What Causes A Female Narcissist To Behave Irrationally?

What Causes A Female Narcissist To Behave Irrationally?

What Causes A Female Narcissist To Behave Irrationally?

Narcissists are not like the rest of us. If you have a female narcissist in your life, you are puzzled continuously over her behavior. Some information can help you understand and cope with the situation.

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What Causes A Female Narcissist To Behave Irrationally?

1 – A Sense Of Entitlement ~ Female Narcissist

Female Narcissist

One of the most noteworthy features that sets a narcissist apart from ordinary people is her kidult entitlement sense.

Whatever she happens to want, she believes she is entitled to it. It does not matter if what she wants is illegal, immoral, or belongs to someone else.

We can compare this approach to a small child. Before a young child is appropriately socialized, he feels and acts the same way. She may throw a temper tantrum if he does not immediately get what he wants.

However, while most children are socialized out of this behavior long before they begin Kindergarten, the narcissist carries the sense of entitlement with her throughout her life.

2 – A Lack Of Empathy

Female Narcissist

Narcissist behavior clearly shows the inability to relate to other people. She does not seem to realize you and others have feelings and needs. This can be especially difficult when you experience pain or sorrow because the narcissist does not care.

3 – A Sense Of Superiority ~ Female Narcissist

Female Narcissist

When you deal with narcissist behavior, you may be stunned or appalled at the way she consistently places herself above other people. She believes she is better, above, and more important than everyone else.

Because of this feature, the narcissist cannot stand being outdone by anyone. If somebody receives an honor, an award, or praise, you can expect her to put the person down. Instead of being glad for someone’s accomplishment, her approach is ridicule or criticism.

4 – The Inability To See People As Human Beings

Female Narcissist

The narcissist does not acknowledge another individual’s personhood. Instead, she views individuals as objects from which she can gain something. It does not matter whether “something” is money or material goods, work, or status.

Because of this feature, she is likely to take either of two approaches. If she can gain something from you on an ongoing basis, she will want to keep you around.

If her wants are more short-term, though, do not expect to be in her life very long. After she obtains what she wants, you will no longer have a purpose. You will be devalued, and you will be discarded. You may wonder what you did wrong, but you did nothing wrong at all.

5 – Narcissists Are Fearful People ~ Female Narcissist

Female Narcissist

Underneath her obnoxious exterior is a very fearful individual. Whether she is afraid of losing status, money, power, or reputation, her behavior hides fear. As narcissists lack everyday coping skills, fear often shows itself as narcissistic rage.

6 – Narcissists Do Not Like Themselves

Female Narcissist

Considering the way narcissists brag and boast, this may seem not easy to believe. She does not like who she is because she does not understand who she is. Narcissists do not have a fully-developed sense of Self.

7 – She Believes She Is Always Right ~ Female Narcissist

Female Narcissist

Regardless of the subject, it is pointless to argue with a narcissist. To your narcissist, there is no such thing as a compromise or agreeing to disagree.

She cannot understand that people have differing viewpoints.

From minor disagreements to severe issues, she has only one goal: to “win.” Always being right intensifies her sense of power and importance.

To win, another person must lose only strengthens her belief that she is better, above, and more critical.

8 – She Has No Sense Of Responsibility

Your narcissist will not take responsibility for her choices, actions, or the consequences of her actions. Instead, she will assert that it was your fault or someone else’s fault. While narcissists often blame people in their everyday lives, they often blame people in their pasts, too.

9 – She Lacks A Normal Conscience ~ Female Narcissist

Female Narcissist

For most people, the conscience often causes us to do right when it would be easy to do wrong. When we make mistakes, we feel guilty and feel the need to set things right. This process does not occur for narcissists.

10 – Narcissists Lack Boundaries

Most of us learned early in life what is ours and what is someone else’s. It ranged from not taking another child’s personal property without respecting family members’ private spaces.

The narcissist does not understand the concept of boundaries. From your possessions to your room to your thoughts, she routinely invades what is rightfully yours.

Regardless of the role a narcissist has in your life; it can make your life miserable. When you understand these reasons for her irrational behavior, it can be a little easier.

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