries

It is so essential that you set up firm boundaries as these will help to create a healthy relationship.

Benefits of setting boundaries are such as:

  • Building your self-respect
  • Increasing your personal strength (“I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS IN MY LIFE.”)
  • Telling people subconsciously how to treat you
  • Seeing what type a person is (narcissist enjoy stepping over boundaries)

3 – Voice Your Disagreement: Focus On Your Own Needs

Learn how to say “NO“.

There is so much power is learning how to say “NO.”

The problem with many of us is this idea we don’t want to disappoint others — and with narcissist’s behavior, they will see this as them being able to get away with their BS.

Get rid of this thinking ASAP.

How many times are you going to let them disappoint YOU?

If you don’t want to do something… don’t do it.

4 – When They Yell Walk Away: Your Well Being Matters

Nothing angers narcissists more than you taking yourself away from them when they go on their little temper tantrums. Learning to walk away from them when they start yelling removes you from their clutches. It also shows them that you will NOT tolerate their disrespect.

5 – Firmly Stand Your Ground When They Snap Back

Teach yourself how not to back down from them. When we cower in front of them, this makes them happy. It strokes their little ego. By standing firm in your decisions and action, you show them you are not afraid of them. And this tees them off. Most will bi*ch and complain.

But they will do this and usually walk away muttering.

They truly are cowards.

6 – Do Not Acknowledge Their Putdowns and Petty Remarks

They will try and poke at your self-esteem little by little with offhand remarks. Don’t give any reaction.

The reason they do this is to get a reaction…do not feed the beast.

7 – Stop Doing Favors For Them

Narcissists are very entitled people. They just expect people to give to them. One way to let them know you will not put up with their melodrama is bullsh*t is to simply NOT do any favors for them. This lets them know you will not be dealing with them or acquiescing to their demands.

8 – Laugh and Walk Away When They Enter Their Kidult Mode

Now you don’t have to laugh at them, but more so laugh at the nature of these people. Narcissists are what I like to call kidults. They can be like 30, 40, 50, 60, even 70+, and have the mindset of a spoiled 6-year-old kid.

Tell me, I am wrong.

You laugh because you realize their true nature, and it is incredibly comical to see a grown adult throw a temper tantrum like a kid.

9 – Move On

Moving on may not always be easy. Hell, I know for many this is the LAST THING they want to do.

But you have to understand because narcissists are very much kids in adult bodies, they think that in doing evil actions towards us that we will stay.

Narcissistic people are the kids who drew on walls to get their parent’s attention.

When you move on, that is a sign in their eyes that you abandoned them. And this hurts them to their core.



Even when you apologize and try and make things right with them they will keep on behaving irrationally.

They want you to feel sorry because they are just a sorry sack of garbage passing itself off as being a human being.

Say these things instead:

  • “that’s unfortunate you feel that way”
  • “I will accept your misunderstanding of what just happen but I don’t see that as a truth”
  • “You are mistaken”

Never apologize to them, especially when they are in a group.

How To Deal With a Narcissist – Protect Your Mental Health

How To Deal With Narcissists At Work – Protect Your Mental Health

How To Deal With A Narcissist Ex
Don’t ignore the red flags

11 – Manage Expectations: Not Everyone Grows Up

Take this from a guy who has been fired from more jobs than you can count on your fingers twice over!


Work is not a place, for narcissists, to come, to work.


It is a place to gossip, chat, spread rumor, invade people’s OUTSIDE LIFE, and to just be dumbasses.

You must understand that these people have a different agenda from your own. Don’t believe because you are going to be an adult and actually do your job that others will as well.

12 – Stay Calm: Be In Control Of Your Emotions At All Time

Understand that your boss may be narcissistic, and nothing makes them happier than knowing they control your finances. So they may do everything to keep reminding you of that.

The best way to combat them when they try and bully you is always to keep your cool. They want to see you scared, upset rattled. Keep your cool, and always stay in control of your emotions.

They may control your time and finances but that doesn’t mean they have to control your mind and thoughts.

13 – Do Your Best To Do As Little Interaction WIth Narcissistic Co-Workers As Possible

This may be difficult…but that doesn’t mean it is not possible.

Learn to watch what time they go to lunch, who they interact with, what type of task they are doing, and so on.

Learning how to circumnavigate the narcissist daily, you not only make things much easier for you, emotionally and productively wise, but you also get back at them without doing anything but leaving them alone.

14 – If Communication Is Needed Due It Via Email Or Text

If you have to communicate daily, then I highly recommend that you do all communication via text or email. And when they ask why don’t you just talk to me directly, tell them and the staff it will cover both parties.

As you will have written proof of actions that were required by both parties.

The thing about the narcissistic boss or co-worker is that they don’t mind pretending to have said they “did this” or “did that.”

They know how to gaslight.

By having an email or text, you have proof of what needed to be done.

15 – Avoid Office Parties

They may call you “anti-social,” “rude,” or “weird” (yet they want to get to know you).

Whatever they say, never mind it.

You have to take this into consideration, that the office party may be a means just to set you up or find something incriminating about you to get you fired.

If they ask you to come to the office party, just tell them you have family affairs that require your full attention.

16 – Avoid Office Cliques

This is so crucial.

Don’t play the “Mean Girls” high school clique nonsense.

As mentioned above, learn how to set your expectations. Let them remain forever stuck in their high school years.

Focus on your job and focus on learning as much as you can about the business because this will come in handy later on.

17 – Focus On Learning As Much As You Can About Their Tactics & Strategies

Learn how to reframe the way that you see your current situation. You can see it as a time when you HATE. You can see it as a place that you loathe going to. Or you can see it as a place where you can learn.

Learn the company’s tactics and strategies. Learn how to read horrible business people. And learn why you want to become your own boss simply.

18 – Document EVERYTHING

Make sure you document as much as you can. This is why I alluded to the emails and text above.

These people WILL be out to get you fired.

Make sure you have proof of their hostility and their misdeeds, assuming you ever want to go to court over it.

19 – Be Willing To Say Good-Bye

Understand this is NOT A DEFEAT.

If you stayed in a dungeon with trolls knowing they are happy because they dragged you down, but you had the chance to leave…would you stay?

This is 2019, almost 2020. Anyone who wants to become their own boss can do so.

Consider becoming your own boss.

You have so little to lose and SO MUCH TO GAIN.

Check out this “Affiliate Online Course.”


As Frank Sinatra once said, “Massive success is the greatest revenge.”

Why focus your time, energy, productivity, and life at a place with people who only want to destroy you.

Become your own boss and use the anger you have as fuel to become so successful it will set them off knowing they couldn’t destroy you.

How To Deal With Narcissists In A Family – Protect Your Mental Health

How To Deal With A Narcissist Ex

21 – Accept That A Narcissistic Parent Will Most Likely NOT CHANGE

This can be a difficult thing to do. We are all someone’s child, and do NOT have a parent or childhood can feel like we have something essential in life taken from us. 

However, to pine, after a narcissistic parent actually coming to any senses and embrace parenthood is worse. 

We may have had our parents stolen, but to pine after them growing up and just being mature takes our time. 

And time…is so much more precious.  

22 – Recognize The Enabler Parent

Most often, the narcissistic parent is allowed to get away with their irrational actions towards the scapegoat child because of enablers. 

Be very mindful fo the enabler parent who just goes along with the narcissist parent. 

Enablers are JUST AS BAD as the narcissist because they sit by and watch or hype up the narcissist irrational motives. 

23 – Assert Boundaries

This may sound disrespectful to some, as they deem their parents as “THEIR PARENTS.” 

But no one has the right to destroy your life. 


Learn to set up boundaries with your family members. 


This is very simple.

When they blame you…DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. 

This shows them you will no longer be their scapegoat.

25 – Don’t Argue You With Them

These people are energy vampires. 

The best way to defeat them and starve them is not to give them any energy. 

They love to argue because it makes them feel ALIVE

Like the play on words here?  

26 – Speak With A Therapist: Get An Objective Perspective

This is not to DOUBT yourself but to better confirm that what you are living through is a reality. As empaths and just reasonable human beings, we often believe that “we” are the ones who are to blame and causing all the problems. 

Consider speaking with a therapist here with my affiliate link to get 20% off your first month’s session.

Speaking with a therapist will not only keep you sane, but it will also verify that you are NOT the bad family member.

27 – Accept Their Smear Campaigns

Now, I know for many right now, you are confused. 

But allow me to explain. 

When you don’t care what narcissists say or think about you, you OBLITERATE their existence. Click To Tweet

And for attention fiends (the narcissist), this is the ultimate hell. 

They need attention. This is why they do some of the most batshit insane things. 

They will do anything…ANYTHING to get your attention. 

Check out my article, “Let The Laugh,” to get a better understanding.

28 – Honor and Respect Your Feelings About Your Family: Love Can’t Change Everything

Learn to trust yourself and your intuition.

Your love can only do so much. 

29 – Stop Trying To Save Them

You cannot save people who WANT to be victims. These people will find a problem with EVERYTHING

They place themselves willingly into prison and will throw the key down a drain just to sit there and feel sorry for themselves. 

“Somebody save me from the prison of a life that. Have placed me on.” 


30 – Cut Them Out Of Your Life

You weren’t given the chance of what family you were born into…but you still have the chance to choose who your family members will be.

Just because people are BLOOD doesn’t give them the right to destroy your life.

And what really makes this so much more nefarious is the idea that they are BLOOD. This makes the cuts and attacks that much worse.

It may hurt you to do it because of familial bonds, but you will have to cut them from your life if they continue to keep dragging you down.

How To Deal With A Narcissistic Partner – Protect Your Mental Health

Dealing with a former spouse who is a narcissist can be painful on the heart.

How To Deal With A Narcissist Ex

31 – Don’t Acknowledge Their Lies

Narcissistic partners get a kick out of gaslighting and projecting their insecurities and wrongdoings on to us.

When they do this, say you “will not accept their delusional reality.

32 – Give Them Little Next To No Attention When They Disrespect

Nobody likes to be ignored. 

And this is exceptionally true in regard to the narcissist. 

When they are needless disrespectful, give them no attention. 

This isn’t the silent treatment. 

This is you letting them know what you will NOT tolerate. 

33 – Don’t Help Them In Their Goals

You do not have to set your dreams goals and life aside so that you can become a Manager at…McDonald’s.

I am not stepping on their dreams if they are trying to improve.

But if they were really trying to improve, they probably wouldn’t be treating you nasty.

Understand that narcissists hardly ever change for the better.

34 – Control Your OWN Finances

Financial abuse is a thing. It is a reality, and sadly it is keeping many people in debt and in bondage with the narcissist. Take control of your finances at all costs.

35 – Do Not Praise Them For Ther Petty Goals: That Only Fuels Their Insecurity

I know what you are saying, “how can I praising their goals to fuel their insecurities?

The answer is that these people need CONTINUAL praise.

Much like feeding a cat one time. They will keep coming back for more.

36 – Never Argue With Them

Listen, narcissists are mostly the same when you get down to their core. All of them like to argue because it helps to boost their small little ego. When they try and argue, just agree with them, and they will shut down because you aren’t giving them any ammunition.

37 – Always Manage Your Emotions

These energy vampires feed on your depression, anxiety, paranoia, and any other negative emotion. Much like the previous entry, give them nothing, and they will shut down.

38 – Let Go Of “Leaving Is Not An Option”

The fact that you are reading this means that deep down you KNOW there is an answer out there, hence is why you are searching for it. There is ALWAYS an option.

39 – LEAVE THEM: Remember to Have a Support System

They are not the only ones you will find who loves you. They are not the only ones who can make you feel good. The person who broke you can never be the worsen who heals you.

You might want to give serious thoughts about just leaving the person. Love should never mean that you suffer for a person in order to prove you love them.

This sadistic mentality is too prevalent, and I personally have a great disdain for this way of thinking.

40 – Do Not Fear The Divorce WAR

Check out my article “How to Win A Divorce With A Narcissist.” They are not invulnerable, and they make many mistakes.

How To Deal With A Narcissistic Neighbor

How To Deal With A Narcissist Ex

41 – Keep Your Grass Greener

Bad neighbors can be a bother, to say the least. The need to always be the bigger person and keep your grass (figuratively speaking of course) greener will only show the other neighbors who really is the “lawn full of weeds” versus a “lawn full of green.”

Vices vs. virtue is where I am getting at.

42 – Set Up Security Cameras

Don’t underestimate how batsh*t insane these people can become. It is essential to set up security cameras on your property because it is not, unlike them, to step over your boundaries and defile your property.

43 – Don’t Acknowledge Them: This Is Not Ignoring

There is a huge difference in not acknowledging someone and ignoring someone.

The latter is to hurt their feelings. The former is to keep your cool and go on about your way.

There really doesn’t conjure up any real reason for you to connect with your neighbor.

So try keeping it that way.

44 – Record Any Incidents You Will Inevitably Have To Deal With

It is so important always to have proof. This is precisely why I suggested above to get security cameras for your home, and you might also want to get cameras for your car as well.

It is not unlike them to run into you and say you did it to them.

These people are so extra.

45 – Set Up Boundaries (Literally)

You may not like it, but you may want to build up a fence around your property to keep their reptile gaze and eyes free from knowing what you are doing.

46 – Don’t Try and Reason With Them

You have to get this through your head, there is no reasoning with these kidults. They love chaos and drama. This is just how they operate.

47 – Be Firm & Resolute When They Step On Your Property

Give them one warning to NOT enter on your property, or you will call the cops, and they will deal with it, or you will see that as trespassing. Read your own state laws to see what you can do with trespassers. 

48 – Stay Calm, Cool, and Collected

Staying in control of yourself is the ultimate slap in the face to a narcissist. Keep Cool, Calm, and Collected, and you win.

Writing down your thoughts is a great way for you to get it all off your chest.

49 – No Cup Of Sugar To Spare

Much like a few of the other entries on this list, YOU OWE THEM NOTHING. So when they come knocking on your door and say, “Hey neighbor! Do you have a cup of sugar to spare.” Tell them no. Politely of course.

I know for many, the idea of neighbors is to be a community where you support one another, but with a narcissist, that is not how it is. They feed on drama. Don’t give them anything.

50 – Leave The Neighborhood If The Whole Neighborhood is Against You

Ask yourself, would live in Chernobyl if all your neighbors were?

Hopefully, the answer is “No.”

What do you gain from staying in a neighborhood where they are hellbent on making your life as difficult as possible?

How To Deal With Narcissist In Your Everyday Life

How To Deal With A Narcissist Ex

51 – Ghost Them: Get Off Of Social Media

Do not @ me about this being “so mean”.

I guess it is better to just let narcissist dish out their insecurities on you on a daily basis.

Get off of social media and just connect with REAL people who are mature.

Check out my article “Ghosting Your Narcissists: A Great Revenge”. 

52 – Keep Your Information Limited: Don’t Tell People What You Are Doing

Know that there are SO MANY dream-killers out there. 

Why do they feel like destroying and killing dreams? 

There are many reasons, but it is essential to know to keep your dreams, goals, ideas, and happy news (sadly) to yourself.

53 – No Contact

I have written several articles on why No Contact is so important.

Check out my article “Narcissists Will Destroy Themselves: Go No Contact.

54 – Genuinely Be Happy When You Are Around Them

These unevolved sapiens seem to have an irrational hatred for happy people. In their scarcity mindset, they see people who are delighted as stealing all the happiness.

Because you know happiness has a limit.

And by us being happy we are stealing all the happiness.

How does that work?

Through the power of #narclogic.

Being happy is the kick to the groin for many narcissists.


Like small children they are, not giving them attention is the best way to let them know you will not be putting up with their insanity.

56 – Be Unapologetically You

These people have NO LOVE FOR THEMSELVES.

This is why they need to judge others. They need to see flaws and shortcomings in others. Learning how to love yourself unconditionally is a huge insult to them.

57 – Understand That Most People NEVER EVER…EVER…GROW UP

Check out my kidult article.

58 – Stay Focused On Your Goals In Life

Narcissists are dream killers. They have an insatiable desire to veer your focus and attention on them. Instead of achieving a dream and goal, you are now only seeking revenge.

And this is what these trolls want. They can’t achieve something great, but they can stop someone from achieving something great.

59 – Know Thyself

One of the reasons these trolls and goblins can gaslight so many people is because they have learned how to gaslight people so well.

When we doubt ourselves and who we are, that gives them all the chances they will need to make us forget who we are and thus control us little by little.

As the ancient Egyptians once said, “Know Thyself.”

This will save you so much time and give you so much more power to withstand the insanity of the narcissist you will inevitably come across in life.

60 – Remember To Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine.

You have to learn to see the humor in the chaos.

Don’t fall into nihilism because that is precisely what they want.

They want you to fall into hopelessness and sadness.

Laughing helps you to hang on to your sanity.

How To Deal With A Narcissistic Friend

How To Deal With A Narcissist Ex

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. Click To Tweet

61 – Stop Doing Favors For Them

Much like a narcissistic partner, a narcissistic friend may believe they are just OWED your time. Friends do things for each other. 

But if you are the only one giving and NOT receiving, then you will want to stop giving. You owe them NOTHING, especially when they aren’t giving you anything back in return. 

62 – Let Them Know Your Boundaries

The moment they step over your boundary, let them know, and if they do it again, then simply cut them out of your life.

Friends, (at least the friends I have) do not step over one another’s boundaries.

63 – Cancel On Their Guilt Trip

Take that sh*t somewhere else.

64 – Listen To Their Gossip…You, Will, Learn More About Them and Future Narcissist

If all they do is talk about people badly behind their backs, take note.

Know they are doing the same to you. But also study them to see what irks them.


65 – Never Apologies To Them For Their INSECURITIES

The moment you apologize to narcissists is the moment you open Pandora’s box of lunacy.

They will blame you and seek apologies from YOU for things you had nothing to do with.

66 – Never Kiss Up To Them

Don’t feed their egos.
You are not their flying monkey.

67 – Don’t Play Their Compare Game

When they compare their lives with you, say that it is nice but always put whatever good news you ahem back on yourself.

They try and compare to make you feel less than.

Real friends do not do this.

68 – Know Who You Are…Don’t Let Them Destroy Or Take Your Identity

Narcissists are chameleons. They wear so many masks. The reason they befriended you is that they saw something in you that they KNOW IS AMAZING. 

And like the snakes they are, they get close to swallowing your character up. 

They want to consume you. 

Don’t let them.

69 – Ghost Them

Yes, I am placing this again because the tactic is the same here.
Get them out of your life by becoming a ghost.

70 – Make New Friends

The best way to show them they messed up with you is to find new friends simply. This shows them how much happier you are without them in your life and how less than they really are.

How To Deal With A Narcissistic Ex

An ex spouse can be a nightmare and let’s not even get into having one as a co parent.

Nightmare on sanity street.

How To Deal With A Narcissist Ex


Taking a narcissist back is like giving a killer a second bullet because they missed shooting you the first time.

Why give these people a second chance?

What do you get?

I’ll answer that.

More drama, chaos, and maybe even something first this time around.

72 – Remember Why You Separated Or Divorced

If you feel like getting back with these people, remember why you left in the first place.

Block out their sorries, their crying, and the gifts.

73 – Ignore The Smear Campaigns

The smear campaigns are their plea for your attention.

They want you to ask them, “why are you saying these lies.”

When you just don’t care, that takes away their perceivable power.

74 – Respond To Them (IF YOU HAVE TO) Through Text, Email, or a Third Party

When they call, and if you have their number for whatever reason that may be, send them a text or even an email.

If you are divorcing, it would be best to simply just let the lawyer talk to them.

75 – Enjoy Their “Silent Treatment”

Their silent treatment can be a silent treat.

76 – Use The Hamburger Method

What is this you may be wondering?

This is basically you learn how to accept their criticism.

The ingredients are:

  • Compliment
  • confrontation (criticism)
  • and compliment

These people are so irrational.

They reach out positively to try and get a response and then when they dont get a response they get mad. And when you don’t give a response they give a compliment again.

They will do anything…ANYTHING to get attention.

77 – Limit The Amount Of Time You Have To Be With Them

The less time you have to be around them, the less they can corrupt you with their toxic behavior.

78 – Write Down Their Threats

It is not uncommon to have these people threaten you. This is more the reason to send emails or text.

On the phone, because some States ban recording others, they can just lie and say they never sad that.

79 – Always Be The Better Person

Nothing turns these parasites on more than getting someone to crack or break. When you remain noble, honorable, and full of dignity, this will irritate them to no end.

80 – Keep Them Out Of Your Life

They will do all they can to squirm their way back into your life. Don’t let them back in. They will destroy themselves like the living bodies of destruction and chaos they are.

They will self-implode.

How To Deal With A Narcissistic Child

How To Deal With A Narcissist Ex

81 – Love Your Kids But See Them For What They Are

This…I know, is really touchy for many.

But the truth is that you must see your kids for what they are.

It may pain you, but lying to yourself will only make the situation that much worse.

82 – Be Very Careful With The Amount Of Praise You Give Them

It is essential to know when and how much praise to deliver.

I am by no means a child psychologist or even a psychologist.

So you may want to reach out to a psychologist/ or therapist and get some feedback to see what is the appropriate amount of praise to give to your kid of you suspect them to be narcissistic.

83 – Know How To Punish Them

Again this is a bit touchy. I personally disagree with spankings.

I don’t see that as an effective punishment.

As it only teaches violence when someone is wrong.

This really messes up the idea of punishment and what it is intended to do.

If you are struggling with this, I highly recommend that you speak with a therapist.

84 – Let Them Know They Can’t Have Everything They Want In Life

Narcissists are entitled, people. Teaching them at a very young age that there will some things they just CANNOT HAVE will show them that they aren’t allowed to do everything they come in contact with.

85 – Do Not Acknowledge Their Selfish Behavior

When they are being snobbish and selfish, simply give them no attention. The most important thing to a narcissist is attention.

86 – Teach Them The Golden Rule

If possible, teach them the golden rule.

Some narcissist has the potential to change, and I believe if you can catch them early on in life, then you can change them for the better.

87 – Try Speaking With A Therapist

Check this site out here.

88 – Be A Great Role Model

Children emulate what they see.

Be a person of character and nobility.

Hopefully, your character will rub off on them.

89 – Accept Maybe They Cannot Be Decent

This may be the hardest thing to do, but some people just cannot change.

90 – Stop Supporting Them If They Are Kidults: Kick Them Out Of The Nest

If they are 40+ and still behaving like kids, they are at a loss, and there is nothing you can do at this point.

Their irrationality is too deeply rooted.

How To Deal With The Enablers & Flying Monkey Of Narcissist


Enablers are in every sense of the word just as evil as the narcissist.

91 – Ignore Their Thoughts About You

Enablers feed on what you feel about their thoughts about you. Get off of social media and focsu on the world inside yourself.

Learn NOT TO GIVE A F*CK, and you effectively shut them down.

92 – When They Ask You To Talk About The Narcissist Tell Them Not Interested

If you happen to run into them on the street and they just happen to bring up the narcissist, switch the conversation to something you like. This irks them beyond reasoning.

93 – Know They Are Out To Get You As Well

Enablers are just as bad as narcissists.

They are not neutral…they are on the side of the narcissist.

94 – Be Unapologetically BRAVE: STAND ALONE

Learn how to stand alone.

Narcissists and enablers, along with their foolish flying monkeys, do not know how to stand alone.

They see bravery and nobility as something that hurt their ego.

95 – Ghost Them or Go No Contact If You Can

Yes, ghosting and no contact again.
I have to keep saying this until people get the point.

Flying Monkeys

These subhuman creatures (flying monkeys) are fools of the highest caliber. They live vicariously through their narc masters.

96 – Ignore Them

These fools are even less than Narcs.
Ignoring them will make them feel like they are vanishing.
These fools are so extra.

97 – Make New Friends

If you make new friends, they will take it harder than narcissists. And the reason is that they live through the narcissist, and they just can’t comprehend someone finding new friends after leaving the narcissist.

98 – Become Financially Independent

Becoming financially liberated is one of the most significant blows to their ego. This goes for bosses or spouses. They want you to NEED THEM, and one of the best ways to need them is through financial means.

Become your own boss.

If you don’t have the means to fund yourself right now to learn a course, sign up here t Skillshare to get 2 months of a free online course from online master marketers.

Skillshare 2 Month Free Plan

99 – Work On Personal Development

Every day focuses on becoming your best version.

In being the best you can be, you free yourself from the wiser you could have been had you stayed with them.


There is no greater a middle finger and “F you” to a narcissist than just living happily without them. It shows them, how much life is for us when they are NOT in it.

The best thing about this is that it destroys their egos by simply being happy. Our happiness is a revelatory truth that reveals to them how WORTHLESS they are.

And lastly, never ignore the red flags in the future.

You got this.

4 thoughts on “100 Ways To Learn How To Deal With A Narcissist Ex Without Coming Down To Their Level

  1. #27 – Accept Their Smear Campaigns

    … Accept it as their own confession, generally Narcissists do the bad thing they accuse you of.

    And understand that “Your value does not decrease based upon someone’s inability to see your worth.”… Just because they try to put a $1 price tag on you, doesn’t mean you’re not worth more than that.

    Coincidentally it works both ways as well. Poor Narcissist, just because you advertise yourself as $1,000,000 doesn’t increase your value one tiny bit, if anything people pick up on you being a fraud which gives a more accurate representation of you being… let’s see… subtract the devaluation from the Idealization… add in gas lighting …., ah here it is… NOT WORTH JACK SHIT!

  2. #86 – Teach them the Golden Rule.
    Teach them that the Golden Rule is Slave logic.

    Slave Logic – Treat others as you want to be treated
    Master Logic – Treat others as they deserve to be treated

    If they don’t understand what that means, tell them you don’t treat others worse than they’ve treated you and you owe nothing to anyone else except the respect they’ve given you.

    Furthermore, you are always allowed to fight back in self defence. We will never punish you for defending yourself as long as you didn’t start the fight or try to start it. The school system is far from perfect and you’ll likely be blamed for fighting back. They just want to keep their jobs, don’t take it personally though. Just know your mother and I are better than that, we would never try to silence the victim like they do.

    For more info:

    1. That is a myopic argument “Treat others as they deserve to be treated”.

      We do not know For 100% the way a person thinks and acts is of their own volition.

      Not everyone is mentally sound.

      Not everyone is emotionally stable.

      And not everyone is in tune with who they are.

      Is this an excuse to just let them do what they want?


      Lesser men look at others and base their opinion on them by religion, skin color, ethnicity and then determined they can treat them the way they want to.

      The superior men can step outside himself and learn how to treat others the way he wants to.

      But of course still respecting himself when he is disrespected.

      The superior man sees far ahead then lesser men.

      Lesser men lash out because they are TRYING to provoke a reaction.

      Superior men are always in control of their actions.

      Nothing angers a lesser man MORE than NOT being able to crack a superior man.

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