Narcissists, Flying Monkeys & Enablers Are Vicarious Livers

Narcissists, Flying Monkeys & Enablers Are Vicarious Livers

Vicarious Livers, or living vicariously means to be a person who lives their lives through other people.

Narcissists, Flying Monkeys & Enablers Are Vicarious Livers.

These people live their lives (false life) through other people. So broken and so unsure of who they are, they have a strong desire to BOND, not connect, with other people.

(There is a difference between bonding and connecting)

Much like a parasite or virus that needs a host to survive, so too are narcissists, flying monkeys, and enablers. 

These people can not stand being by themselves. And often, when they have no lives to feed on or to destroy, as the living embodiment of chaos and destruction they are, they will self-implode and destroy themselves.

Usually through excessive drinking, usage of illegal drugs, overconsumption of junk food, or excessive adult video watching (which only leads many of these guys to suffer from E.D)

Narcissists can be especially parasitic, symbiotically parasitic, in regards to needing a host (an empath) to survive. They know how to play victim so well.

And as empaths, because we have an innate desire to…scoof…love another human being, they take advantage of this. Our desire to love and want the best for others is all the opening these parasites need to enter into our lives and wreak havoc on us.

Now, I know comparing narcissists to parasites may seem a bit uncouth. Still, I do believe if you give my article “Narcissists are Parasites,” a look you will better understand by positon.

The similarities between narcissists and parasites are shocking.

And as you will learn more for this article, vicarious livers are like mindless drones. They have no selves. No identity. And no way of understanding how to live their lives for themselves.

This is especially true in regards to flying monkeys.

Often many people try and reason with flying monkeys, not understanding that flying monkeys are easily some of the most brain-dead people you will ever come across.

The foolish grin that comes across their faces when you try to reason with them always baffles me.

With this said, understanding what vicarious livers are will better help you to know you cannot reason with them and that any time trying to get them to understand you is just a waste of time.

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Living Vicariously: Narcissists, Flying Monkeys & Enablers Are Vicarious Livers

The Parasitic Narcissists

Narcissists, as I have alluded to, are parasites. They need people to live on.

And this goes for all the different types of narcissists.

Whether they are the loud and obnoxious narcissist, who NEED attention, praise, and worship from others. To the covert narcissist who wants an amazing partner so that they by proxy look amazing as well.

Narcissists are, for the most part, vicarious livers.

This is precisely why NO CONTACT is so powerful.

It takes away their “supply” to feed them.

And like the parasites they are, if they have no host to feed on, they will perish.

The Jester Fool Flying Monkey

The Jester Fool Flying Monkey is easily the closest living embodiment of what it is to be a vicarious livers. They are the people who take massive glee when the narc master destroys life for NO REASON.

These are the people, sports fans, who will go batshit insane when their “team” doesn’t win a game (instead of just trying to qualify themselves for the teams; losers).

These are the fools who keep up to date on what a celebrity is doing with their lives.

Flying monkeys are mindless drones who waste their life by trying to live through others.

The Donkey Enabler

Lastly is the Jackass Enabler.

They get riled up, riling up a narcissist or flying monkey.

They are very sneaky and love seeing narcissist destroy lives.


Because much like the former two, they have no lives.

Chaos, destruction, and sheer insanity is their fuel for life.

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