The Negative Effects Of Having Narcissistic Parents

The Negative Effects Of Having Narcissistic Parents

The negative effects of having narcissistic parents can sometimes be difficult to spot to the untrained eye.

Children who may come to school and stay to themselves may either be seen as anti-social (which is a very poor judgment) or shy.

Because most people are not trained psychologist, determining whether a child is just a shy or timid kid versus a kid who may be abused (psychologically, mentally, emotionally and/or physically) can be a dilemma.

The reason being is that for children growing up, or who grew up, in a family household where parents were constantly fighting, can be, unfortunately, the norm to them.

Narcissistic parents are truly some of the most monstrous creatures you will ever hear about.

Because these people get a kick out of hurting their own children.

Toxic family members can cause many mental disorders in their child’s life later on. With many of these kids growing up to be:

  • antisocial
  • violent
  • bullies
  • drunks
  • sexual predators
  • self-blamers (lacking in self-esteem)
  • echoism (repeating the last words they hear)
  • Insecure attachment (Battered Person Syndrome may be a syndrome they develop because they have been so conditioned to see relationships like this)
  • Becoming a narcissist themselves (check out my article broken empaths)
  • C-PTSD

These are just to name a few.

This is tragic. Because kids come into this world with the idea that what their parents say to be absolute. And as a result, they view the world through the lens of the parents.

And having narcissistic parents can truly damage a LIFE.

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