Doubt & Betrayal – False Hope Weaponized

Doubt & Betrayal – False Hope Weaponized

“Doubt & Betrayal – False Hope Weaponized” written by Conner Woods

In the Narcissists Delusional Grand Deception/Mask of Perfection mind, they CAN DO NO WRONG. Every single one of them truly believes they are the best and perfect. This delusional high lasts indefinitely; as long as they have no one who doubts this.

Therefore, Doubt is the worst thing to them, as it ends their high.

It hurts them.

This “stunning” revelation combined with the need to torment others makes doubt in people a prime choice to weaponize. They think of the worst thing they could do to you by thinking about what is the worst thing to them. 

They truly are projectors who view the world, and everyone else around them, through their antiquated lens. Narcissists do their very worst to you…on purpose.

Narcissist: “Doubt is the worst thing for me, here, have some!

Doubt Is A Narcissist’s Tool To Use Others And Weapon To Destroy Them

If you knew what a fucking worthless pile of shit Narcissists was, then the game would stop. Narcissists don’t want that at all.
Narcissists want you to give them the benefit of the doubt so they can keep fucking you nice and hard. They want you to never doubt them; only yourself.
This is why it is false hope, they give you doubt in the form of hope. False, in that, you must doubt yourself to have that hope. And that time after time the Narcissist never improves. You have to doubt yourself more and more to have that hope.

You become completely manipulated and mind fucked. So much so that you become the Narcissist slaves. Broken empaths truly are a narcissist’s favorite toy.

Unlike other Narcissists, a Covert Narcissist can hurt you with Betrayal.

The Covert actually makes an effort to gain your trust just to break it and blame you.

They knowingly give you false hope to crush it completely and feel all smug about hurting and punishing you. It’s all a sick sadistic game to them. Tormenting you is fun for them.

It gives them duper super delight that they’re in control and winning!

Covert Narcissists give you false hope to inevitably take it away as punishment. To hurt you and feel good about it.

Each win makes you doubt yourself more and more, eroding your confidence in yourself to dust. You can’t trust yourself, you have to trust Master Narcissist, you slave!
Betrayal of the highest caliber.

This manipulation cycle is extremely abusive and they know full well they are giving you false hope.

Weaponized False Hope For Their Psychological Warfare

It is hard to think of a more evil and cruel thing to do to someone. And why? Because it makes the Narcissist feel powerful destroying someone so completely.

They get off on the fact their guilt trips are working and that you fall for it time and time again because you keep trusting them, keep giving them the benefit of the doubt, keep desiring them.
They won’t fucking change. Every chance you give is another chance for them to get high by abusing your trust. Their goal is abusing your trust, they only do good things to get your trust to cash it in for their fix. Completely corrupt and irredeemable.
The more you trust them, the more you will be hurt and the more they will be drunk on their power, riding that high off into the sunset while you’re dragged behind against the ground, being ground down bit by bit until there’s nothing left of you.
Again, it’s hard to think of a more evil and cruel thing to do to someone who was guilty of what, trusting a fucking monster who fooled them into thinking they had empathy and integrity, that the monster is a human being?
A Narcissist views your trust as weakness and exploits it like the predators they are.
They truly deserve nothing, give them nothing.

Narcissists want to create dependency in you so they can exploit this weakness anytime they need to. They want to make you their slave to do with as they please. They are perfectly happy using you up.

The Giving Tree

Ever read ‘The Giving Tree‘?

In the story, The boy represents a Malignant Narcissist and the tree represents a victim who has been completely Stockholm Syndromed/Trauma Bonded, with all that’s left is the conditioning of “I’m still useful master, see, see, master needs me!”.

Complete and total dominance as the master sits atop the slave as king. The master is above the slave, even at his weakestAs it should be, muwhaha. Indeed, all the trees value to others has been cut down so the boy could overvalue himself.
The fruits, the wood, all represent the reputation of the tree, slowly taken away over time by the Malignant Narcissist.
Now you can’t be useful to others as you were useful to me. I drained you emotionally, left you with a dependency for me. There is no lesson learned, I knew what I was doing all along, and I’d do it again.

Truly this is the power trip fantasy of the “Powerful Slave“, one who is better than you but ultimately worships you because you’re the master.

“It is the fantasy of the powerful slave who will never truly rise above you, never demand your respect, never even ask you for pay. Do you understand now?” ~ HPMOR Chapter 108 – The Truth, Pt 5, Answers and Riddles

Doubt & Betrayal – False Hope Weaponized: Storytime

Alright, now to end it with some laughing at Narcissists storytime.

So I was in a car with some coworker and my boss Narcissist who was driving down the highway in winter. It was icy, we just passed a car in the ditch that was going the other way. Seconds later, we approached a Semi and beginning to go on a corner.

Narcissist boss decides to accelerate to pass the semi around the corner where it was icy. Well, the icy road did not respect Mr. Narcissist’s reckless disregard for the lives or safety of others.

No sir, even as the car slid on ice and the boss yelled “Holy Shit!” the ice still didn’t give a fuck. Amazingly we pass the semi and manage to stay on the road.

The boss then pretended like it never happened. Silence. No apology… coworker decides to talk about music and to get that radio on.

He didn’t even blame the rental vehicle.

That’s when it occurred to me, not that I could’ve died because of his criminal negligence, I knew that as he decided to pass the semi. The Narcissist was wounded… He wasn’t as cool as ice anymore. Not that patch of ice anyway.

I resisted the urge to talk about Vanilla Ice and his hit song, Ice Ice Baby…. It was very hard.

4 thoughts on “Doubt & Betrayal – False Hope Weaponized

  1. It’s Horrible living with one, in the beginning she made everything seem wonderful till we got A House together then it all changed, never saw it coming. Now i want to get away from her. These article really help.

  2. They make you feel important, like You are the only one who ,helps me, understands me etc Then add promise you will never leave me, I will be there for you always.
    Please tell me you will never give up on me. Then they do exactly the opposite, they found someone who
    they love, you never helped me, and that is the reason I left you. Reality is, he gave up on himself because “change” is only the narc priority, like “dont I have the right to change my mind, I dont remember saying I will always be there for you. Just a few of their tactics.

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