Don’t Be A Suzie From Hey Arnold: Dump These Oskars In Your Life

Don’t Be A Suzie From Hey Arnold: Dump These Oskars In Your Life

Don’t Be A Suzie From Hey Arnold: Dump These Oskars In Your Life

For those who may not be familiar with the show “Hey Arnold,” allow me to give you a brief overview of this FANTASTIC 90s child’s show (the 90s was the absolute best).

The “Hey Arnold” show was about a young blonde-headed boy who has a football-shaped head who helps his friends and neighbors with any issues they may be facing in their life.

Arnold, the titular character, is very altruistic and goes out of his ways to help those in need.

This show is considered by many to be Nickelodeon’s most celebrated animated series.

I personally loved it more than “The Rugrats” or “Doug.”

The Hey Arnold characters are diverse, insightful, and extremely entertaining.

Despite it being a child’s show, many adult issues were injected into the show.

And looking back at the show now as an adult, only makes me appreciate the show and the morals behind each episode.

This show has truly aged like wine!

The writing is TOP NOTCH, and many of the messages injected in the show still have as much relevance today as it did back then.

As mentioned, the show has many unique characters, some very good and noble, and others who are just disgusting in character.

And I literally can think of no one more disgusting in character on this show then the character named Oskar!

He is the embodiment of what it is to be a kidult.

Don’t Be A Suzie From Hey Arnold: Dump These Oskars In Your Life

The character Oskar is in every sense of the word what you call a Kidult. He is married to a woman named Suzie, who tends to his every beck and call.

Oskar has a slightly whiny way of talking. He lofts around the house, demanding of his wife trivial things he could do himself if he weren’t such a bum.

Everything is about him.

He is in his late thirties or early forties and works as a newspaper delivery boy 🤣.

But this happens ONLY after the 9-year-old titular character stops doing the MAN’S job for him!

Excuse the Quality! I couldn’t find a better video:

Watch The Video

After seeing Arnold will NO LONGER do his job for him and hearing how Arnold and others talk badly about him, he decides to do the job.

Watch The Video

And even after completing his 2-hour job (God! He is SO FUNNY😂), all he does is COMPLAIN!

It would help if you saw the full episode to grasp how much of a loser this guy is.

The writing is SO GOOD, and the humor is SPOT ON! It will make you laugh!

In one episode, his wife calls him out on his selfish nature and says he only cares about himself and that she is his silver medal.

He responds, “What’s wrong with 2nd place? It’s pretty good!”


He is so oblivious to his kidult thinking.

In another episode, his wife is asked to babysit her sister’s baby, and for a good half of the episode, Oskar is at odds WITH THE BABY!!!!!

When his wife asks him to grow up…this is his response.

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Suzie is his wife, and as a child, I never understood why she stayed with him. Now understanding a bit more about psychology, it is a bit more apparent that she feels sorry for Oskar and probably doesn’t think she can do any better. Or they may be in some trauma bond relationship!

For many people, having someone is better than having no one!

She puts up with this kidult antics such as gambling and whining!

And yes, gambling is a rather childish way of earning a living!

Throughout the show, they stay together!

Don’t Be A Suzie: Get Rid Of These Oskars

People like Oskar exist.

And they can be either male or female.

These people DO NOT GROW UP, and they believe any little bit of effort on their part is TOO MUCH.

You will not change them for the better because these people don’t see anything wrong with themselves.

As Epictetus once said, “It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.”

If you are dating an Oskar (male or female), leave them because they have NO DESIRE to be anything more than they are.

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