The Negative Effects Of Having Narcissistic Parents

The Negative Effects Of Having Narcissistic Parents

How To Deal With Narcissistic Parents

I am not a psychologist or therapist. This website is not a replacement for real therapy. If you feel you have suffered from negative family members reach out a psychologist.

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The power of talking, and uprooting the negative past that you may have tried to bury, will be a key factor in helping you to live a more healthy, productive and happy life.

In addition, I wholly believe that NO CONTACT, even if they are your flesh and blood, is a MUST.

Nobody…NOBODY has the right to make your life needlessly difficult.

You may feel guilty, in the beginning, but ask yourself, “what did you do to get this type of mistreatment?”

Ask yourself, “do you deserve the hatred, the beatings, the vile of wickedness…FROM FAMILY?”

Speak with a therapist as they will be able to help guide you through the pain and help you see your own worth. And distance yourself as FAR AS YOU CAN FROM…family.

Family, who dares treats you like you are an enemy combatant at war.

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