“How Dare They Treat Me Like That”: One Major Reason Why We Don’t Move On

“How Dare They Treat Me Like That”: One Major Reason Why We Don’t Move On

How Dare They Treat Me Like That

It is safe to say that after leaving a narcissist, for many of us out there, the pain that they may have put us through just doesn’t go away overnight.

The pain they put us through has a delayed response.

Our thoughts of our time with them start to rattle off all the NEGATIVE stuff they have done and it seems that time, unlike the aphorism says, does not heal all wounds.

The time that we have to ourselves and away from those people, only seem to intensify everything negative thing they have ever done.

And healing can at this time seem like a pipe dream.

All the negative crap they put us through seems to marinate and make us feel even more foolish and incompetent once our eyes have been made wide open to see these people for what they really are.

Healing may very well be one of the most difficult things we will ever have to experience, but it is possible.

Once we give up on healing, we give in to their insanity.

And these people…are NOT WORTH giving up OUR HAPPINESS.

“How Dare They Treat Me Like That”: One Major Reason Why We Don’t Move On

One of the major things that I have done to learn how to get over that negative thought of “how dare they treat me like that“, is to engage in things that occupy so much of my time, energy and thinking, that I literally do not have the time to think about all the wrongs they (the narcissist) has done to me.

Now mind you, I engage in things that bring me genuine happiness.

(This is the key to training your mind to see the good things in life.)

Giving in to that victim mentality is what they want. And worst, giving in to the pain they have caused is orgasmic for them.

I am a firm believer that these nutjobs get a kick out of seeing people suffer. And they get a real kick out of seeing people who loved them hurt because of them.

This is why we must NEVER let them see us hurt.

The world is a nasty place and full of more narcissists and mentally disturbed people. More so then we have been led to believe.

Healing will NEVER come from these people. So don’t look for an apology. Don’t look for them to UNDERSTAND what they did. And don’t expect these people to ever become actual HUMAN BEINGS.

It is entirely up to us to start our own healing process.

Shift Your Thinking

The only person who wins when we sit there ruminating over ALL THE NEGATIVE STUFF the narcissist put us through is them.

When you focus on building yourself up and becoming a better person without them in your life, that destroys these nutjobs.

There are many stories of these nutjobs going batshit insane when they realize their supply is living well and thriving in life…WITHOUT THEM IN IT.

Many of these nutjobs drink themselves silly. They lose their homes. And they become even less than (there is no pit too low for them.)

Focus on things that genuinely bring you happiness. Or focus on things that you would like to learn.

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