Do Not Go Back To The Narcissist’s Hoover Tactical Ploy

Do Not Go Back To The Narcissist’s Hoover Tactical Ploy

Do Not Go Back To The Narcissist’s Hoover Tactical Ploy

It is very important to understand this about narcissistic kidults. They will not EVEREVER…take responsibility for their actions.

They can blatantly go out there and steal a car, run an old lady off the road, and drink beer while doing it all and say — “You made me do it!

These people are kidults.

Scared, immature, insecure, losers that will never grow up and take responsibility for their actions.

To them, they care more about how others see them than how they see themselves.

They work very hard to keep up their image!

Once you have left them and made them look as if they are the bad guy in the eyes of others, they will do their sneaky little actions — like the LOSERS THEY ARE — to try and hoover you back to their worthless lives.

Now understand this about the Hoover Tactical Process!

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Do Not Go Back To The Narcissist’s Hoover Tactical Ploy

The reason they hoover is for several reasons, which are:

# 1 – To Finish You Off ~ Hoover Tactical

Hoover Tactical

In their base, unevolved, immature, and NUTJOB minds, they view you leaving them as an act of hurting them.

Damn, if they lied to you, cheated you, manipulated you, and wasted your time and life — the idea that you don’t want to put up with their nonsense makes these people feel like you are hurting them — and doing so by abandoning them.

I call these people kidults because that is what they are. Like a small child who loses contact with “mommy” in a store and starts crying out for her — so too, is this similar to how a narcissist will behave once you left them.

They will hoover you by acting like they learned their lesson.

“I have seen the errors of my way!”

But the truth is that they haven’t…they are saying what they think you want to hear, just so that they can drag you back into their worthlessness.

Once you go back to their worthlessness, they will finish you off! This is precisely why you must ignore the hoover.

And when I say finish you off…use your imagination here…”If I can’t have you…NO ONE CAN!”

# 2 – They Care About Their Perception

Hoover Tactical

If leaving them has hurt their reputation, then they will try and get back with you only so that they seem good in everyone else eyes again.

God, these people are such losers, and they are LEGION!

The common man is so…ughh!

They have NO ONE but themselves to blame for the worthlessness!

Again, I must reiterate you must IGNORE THE HOOVER.

They do not care about you — they care about what you can do for them.

They are such losers!

# 3 – They Want To Dump You

Hoover Tactical

If you discarded them, know that you have hurt them on a MASSIVE LEVEL.

Most people can’t stand rejection. It hurts.

Whether you are male or female — it hurts!

But for a narc, it is like you setting them on fire.

These people are so melodramatic; they are such (Did I mention this already) LOSERS!

That one person…THAT ONE PERSON…who rejected them becomes the sole thought on their peanut-sized brains!

Did I mention these people are losers?

Do Not Go Back If They Hoover ~ Hoover Tactical

If someone shoots at you with malice in their eyes and somehow the gun they shot at you ended up in your hands — would you give them the gun back because they asked nicely?

I hope the answer is no.

If you answered “no” here, use that same logic to say “NO” to the narc once they try and hoover you!

You, more than anyone else on this planet, are deserving of your own life and happiness!

Don’t go back to the trashbin that is the narcissist if they hoover you, move on with your ONE LIFE!

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