How Divorce Changes A Man: Narcissistic Women Are Vicious

How Divorce Changes A Man: Narcissistic Women Are Vicious

It is no secret that divorce is perhaps one of the hardest trials a man can go through in modern-day society.

The legal system is not fair or equal to the man, and more times than not, child custody battles sway in the mother’s direction.

So much for male privilege, right?

In this article, I want to outline how divorce changes a man, along with a few issues that they must face during the whole divorce process.

Narcissistic women who divorce a man for whatever lunacy that has entered her mind will try and get the man to hurt as much as possible.

And it is not the least bit uncommon for her to try and get him to even end his life with her demands and insanity.

KINGS, you must stay strong and be willing to weather the storm, especially if you have kids.

Giving in to their insanity only makes them think they have control over your life, which they do not.

It will be an uphill battle that you must face, but it is a battle that is most certainly worth fighting.

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How Divorce Changes A Man: Narcissistic Women Are Vicious

1- Emotional Storm

how divorce changes a man

The emotional storm that a man will face is nightmarish.

The different emotions that will arise in him, anger, depression, anxiety, feelings of being unworthy, resentment, rage, and suicidal ideations, will make him feel the lowest in his life.

This is precisely why most guys start to sink into depression.

They may begin drinking heavily, start using drugs, or jump into a new relationship trying to fill the empty space in their heart.

Some men may even commit suicide because of how downhill their lives have gone.

If children are in the mix of it, this can be all that a toxic narcissistic woman will need to push the man over the edge.

2 – Health Declines

how divorce changes a man

Stress kills!

Chronic stress can raise your blood pressure, trigger heart attacks, and even trigger a stroke — and narcissistic toxic people are well aware of this. 

This is exactly why they work so hard to make your life as hard as it can be during and after the divorce process. 

3 – Loneliness

Stripping a man from his kids and even the toxic wife can leave a man feeling lonely.

Narcissistic women are well aware of this, and they use their “power” to influence their kids to dive this sentiment into the hearts of the man even more.

The feeling of loneliness is perhaps the major catalyst that drives a man to do the most harmful things to themselves.

Help For Men Going Through Divorce

I know it may seem like there is no help for guys, but there is.

There are support groups for men.

Such as:

There is therapy

Speaking with a therapist can have a profound positive impact on your mental well-being, leading to your overall health improvement. 

Having someone to talk to and who has an objective ear can help you find solutions to your problems. 

Consider talking to a therapist online at online therapy!

There is writing and journaling

Writing out your pain and frustration and then going back a few days later to read it can give you a better insight into how your emotions and way of thinking are leading you down a dark path that may not allow you to return to sanity. 

Listen, these people (toxic females) are NOT worth it. 

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