Forgetting The Narcissist: The Thing That Makes Them Scared

Forgetting The Narcissist: The Thing That Makes Them Scared

Forgetting The Narcissist!

This is the one thing that they fear the most. If you forget about them, it only reminds them of how worthless they are.

Narcissists need to feel as if they matter. They need to feel like they MEAN something.

This is one reason why they behave so irrationally and do such cruel things to their victims. They know deep down inside of them that people will never love them for who they really are.

They don’t even love themselves.

But they do know that if they can get people to hate them, that they will at least be on the minds of others. And this is what they are really after.
They want people to think about them.

Moving on is never really easy, especially if you have been abused.

But picking up your life and fixing it again after they have done you harm and not even seeking an apology hurts them on a massive level.


Because it shows them that despite all that they did, it couldn’t break you or get to you.

You being happy and successful is a huge slap in the face to their ego.

If you want to hurt the narcissists, live as if you never even met them.

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