Ghosting Your Narcissists: A Great Revenge

Ghosting Your Narcissists: A Great Revenge

Ghosting is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to get back at your narcissists.

When you disappear from a narcissist life and do so without them being able to prepare for your departure from their lives, it makes them confused.

Once you leave a narcissist, he will go batsh*t insane because, in his/her mind, they view you as their toy or plaything.

So to take yourself away from them when they have not finished playing with you is akin to taking away a video game from a kid who is about to level up on a new level.

What Are Narcissists?

A narcissist is someone who excessively admires and loves themselves. They have an inflated sense of self-importance and believe they are better than others.

Narcissists are often arrogant, boastful, and manipulative. They crave attention and approval and can become angry or hostile if they don’t get what they want.

A narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder that affects about 1% of the population. It is more common in men than women and usually begins in adolescence or early adulthood.

If you think you might be a narcissist, talk to a mental health professional for a diagnosis.

What Are Personality Traits

Personality traits are the characteristics that make up an individual’s personality. There are many different theories on personality traits and how they are formed. Some believe that personality traits are innate, while others think they’re learned through experience.

Personality traits can be divided into four main categories: physical, mental, social, and spiritual. 

  1. Physical traits are a person’s appearance, such as height, weight, and eye color. 
  2. Mental traits, such as intelligence and memory, are how a person thinks and processes information. 
  3. Social traits involve how a person interacts with others, such as their communication skills and ability to work in a team. 
  4. Spiritual traits encompass a person’s values and beliefs, such as their sense of humor and morality.

Most experts agree that personality is composed of both nature and nurture.

What Are Dark Triad Traits

Three key personality traits make up the dark triad – narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy.

A lack of empathy, a tendency towards manipulation and deception, and a focus on self-gratification characterize these traits.

People who exhibit dark triad traits often have difficulty sustaining long-term relationships and may be more prone to antisocial behavior.

While the dark triad is not an official diagnosis, research suggests that these personality traits are relatively stable across time and cultures.

What Are Narcissistic Traits

In psychology, narcissism is often defined as excessive self-love, vanity, and egotism. However, these traits can manifest themselves in different ways and degrees.

Here are some common narcissistic traits:

People with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) tend to have an inflated sense of their importance and a deep need for admiration. They believe they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings.

Narcissists often fantasize about unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love. They may believe they deserve special treatment and may be jealous of others they perceive as threats.

Narcissistic people can be charming and charismatic at first glance, but their true colors often start to show once you get to know them better.

What Happens When You Ignore a Narcissist Who Dumped You?

When you ignore a narcissist after they have dumped you and “ignore” in this situation, I mean move on with your life, they will feel hurt.

They will feel hurt because, in their warped minds, they expect you to come chasing after them.

They expect us to cry and beg them to come back into their lives.

They discard us and get rid of us because they want us to feel like we are worthless, but when we accept their discard or accept their silent treatment, it takes them off balance.

They do not expect us to do such a thing because, in their minds, they think they are our world.

Ghost The Narcissist In Your Life

I make it no secret that “No Contact” is something I believe ALL OF US SHOULD DO when dealing with these creatures.

They do not have the right to destroy a life. They do not have the right to stomp on people’s dreams. 

And they do not have the right to make people suffer from depression and many other mental illnesses.

And so for those who have been hurt by their narcissist and want to get back at them, and who want to stick it to their narcissist, I highly recommend you try “ghosting.”

If ever there were a tactic that could quickly destroy a narcissist, it is ghosting.

So What Is Ghosting?

Ghosting is when you, or maybe the narcissist, completely disappears from someone.

A person who “ghost” cannot be found on social media. You disappear on a person without any explanation.

Why this is such a powerful tactic and why you should use it against a narcissist is because:

  • Narcissistic people think they own people – and this will make them feel like they lost their keys. They will go batshit insane. “I can’t find my keys.” This is salient because they are forced to do things they don’t want to do alone. They have to…wait for it…regulate their own damn emotions, like an adult.
  • This will cause them to think they are not good enough – by leaving them and ghosting them so that they never can get in contact with you, that will crush their ego. They are possessive creatures. Taking yourself away from them is like taking a bit of them away. And they will feel like they are not good enough on their own.
  • It crushes their ego – you take yourself away from them…WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. This is a MASSIVE DISRESPECT.

What Happens If You Don’t Reach Out During The Narcissist Periods Of Silent Treatment?

When you do not reach out to a narcissist after they have discarded you or given you the silent treatment, you cause narcissistic injury.

Again, they think that we will come chasing after them. They believe that we will come to beg them to take us back.

By accepting the silent treatment and taking it further by ghosting them, we cause them a massive narcissistic injury.

These people feed on attention, and we are starving them to death when we ghost them.

Ghosting Your Narcissists: A Great Revenge

I preach the good gospel of NO CONTACT, and I believe that if you want to get revenge on your narcissist for all the sh*tty things they did to you, you need to ghost them.

What good is it to stay with them?

They will only mess up your life more. They have no sympathy. No integrity. No honor or empathy.

When you ghost them, you not only hurt them on a MASSIVE LEVEL, “How dare they leave me,” but you also heal yourself.

Stop questioning, do narcissists really stop thinking about you just like that after the discard?

If they stop thinking about you, that is a good thing. And it si even better when you forget about them.

It is like you guys never even met!

By leaving and cutting all ties with them, they will go batshit insane, foaming at the mouth over the fact they don’t know where you are.

Because these people lack emotional regulation, they will stress the hell out and cause a myriad of health issues for themselves.

This sounds harsh.

But this is nothing compared to what the narcissist will do to you IF YOU STAY.

Go No Contact and Ghost the hell out of these people.

Their feelings of inadequacy will haunt them.

Need A Support Group?

Consider joining a meetup narcissistic support group.


Feel free to sign up to my Facebook Group.

19 thoughts on “Ghosting Your Narcissists: A Great Revenge

  1. Publicly humiliate them And put it all over social media. Their pieces of shit and everybody needs to know make it well aware everyone to everyone that you’re dealing with a narcissistic piece of shit save the world and other people from their behavior

  2. I’m in the middle of a ghosting myself. It’s quite extraordinary to have removed their magic wand. It now resides in mine. Makes me wander what they would think if they saw me with their wand in my hand floating several feet above the ground with a ghostly smile. I got everything lined out except the floating several feet above the ground . I think I’ll just break their wand in two and put it under their Christmas tree with only their name on it. They’ll know who its from. I like the idea of no words say a thousand. It’s as magical as levitation. Ghosting is empowering!

      1. please I beg everyone out there and after narcissist land get away from them stay away from him I have been in a narcissistic relationship for 50 years and I basically lost all of those years and it’s terrible but my narcissist now has discarded me I’m almost 80 years old I’m quite attractive though but he has just given me an eviction notice to make me move off of out of my house that I had built which he allowed on his property and I can see now exactly what he has done and now there’s no contact and I feel a lot better so stay away from them they’re sick and they never change

        1. Fifty years? I am so sorry that happened to you. Thank you for sharing. All victims need to be reminded to go NO Contact
          And learn how u avoid attracting a narc next time


        I’ve only started ghosting a few months ago, and I feel a little of back to being myself. Can only get better from here.

      3. I did this to mine 5 years ago. I had no choice, it was so toxic and debilitating. Anyway, unfortunately the N went wild and has never let go. She has essentially been following my career (in the public eye, sadly so there’s not a real lot I can do about it) and going to great lengths (and succeeding!! I guess haters are like moths to the flame) to recruit other people to turn against me so the cycle has never really ended and been very difficult to get closure on. I’ve been through various depressions over this, even considered giving up my career and going underground. To say its been traumatic is an understatement and as much as I would love to stand up to it and call it out publicly I fear doing that will fuel the fire obviously burning so deeply. Very complex situation and I tip my hat to anyone who has had the courage and strength to deal with this awfully traumatic kind of situation 🙁 thanks for posting about it, the only thing that helps is reading advice and about other peoples experiences.

  3. My situation is a bit tricky. I am a teacher and have a child with my narc. Is there any help out there with relocation? He has destroyed my credit and I am the only working person so it is impossible to save. I need out I can feel my sanity dwindling!!

    1. I am working on a forum to help people such as yourself.

      Relocation would be such a huge blessing.

      There seems to be very little information on this (organizations that help people in situations like yours).

  4. I was just in a 2 year on & off relationship with a narc he literally has done every lil thing as a narcissist ! Unfortunately I was married to a narc for 23 years and I learned many things from him without realizing what it was till now! This being my first relationship since divorcing my ex husband has this by far been the worst & hardest to overcome I’m 42 single mom of 4 & my ex boyfriend well call him MJ was persistent & wouldn’t take no for an answer to meet me through mutual friend he s not my Type & of course we hit it off as friends of right away I’m not the type for one night stands I am not one to sleep with anyone so we kept it honest & clicked overtime it changed but both our situations weren’t ready for commitment .. we both knew we fell for each other but didn’t want to speak of it .. we remained best friends he told me everything no holds barred I know him inside & out !! I stood by his side while he was going thru life’s hardest trials he left his wife lost his family etc.. I supported him completely as a friend . I put my heart aside and watched him be with the nastiest girls doing things out of his element . He called in trouble id go .. I took his bull crap disrespect & hurt . Long story short I was letting go a year n half ago till I get a call he’s been beaten up by cops went to jail I showed up he was in ambulance I couldn’t believe the scene it was out of a movie .. anyways he went to jail this time no bail afterall he gave up on fighting his demons . I go visit him making sure he’s ok no other reason as a friend & he asked his sis whom I took who brought u ? She answered he said let me talk to her .. I get on the phone and say I’m just here to make sure your ok & how we get you out for your kids sake ?! (Shocking part to me) he looks at me & says I’m sorry crying like a 5 yr old boy ! I said I don’t care it’s behind us I’m taking now not past .. He said No , listen plz ?! I said I’m out here for any of that I let you go plz know that I’m here as a friend & for your sister ! He cried more & said it has always been you I’m sorry for all the hurt , disrespect , what I put you & your kids through I am in love with you I just couldn’t be that man you need me to be you deserve better ! But plz know I’m in love with you ! I said nothing .. I was numb like what is happening ?! I said I can’t answrr u on that .. you hurt me a lot & I let you go awhile ago .. this is jail talk & I am shocked .. he said take your time but plz know I’ know I have to prove myself & I’m not letting you go . 11 months later nothing changed all his broken promises , lies & betrayal resurfaced he crushed me even harder & my kids ! After all I did holding him down & emotionally , physically being there for him ! He still claims to love me till today we aren’t together but it’s the hardest break up I’ve ever been in he was my best friend I never been more myself I trusted him he hurt me but I NEVER forgot who I am & I seen his familiar ways before so I didn’t play into them is what broke us up ! I didn’t play into his tactics ! His words I broke him cracked his code ! I said I’m not an idiot it’s obvious this got you thus far but not me buddy ! I call him on his shit I laugh st him I play along than drop the bomb & say I’m good (they hate that) I don’t have time for games , lies n disrespect so now I just ignore him completely but he finds a way to call or somehow get his attempts in .. I blocked him changed my number I even moved .. Hes a hacker in my phone I just found out & has ppl watching me ! He even called to tell on himself like what in the world ?! I’m not one to play games so I make sure I NEVER cheated I never disrespected him till today I never wanted shit on my head but he won’t let go.. Why ? I don’t get it you didn’t want me when you had me but now I can’t date you watching my every move & yet you can be with whom ever to fill your ego ?! Compulsive manipulator narcissist at his best ! What do I do ? Help

  5. After 45 years I realised I was living with a narc. He had made my life hell and I just didn’t see through him. He would hurt me mentally and destroy any faith I had in my self. each episode would end with so-called love and affection towards me when he saw that the tears had stopped and I had started to put up a barrier. I would then doubt myself and start to believe I was being unreasonable and fall into his arm full of forgiveness. Iv been humiliated and endlessly cheated on. He had treated me like a dog and I just could not see it. He even stooped as low as to try and make me mentally ill with his cruelty, why to this day I don’t know what triggered this in him and to be honest in this moment in time I DONT CARE. He nearly succeeded and it took me five painful years to get over him. To this day he continuously tries to get me back but it is I who now have control of my emotions, not him. I feel strong when facing him and can so NO to his pleadings without feeling afraid. If you realize you are living with a narc. leave them NOW, they will never change ane will waste your life. I’m angry with myself now for not recognizing what ane who he was, I have wasted my whole life. DONT LET THIS BE YOU.

  6. I left him after 30 years. My 4 adult children support him and I am viewed as mentally deranged. I drove 1855 miles away with only my clothes and hoping I can start working as an RN-BSN soon. I am broken, alone and so sad. He left me with nothing.

  7. Thank you very very much!
    At the moment I’m so down I feel like I’m drowning… I feel like the world is black… And I feel like a fool… But your article helps me a lot! I shouldn’t feel like this after what he is doing to me… He is sick and I feel he just wants to destroy me… I should look forward… He never loves me… He just wanted to own me and destroy me… I think I will never forget what he do to me, but when I give me self up.. He just will laugh about me… It’s hard because he was everything to me and I have give my all to him… But he isn’t worth it.. He isn’t worth to be loved and he never loved me like I was loving him… Thanks for open my eyes I where on the way to lost my self!

  8. I can’t even describe how AMAZING THIS BLOG IS. I can’t thank you enough. I ghosted my bf after 5 months, the first 2 months were great (love bombing/narcissistic mirroring) and then he showed his true colors gradually. Started blaming me for everything, being illogical, not even acknowledging anything I do for him nor say thank you, and asking for things that he really shouldn’t ask for (like:can you do my assignments?) no matter how much i explain that he shouldn’t drop his responsibilities on me, he would take it personally and accuse me of being rude and unhelpful 😂 Good thing is that his illogical thinking would never get through my brain and I would always take notes and was just waiting for the perfect moment to go ghost. Until it happened, he told me: “I think you should find someone else”. I went ghost and blocked him EVERYWHERE. He tried to contact me for 5 days then got bored, lol. He’s too pathetic. Even though it was just 5 months, it damaged me and poisoned me so much, I was in so much pain and felt a big void. But I thank God because I learned SO MUCH. Will never regret saving myself.

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