How To Place A Curse On A Narcissists…Muhahaha

How To Place A Curse On A Narcissists…Muhahaha

How To Place A Curse On A Narcissists

Perhaps the thing that hurts the most after leaving a narcissist, or being discarded by a narcissist, is how often times they seem to get away with the wrongs they did to us.

The idea of them getting off scot-free can be infuriating.

And worst is the idea of them doing us wrong and then shifting the blame to us. This can make even a Buddhist monk seethe in anger.

Narcs are masters of making us look like we are crazy.

It is a skill they have honed their whole life.

Trying to explain all to others what they did, is useless.

People who haven’t been with the narc, will most likely never understand your point of view.

Moving forward in life is the best thing.

But it is RARELY ever that easy.

There is so much hatred for the narc. So much rage for the narc. So many violent ideations we have towards them that they become all-consuming.


It makes them feel important. They love getting a reaction out of us.

And like the kidults they are, they love the idea that they hurt us and we can’t hurt them.

“Ha-ha! I hurt you and you can’t catch me.”

These people are extremely childish.

Although moving on is not easy, I do recommend it for your own well-being.

But for those who just can’t let go, allow me to show you how to PLACE A CURSE on the narc.

Trading YOUR SOUL and INDIVIDUALITY is worth it, right?

Who needs a happy life or afterlife (assuming you believe that).

For the rest of your remaining life, you will know NO greater happiness than but to know your narc is suffering.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

How To Place A Curse On A Narcissists…Muhahaha

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Step 1: Form A Pact With Demons

What? Did you think “vengeance belongs to the lord?”


We are taking this in our own hands.

What you will need to do, is find a demon that you can sell your soul to FOR ETERNITY.

There are a myriad of demons you can come across. Much like narcissistic people, they are legion.

Despite demons being well-known to be shifty, manipulative, and greedy creatures, you can bet your soul…hehe…that they will deliver on your agreement with you.

I mean, why in the world would malevolent creatures LIE TO YOU?

Step 2: Find Something INNOCENT To Sacrifice

If you are thinking animals will cut it, you are WRONG.

What you will need to do is sacrifice someone close to you.

Now, I am not saying their lives. What you need to do is sacrifice the time you can be spending with your kids, family, friends.

Why spend time and forge a good relationship with these people when you can WASTE…um use your time focusing on how to make the narc in your life suffer.

Sacrifice your time with your loved ones for the destruction of the narc in your life.

Step 3: No Looking Back

Much like Lot’s wife…don’t look back, otherwise, you will be punished. And punished in this case is that you could actually have a BETTER LIFE BY MOVING ON.

By getting back to the person you WERE BEFORE you met the narc.

Instead, develop that tunnel vision and focus solely on the destruction of the narc.

Understand that once you place this curse on the narc, you are giving up your soul, your humanity, and most importantly YOUR SELF.

And the funny thing about this is that this is EXACTLY what the narc wants.

This Is A Spoof – How To Place A Curse On A Narcissists

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I understand how revenge can be such an intoxicating desire. Narcissistic people are @ssholes. They destroy so many lives, they take so much time from us, and they make life for many a living hell.

I know how much vengeance FEELS like it is the best thing for you to do. That in letting them feel what you feel that things in the universe and in your life finally feel fair.

There were times, that I too thought of selling my soul to get back at the people who did me wrong.

Whatever “gods that may be” knows, at the time I would have suffered for centuries or an eternity, just to see the narc suffer in this lifetime.

But what sense does that make?

There may be an afterlife, I don’t know.

But imagine if there is.

Is selling your soul really worth it?

Is giving up who you are, worth it?

Narcs LOVE chaos and destruction, and to see you give up your soul, your life and self just to hurt them wouldn’t make them sad.

It would make them happy.

In their minds, they would see it as “I got to you that much that you sold your soul. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

They are all about bringing people down to their level.

And I can bet you, if you did make a deal with a demon, it is most likely allies with your narc.

The best way to really hurt a narc and stick it to them…IS TO REMAIN YOURSELF and MOVE FORWARD IN LIFE.

What it shows the narc is that they aren’t great. They aren’t important. And that they aren’t as powerful as they think.

These are people who cannot build or create, they just destroy.

And by you picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and REBUILDING your life back together you take away their purpose and meaning in life.

Them Being Them Is The Curse

Who Narcs are is the curse.

I have noticed every time I left a narc how much they would denigrate. They NEED US IN THEIR LIVES to destroy and hurt.


Because if we are not in their lives the only person they can destroy is themselves.

You have to understand that they are all about destruction, and most of these people destroy themselves.

They cannot help it, it is in their makeup.

Many of them, and I have witnessed it myself, and hear many stories about it:

  • Drink themselves to an early grave
  • End up OD-ing
  • Get in car accidents from drinking and driving
  • Get killed by another narc


If you really want to curse them…walk away and let them being them be the curse.


Because the day you do that, is the day you lose who you become.

And that…that is the day they have truly won.

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