How Narcissism Affects The Brain: Why They Are So Superior To Us

How Narcissism Affects The Brain: Why They Are So Superior To Us

Geniuses only come once every generation — from Socrates to Jesus. Jesus to Isaac Newton, and Newton to Einstein. These people are once every generation…until NOW!

With narcissism becoming more known in society, these “geniuses” can now have the world see how amazing they are.

No longer are they dismissed, or as they so often pout. 

“The world doesn’t get my genius.” — Says Every Narcissist

Not anymore.

With the rise of platforms like TikTok these people can let the world know their genius by doing nothing more than putting on makeup or trolling other people because…GENIUS

To Youtube videos of them doing the same thing.

Just know they are geniuses. 

See, real genius operates on doing what others do and thinking you are the only one to think of that new trend.


In this article, I will do my best to break down the mind of a narcissist to you lesser beings called “supply.” 

Know this; if a narcissist uses you as a tool, a toy, or just some sex thing, you should be honored that someone like them, who can barely hold down a job, who still leeches of their parents, and who are out of shape, favors you.

What an honor!

Truly, what an honor! 

How Narcissism Affects The Brain: Why They Are So Superior To Us

1 – The Art Of Blameshifting

When you are a narcissist, your brain operates in a very different way from those around you.

Where simpleton mature adults take full accountability for their actions — the good and the bad — the narcissist mind sees this as silly.

And like the BRILLIANT GENIUSES they are, they have learned to place all their faults and blames on others and keep all the rewards themselves. 

Why take accountability for your bad actions when you can get some idiot sucker to take the blame?


2 – Gaslighting and Lying

Lying is an art form. And these geniuses have learned to lie, unlike anyone you will ever come across.

They lie so much they don’t even know when they are lying to themselves.


A hallmark trait of their genius is gaslighting people.

For you simpletons Empaths, gaslighting is where they take someone who loves them and then fool that person into thinking they love them back, just in the attempt to drive them insane.

Why would a genius do this?

Because…genius. PURE GENIUS.

3 – They Live In A Whole Other World

Due to their superior minds, they have fabricated an entire world in their mind and made it manifest in the real world. 

Everyone is jealous of them. Everyone wants to be like them. Everyone but them makes mistakes.

And whenever they do make a mistake or fail, it is everyone else’s fault that made them fail.

They are the beginning of all things great and the end to everything if you cross them.

In their minds, the narcissist brain, they are GIANTS among ants

And they are GIANTS because they are Geniuses PURE GENIUSES.

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