Refuse To Give Up On Yourself

Refuse To Give Up On Yourself

Refuse To Give Up On Yourself

“Give up trying to make me give up”― Masashi Kishimoto


Let the people and the naysayers around you try and make you give up.

But become defiant. Become resilient. And become the type of person that when the world knocks you down, you get back up and DARE THEM TO TRY AGAIN.

Most people in life are cowards. They cannot stand alone. They cannot achieve things in their lives.

And so, to make things “fair” in their insecure warped minds, they have a strong, “innate” I dare say, desire to make others around them give up on their dreams and goals in life.

Narcissist and their legion of fools are people who have given up on themselves a long time ago.

These are people who know that no matter how hard they try at something, THEY WILL NEVER BE GOOD AT IT.

And this may sound harsh and cruel.

But this is a reality.

Narcs and flying monkeys are people who know they cannot be anything great, and as a result, they make it their life’s purpose of dragging as many people as they can down in the dirt.

And this is why, and why you MUST NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF.

Refuse To Give Up On Yourself

Refuse To Give Up

It is a realization that I stumbled upon which frankly, I am not too happy with, but I see NO real other alternatives.

And this realization is that FATE is such a thing. That free-will is nothing more than an illusion. That some people at their very core makeup are people who are brought into this existence to be nothing more than troublemakers.

And sadly, narcissist and their legion of fools fit this description.

These are people whose sole purpose is to drag down as many people they can into their pit of self-loathing, resentment, jealousy, and envy.

These people do not and CANNOT understand anything outside that way of their thinking.

They are so stuck in this idea that they have to pretend to be great instead of going out there and becoming great.

And this is the cause for so many of them to want to drag down as many people as they can.

The narc that came into your life, who hurt you, used you, manipulated you, lied to you, and tried to destroy — did so because you represent EVERYTHING THEY CAN NEVER BE.

And this hurts them on a level that far exceeds the hurt you feel right now. And I say this NOT to diminish the pain you feel.

But I say this to remind that greatness in you that has been buried by the toxic insanity of the narcissist.

Narcs get pleasure from damaging greatness. To them, if they can destroy someone great, then they have succeeded in something.

Because they cannot create, they must destroy.


Keep On Being You

Refuse To Give Up

By simply being you and moving forward with your life after the hurt, the narc tried to put you through…you reveal to them a truth.

That no matter how hard they try to destroy someone, ultimately, everything they do is for nothing.

And why is it nothing?

Because they are nothing.

And they are nothing NOT because I have said they are, but because of what life has desired to make them.

I mentioned this idea that Fate is a reality, and free-will is an illusion.

This may be a controversial statement but riddle me this.

How has trying to REASON with the narc or flying monkey worked out?

Were you able to get them to see things from your perspective?

Or did what you say, despite all the evidence showing them they are in the wrong, reach them?

The answer, of course, is no. You were not able to reach them.

And why because they are fated to see the world a certain way.

They say that common sense is not a gift; it’s a curse because you have to deal with the masses who have no common sense.

And this is true.

Flying monkeys are fools who do not have common sense. And narcs are losers who will never be anything great, and they know it.

And this is why they are so nasty.

Life has made them uninspiring but has given them just enough intelligence to know that they will know they are uninspiring.

It’s a cruel realization they must live with.

To be an empath or just a person with some virtues is not easy, as we assume others have virtues as well.

But this is not true.

Refuse To Give Up: So Why Not Give Up On Myself?

Refuse To Give Up

To give up on yourself after all the narc and the flying monkeys did, would give the narc and the flying monkeys a victory.

As they associate detection of another person’s life as a victory.

But this is more than just denying them a victory.

You are not fated to be a loser like them. You are not fated to be destroyed. And you are fated to give up on your dreams and goals.


Because you are you.

You have dreams, goals, aspirations. And they came to you because they knew YOU could make them a reality.

Life is Fate.


Life is fate.

And you were given certain ideas and feelings because YOU ARE CAPABLE OF MAKING THEM COME TRUE.

Focus on the things that make you happy because I can guarantee you this…the narc WILL NEVER CHANGE.

And by focusing on them…you toss your fate of greatness to the wayside.
Let them try and stop you.

Fate has placed them on your path NOT to detour you from your goals…BUT TO DIRECT YOU ON THE RIGHT PATH.

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