Think Of Your Last Moment: Don’t Let It Be Full Of Regret

Think Of Your Last Moment: Don’t Let It Be Full Of Regret


“Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges. Life is too short to be unhappy.”― Roy T. Bennett

I want you to imagine spending the next five, ten, twenty years you have left to live. I want you to imagine that for the duration of this time, instead of moving on after your split with your narcissist — the time that you had left, you spent it hating.

You spent it ruminating. The time you had left, you spent it thinking and focusing all your time and energy on this person. You start to develop severe stress and depression.

Everything that you see, hear, and even smell triggers thoughts about the narcissist.

You live on a constant edge and are ALWAYS angry.

You meet a new person, and they show they do care about you…but you have become so broken and so damaged by what the narcissist did to you, you cannot trust this person, and you push them away.

Your friends, your family, and who you were before you met this person; all no longer know who you are.

You have become so consumed with just hurting this person (the narc) and getting revenge.

Now, I want you to imagine you develop a disease.

The narcissist finds this out, and they start to come by and rub it in your face.

The anger you have is UNBEARABLE, and this anger only fuels the disease to spread even faster.

You learn that you only have one week to live.

After pushing so many people away, you have no one to comfort you on your deathbed.

You die, lonely, miserable, and FULL OF REGRET.

Regret not for NOT getting your revenge on the narcissist.

But regret, letting them take so much time from you.

And here is why.

Think Of Your Last Moment: Don’t Let It Be Full Of Regret

See, had you spent your time focusing on you and developing yourself after the split with the narcissist, you could have found that disease much earlier. The condition arose due to you feeling so NEGATIVE all the time.

Had you focused on that passion you had before you met the narcissist instead of focusing on how you could get revenge on them for the last years of your life, you could have healed yourself just by being…POSITIVE.

Had you used that time that you had left, to be happy and learn from what had happened, you could have fallen in love with someone who would have loved you.

You could have become massively successful in your business because you used that energy for something productive.

But most of all, you could have left this world feeling happy and content that you became what the narc didn’t want you to become.

You were surrounded by people who loved you. And you inspired many people by showing them there is life after a nasty relationship with a narcissist.

However, because you were so full of rage, and only sought revenge, you wasted the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

And the narcissist…well, they get the last laugh.

We Get One Life…Live It Well

Listen, I know that it can be extremely challenging moving on after a narcissistic relationship. They take so much from us, and they do so much wrong to us. It is not easy moving on.

But it sure as hell is worth it.

Wasting…and yes, I say WASTING, your time focusing on these creatures is what they want. When you move on and become your best version, DESPITE what they did to you…that is the biggest blow to their ego.

Trust me…I know.

Many narcs have discarded me. When they see, I am living life so much better because of leaving them it reveals to them that life for me and everyone else they met is SO MUCH BETTER when they are not in it.

They harm people so that people will always think about them.

But when you move on, it shows them; they are irrelevant creatures that have no impact on how you live your life.

It is not easy moving on…but it sure as hell is worth it.

Don’t die full of regret. Die knowing you gave everything of yourself and have no more to give. And your exit from this existence will be graceful, and you will have the last laugh.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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And lastly, learn how to smile and laugh again.

Because laughter does the SOUL good.

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