How Narcissism Affects Relationships? From The Perspective Of A Narcissist

How Narcissism Affects Relationships? From The Perspective Of A Narcissist

Being a narcissist is not easy.

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Narcissist Quotes For Coping With Narcissists Who Invade Your Life

And I think for many empaths, sane people, and mature adults, we just don’t know the struggles that they go through.

To be SO PERFECT and FLAWLESS in every aspect of life does not come easy. 

For us plebians, we could never fathom what it is to be that great, hence is why they are so tough on us for their nonsensical reasons. 

In this article, I want to take a bit of heat off the back of these GIANTS amongst men.

Because heaven knows they have been nothing but gracious to us mere plebians.

Just to have them look at us is a great blessing, and so many of us take that for granted. 

Damn, the gall of us for daring to want to live a sane life and have healthy relationships.

I swear, we are some of the most unappreciative people you will ever come across. 

Anyway, to stay on track, this article will explain how narcissism affects relationships from a narcissist’s perspective.

They get too much flack for being who they are…which is that they are just better people than we will ever be or hope to be.

See, I know my place in the grand scheme of it all, and I hope by the end of this article, you too will know your place.

You goddamn plebian. 

How Narcissism Affects Relationships? From The Perspective Of A Narcissist

1- Giants Amongst Ants

How Narcissism Affects Relationships

Now, I want all you hurt plebian victims to get this through your soft, fragile THICK HARDHEAD SKULLS.

You are an ANTA BUGA GNAT.

Imagine being so freaking great, so impressive that the sun revolves around YOU

To have you come up to a narcissist asking them for respect as a human being…is…is…THE GALL OF YOU.






HOW DARE YOU ASK FOR RESPECT, you goddamn plebian.

See, this is the stress that narcissists have to go through.

They are GIANT living amongst us bugs.

We should be honored by all that they do. We should be singing praises of how great they are, even when they are not great.

We should write poetry about the beauty in their many, many, many many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many ugly flaws. 

They are giants and to dare have us bugs seek any form of respect from them is LUDICROUS.

2 – Geniuses Of An Era

How Narcissism Affects Relationships

Narcissists are unparalleled geniuses.

Einstein has sh*t on them.

The things that these people can think of are so astronomically above our scope of thinking.

We should just SHUT UP, take notes, and always say yes (capitulate our reasoning to their insanity) to everything they tell us.

When they say don’t talk to them, but don’t ignore them either, know that their logic and reasoning are leaps and bounds over ours.

And they simply what the best for us, even when they want the worst for us.

Us foolish plebians should always capitulate to all of their needs and desires.

To have people like this grace our lives with their superior reasoning and logic…should cause us to burst into tears of appreciation.

“The earth is flat because if it weren’t, it wouldn’t be.”

The sound logic in this argument is just…darn, we are foolish plebians.

3 – They Are Our Moral Superiors – They Are Just Better Than Us

No to retread old articles, as I have already written on why these people are not arrogant, they just are our moral superiors, in my article “Narcissists Aren’t Arrogant; They Are Just Our Moral Superiors” — but they are JUST our moral superiors.

The gaslighting, projecting, temper tantrums, the blameshifting, the lying, cheating, stealing, character assassinations, the death threats, the suicidal threats (If you leave me, I will…), and all these other batsh*t insane things aren’t immoral, even though they are, they are just super-duper MORAL; we just have to see it that way.

How Narcissism Affects Relationships? From The Perspective Of A Narcissist

Understand this…

The reason narcissists do the batsh*t insane things they do is because of YOUYOU are to blame for all their mess up and faults in life. Even if you had nothing to do with it, IT IS YOUR FAULT.

A narcissistic relationship CAN last for a lifetime, but only once you realize how amazing and perfect they are.

Until you get that through your head, you will never have a perfect relationship with them.

Just remind yourself every day that YOU are to blame for all their faults and failures in life, and you can have a GREAT relationship with them.

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