Hard Times Are What Will Make Your Story Great

Hard Times Are What Will Make Your Story Great

Hard Times Are What Will Make Your Story Great

Every single hero in reality or fiction ONLY became the heroes they are by having hard times in their life. The hard times did not DESTROY THEM…they catalyzed to awaken the greatness that was in them.

Every single villain in reality or fiction became the villain they were because of having hard times in their life. The hard times, however, destroyed them.

And because they were destroyed…they sought to destroy others as well.
Strength and power do not always mean the same thing.

Villian have power.


Power pushes down.

Strength LIFTS UP.

Power oppresses.


Power forces.

Strength EMBRACES.

Power destroys.


Power focus on image.

STRENGTH FOCUSES ON CHARACTER. (Have strength of character because…YOU ARE A D*MN HERO).

Hard Times Are What Will Make Your Story Great

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In this epic that we call life, you must take the pen that is called tragedy and write out a story of how you became a hero.

Tragedies are not meant to destroy us…but to help define us.

Don’t place the pen of your life in the hands of narcissists.

They will write a story of how you went insane and wipe out every good and positive thing you ever did.

You must be bold, defiant, determined, and ASSERTIVE as all HELL to live the life you want and to be the person YOU WANT.


Because your story of how you overcame the hard times can be the inspiration to someone else who is going through the same thing.

We all need heroes in life.

Life knows this.

And that is why it sent you the narc.

So…rise to occasion and become a hero.

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