How To Boost Your Confidence And Self-Esteem After A Discard

How To Boost Your Confidence And Self-Esteem After A Discard

Being discarded, as if you were nothing more than trash, can be devastating; to say the least. In this article, I explain how to boost your confidence and self-esteem after a discard. Boosting your confidence and self-esteem are essential factors you will need to cultivate, or get back, to properly heal after your discard.

I often say that “they did get rid of us, they lost us”.

Understand that there is always someone out there that is FAR BETTER for you than your narcissist. And the best way for you to find a healthy and uplifting relationship is to get back your confidence and self-esteem.

14 Ways To Boost Your Confidence And Self-Esteem After A Discard

1 – Recognize Your Positive Qualities

How To Boost Your Confidence And Self-Esteem

This may be extremely difficult for many; especially after being discarded. But understand this and KNOW THIS. The narcissist that came in your life saw and KNOW YOUR WORTH. If you weren’t anything amazing (and you are) they wouldn’t even have messed with you.

The “devaluing” stage that they placed you in was a moment in time that was meant to make you NOT see your positive qualities anymore.

And the reason that they did this is so that you would never leave them.

Now that you are discarded…


Now that you are FREE, start remembering all the great things about yourself.

Get back in touch with who you were BEFORE you entered into the prison that is known as a narcissistic relationship.

Remember this, you were, and are, someone amazing. That is exactly why the narcissist sniffed you out and wanted to be with you.

Read the link “devaluing” above to get a better understanding of why they have such a STRONG desire to devalue everyone around them.

2 – Say Daily Positive Affirmations

How To Boost Your Confidence And Self-Esteem

Words have power. And we know this to be extremely evident.

Most of us, after being discarded by a narcissist often tell ourselves that we are:

  • stupid
  • idiotic
  • worthless
  • dumb
  • a dog
  • a harlot
  • and much worst

We say these things to ourselves and we start to embody these words. This is exactly why so many of us start to:

  • drink
  • fall into depression
  • use drugs
  • and use substances to keep us numb

Our words can really shape how we see ourselves. To combat the negative chatter that you tell yourself on a daily basis, I have written an article titled “25 Positive Quotes To Say To Yourself Daily“.

Learn to talk to yourself as if you were speaking to your child or to a very close friend.

You have to start seeing yourself as your best friend as well as your own child. Learn to “parentify” yourself and talk yourself through your troubling times.

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