Enablers Of Narcissists…Hey! Shut Up!

Enablers Of Narcissists…Hey! Shut Up!

Enablers Of Narcissists: Hey man! You just gotta…you know. Learn to forgive and love, man. Groovy. Just…you know, let them back into your life, man. You know. Just kill hatred with love, man. You know. Just…you know…break the cycle of hatred, man. You know. Peace and love, man. You know!”

Enablers of narcissists, do me a favor.


One of the major reason narcissists NEVER learns anything, aside from them having magical thinking, short-term memory loss, irrational fear of taking responsibility for their actions, having swarms of flying monkeys around them like bees to a hive, thinking and saying “we must protect the queen AT NO GAINS TO OURSELVES (god they are fools)”, protecting their fragile little egos, and just being grown-ass kidults, are you…enablers.

You enablers are without a doubt, partners in tearing down and destroying the lives of good people. People, WHO DON’T DESERVE TO HAVE THEIR LIVES DESTROYED.

“You know”, right?

Why Do You Defend Kidults?

Enablers Of Narcissists
“Ah-ha! Ah-ha! It’s not my fault! Ah-ha!”

Not all narcissist suffers from a disorder.

Get that “shi-stuff”, out of here!

In fact, there are several types of narcissists out there who behave the way they do because that is just a character trait they cultivated.

Yes, they may have had a bad or tough childhood.

But guess what…SO DO MOST PEOPLE; if not ALL people.

That’s called…LIFE.

And just because they had a screwed up childhood does NOT give them the right to destroy someone else’s life.

Just because they have been pampered all their life does not mean they have the right to dare demand that pampering from others.

And this, enablers, is something you help to nourish in their twisted irrational minds.

By siding with them and telling people to:

  • “just let them back in”
  • “just let them have their way”
  • “be the bigger and better person”

Only alludes to the narcissist, “I am special”.

All these statements just show the narcissist that they will always have people fighting to defend their entitled irrationality.

They, like ALL OF US, are entitled to NOTHING.

We get in life what we put into it.

By giving into their childish demands, we only help to keep that spoiled kidult mentality ripe.

Where Are You When They Are Destroying A Life; Man?

You are so vocal to tell people to stop talking badly about people who DESTROY LIVES.

Where are you when these people are stalking, sabotaging lives, hurting their kids, taking away liberties and freedoms? Where are you when people have become so BROKEN by these creatures and their flying monkeys?

So broken they no longer see the joy in life. They no longer see the happiness that life offers. And they no longer see the beauty in themselves.

What do you do?

You tell these people, who have become shells of their former selves, to just let the narcissists back into their lives or to “understand them.”

People have tried to understand them for years…decades…and still haven’t figured them out.

And why?

Because narcissists love being irrational.

And I can hear you say:

“Oh! Normal people don’t need defense because they are mentally healthy. But narcs have a disorder.”


So, I ask you Enablers to do me this one favor…

Need A Community To Join

Do you need a community of people like yourself who have dealt with narcissists?

If so, consider joining my forum “Empowering Empathic Warriors“.

This is not a place to be coddled. But a place to heal, grow and become stronger.

In addition, a forum is NO alternative to professional health.

If you are in need of therapy, then check out my affiliate link here. Sign up here to speak with a professional therapist and get 20% off your first month’s session.

The motto of my forum is “We have been bent by narcissists but we will never be broken by them.”

Reach out for help and live life on your terms once again.

And lastly, learn how to smile and laugh again.

Because laughter does the SOUL good.

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