How Narcissism Forms In A Child?

How Narcissism Forms In A Child?

Narcissists can be a handful to deal with. I very much see these people as nothing more than kidults.

They live as if the world revolves around them, and they have no sense of shame or honor. 

When they do wrong, it is everyone else’s fault that THEY did something wrong. 

Narcissistic grown adults can be a handful, and so can narcissistic kids. 

The major difference between a narcissistic kid and a narcissistic kidult is the time. 

Age-wise, they are very similar, but the difference between adult and kid narcissists is that their arrogance and idiocy have not marinated in a block, closed minds for DECADES

So there is still some type of HOPE that these kids can be saved from walking down the path of being narcissists. 

In this article, I want to give you the three significant reasons kids become a narcissist.

My hope is that if you can see this early on, you can stop them from becoming like their father or mother. 

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How Narcissism Forms In A Child? 3 Main Factors That Can Lead To Raising A Narcissist

1 – Having Narcissistic Parents Give Them Everything (Being A Golden Child)

In these most formative years, a child needs to learn that they are not the center of attention.

Now, children aren’t self-centered out of the idea that they think they are better than everyone. Still, they do have this thing called “childish solipsism,” and they cannot understand that other people outside of themselves are autonomous beings.

In their mind, they believe they are the center of everything.

When you have narcissistic parents who enable this way of thinking, it makes sense why so many grow up behaving and believing the thing they believe.

It also makes sense why so many of them feel so entitled to so many things in life.

They have not grown out of those younger years of thinking they are the center of the universe.

2 – Having Narcissistic Parents Who Devalue Them

Having narcissistic parents can suck.

I have written an article titled, “Fuck Narcissistic Parents For Destroying The Concept Of What Love Looks Like,” and the things that narcissistic parents do to their kids are absurd.

Toxic parents can force kids to develop such a rugged and hard exterior, all because they were forced to learn how to defend themselves from their PARENTS.

These kids who were emotionally abused and psychologically abused may end up becoming like the very monsters who raised them.

It is such a vicious cycle that they live in.

3 – Being Born That Way

Hate it all you want.

But some kids are just born ROTTEN TO THE CORE!

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