How do I stop being a narcissistic supply? 6 Ways To Stop Being Supply

How do I stop being a narcissistic supply? 6 Ways To Stop Being Supply

How do I stop being a narcissistic supply? You may be a narcissistic supply if you constantly need others to meet your needs and fulfill your desires. 

Narcissistic supplies are people used and drained by the narcissist to feel good. 

It can be challenging to break free from this type of relationship, but there are ways to make it easier. 

What Is Narcissistic Supply? – How do I stop being a narcissistic supply

Narcissistic supply is a psychological term used to describe the need or desire that someone has for attention and admiration from others. 

It is often seen as a need that is too strong and can be destructive to the person who needs it. 

Narcissistic supply can come from many different sources, including friends, family, romantic partners, and strangers.

People who are high in narcissistic supply often feel like they need constant validation from others to feel good about themselves. 

This can lead them to pursue relationships with people who will give them this attention, even if those people are not worth their time or effort. 

Those who are low in narcissistic supply may struggle to get enough attention from anyone and may end up feeling lonely or depressed.

How do I stop being a narcissistic supply?

How do I stop being a narcissistic supply?
How do I stop being a narcissistic supply?

1 – Know What Being Grade ‘A’ Supply Is – How do I stop being a narcissistic supply?

Being a “grade A” supply to a narcissist can be a very intoxicating experience. They will shower you with attention, compliments, and over-the-top admiration. 

This relationship can be highly satisfying to the narcissist and give them an unrealistic sense of self-importance. 

However, being a “grade A” supply comes at a price. You may be required to endure unwanted advances, constant criticism, and unreasonable demands. 

If you are unwilling to tolerate these behaviors, staying away from a narcissist is essential, as they will not appreciate your efforts.

2 – Stop Being Naive, Thinking The Narcissist Can Change, They Can’t – How do I stop being a narcissistic supply?

Stop being naive, thinking that the narcissist can change. They can’t. To survive in a narcissistic relationship, you must learn how to protect yourself. 

Here are four tips: 

  1. Don’t be fooled by their charm – even the most charming narcissists have dark sides that can be destructive. 
  2. Don’t let them control your thoughts and emotions – don’t let them dictate what you think and feel. 
  3. Stay clear of any romantic or sexual relationships with a narcissist – they will only use you for your emotions and then discard you. 
  4. Keep communication open and honest – standing up to your narcissist when they’re wrong is essential, but don’t shut down entirely because it will make them angry and defensive. 

3 – Avoid The “I Can Change” – This Is Just All Hoovering: How do I stop being a narcissistic supply?

One of the biggest traps people fall into when striving to change their lives is the “I can change mentality.” 

This is where we believe that we can fix everything and that if only we try hard enough, things will magically turn around. 

This isn’t true. 

The “I can change mentality” leads to frustration, disillusionment, and disappointment.

4 – Learn To Be Your Rescue and Hero: They Feed Off Of Your Vulnerability – How do I stop being a narcissistic supply?

Narcissists love to feed off of our vulnerabilities. They thrive on feeling like they are in control, and when they can exploit our insecurities, it makes them feel powerful. Unfortunately, this makes us easy prey for narcissists. 

Here are some tips to help you learn to be your rescue and hero and protect yourself from being exploited by a narcissist: 

  1. Recognize the signs of a narcissist. A narcissist will always look for ways to take advantage of your vulnerabilities. If you find yourself constantly giving into their demands or being controlled by them, it may be time to reassess your relationship.
  2. Don’t let a narcissist get you down. Despite their manipulations, don’t underestimate the power of a positive attitude and persistence. Stay strong and refuse to let them break you down.

5 – Create Boundaries – How do I stop being a narcissistic supply?

There are few things as frustrating as being around someone who continuously needs more than you can give. 

This typically happens when a person falls in love with a narcissist – they become the source of all their narcissist’s happiness and needs. 

Unfortunately, when someone constantly gives without getting anything back, it becomes difficult to maintain boundaries or self-respect. 

Don’t be afraid to speak up if you feel like you’re being taken advantage of. Narcissists often use people for their gain, so it’s important to let them know that this isn’t working for you.

6 – Stop Apologizing To Them – How do I stop being a narcissistic supply?

When dealing with a narcissist, it is essential to remember that they do not feel emotions other than those of superiority and entitlement. 

As such, trying to apologize will only make them feel victorious and reinforce their beliefs that they are superior to everyone else.

Furthermore, the narcissist will likely interpret your apology as a sign of weakness or vulnerability on your part, which will only serve to inflame their already unstable emotional state further. 

The best way to deal with a narcissist is to maintain emotional distance and stay steadfast in your own beliefs. 

Final Words – How do I stop being a narcissistic supply?

In conclusion, to stop being a narcissistic supply, start by recognizing and admitting when you’re doing it. 

Next, try to be more self-sufficient and help out less. 

Finally, remember that everyone is capable of change, so don’t be discouraged if your progress isn’t rapid. 

Keep trying, and eventually, you’ll be able to stop providing narcissists with what they need without even realizing it!

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