Stop Chasing After The Narcissist: Don’t Feed Their Delusions Of Grandeur

Stop Chasing After The Narcissist: Don’t Feed Their Delusions Of Grandeur

Don’t Feed Their Delusions Of Grandeur

Hey! Stop chasing after the narcissist because they are not worth it.

I know for many, being chased after can be an exhilarating experience. 

For me, not so much, as I am an introvert.

If I like someone and they like me, I don’t see why we should do the whole chase thing. It just wastes time.

Time that we can use to get to know one another. Learn one another. And be with one another. 

Time is all we have—and chasing after Someone is such a HUGE WASTE OF TIME.

I am pretty sure that some of my readers will disagree, which I wholly understand. Please feel free to let me know what precisely the “chase” makes you feel good.

Narcissists have an insatiable desire to be chased. 

They love to be sought after. It gives their fragile and distorted little egos a boost.

“Someone likes me. Oh, goodie.”

Now, I am not above playing in a relationship…because play is a crucial element in keeping your relationship healthy, fun, and exciting.

But with Narcs, the fun to them is to DENY YOU…THEM.

With ordinary people, “chasing” may very well end up with someone getting caught. But with narcissists…hahaha.


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Narcissists Love Being Chased: Don’t Feed Their Delusions Of Grandeur

Does A Narcissist Want You To Chase Them?

The short answer to this is yes. Narcissists love when people chase after them. It makes them feel desirable — and to people who are addicted to other people, this is a “high,” unlike anything any drug can do for them.

Narcissists are bat balls insane at the highest level. To them, seeing people suffering is the ultimate joy.

This is precisely why discarding someone is such fun for them. They love the idea that they can discard someone and then have that person come running back to them.

It makes them feel empowered, relevant, and valuable.

And because it gives them this feeling they need to keep doing over and over and over. It is like a drug for them (discarding you and having you come back to them).

Stop Chasing After The Narcissist: Don’t Feed Their Delusions Of Grandeur

You may not want to hear this, but you need to hear this.

Narcissists cannot love people. 

What Do Narcissists Do When You Ignore Them?

  • Send you a text message, “Hey! How are you doing? ;)”
  • Tell their flying monkeys to meet you and tell you, they “asked about you.”
  • Social Media stalk you (which is why ghosting is such a huge advantage)
  • Smear Campaign you
  • Physically stalk you
  • Some may even try and attack you

How To Crush Them?

Simply stop chasing them. Don’t respond to their text, messages on social media, or to any comment, a “friend” (most likely their flying monkeys) pass your way.

Once you show them they are no longer desired by you, they will shrivel up like the little parasite vermin they are.

This is not a polemical statement. Narcs are in every sense of the word “parasites”.

Time is ALL we have. And every second you WASTE (not spend) chasing after a narc — you waste on something that will never come.

Stop chasing the narcissist because they are NOT WORTH IT.

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14 thoughts on “Stop Chasing After The Narcissist: Don’t Feed Their Delusions Of Grandeur

    1. I’m looking for answers and support. Are there some sort of sponsors for this like in AA? I feel like I need someone to see what I see, and believe me.

  1. I just was let go by a narcissist. Gave him a ton of money for a house we both purchased three weeks ago and let me go the day he moved in !! Begged and pleated to talk about our differences which all were petty nonsense. It was the same subject he brought up over and over picked out the tiniest flaw and wouldn’t let it go. I am devastated beyond infinity just like who they are he already went back to the girl before me and asked her to marry him again. Which I am sure they will live in my house the house I’ve always wanted, my dream. I try to remember all that I’ve read, sometimes I can understand and accept this happened other times I feel I could of done better loved him better gave more of myself…. or maybe I can help that damaged little boy I can still see through his eyes. The entire situation cuts my soul and pulls at me in every direction. He said he would never leave he said quit ur job I will take care of you….. he said he loved me.

    1. My heart goes out to you. But do NOT feel like you could have done more.

      Narcs do not deserve ANY TYPE OF LOVE. They don’t even love anyone themselves.

      They use, manipulate and then throw people away when they are finished.

      Narcs are not damaged…they are destroyed souls that can never be fixed.

      My prays for you that you can recover from this.

      Stay strong and make sure to reach out to support groups.

    2. You are very welcomed.

      Stay strong. I promise you there is someone out there for you who will love you the way you love them.

    3. Narcs are addictive people. And flying monkeys are even more addictive than the narc. The ex-girlfriend sounds like a malignant narc and your ex-husband sounds like a flying monkey.

      Understand these flying monkeys have NO MINDS OF THEIR OWN. They see their narcs as god-like. He took her back and she will destroy him more and more. That is what they do.

      Check out my article on flying monkeys. You can’t save him or reason with him because he is not THINKING.

      It is sad but…don’t sink down into their insanity.

      Stay Strong. The more you think about them the more it will tear you apart.

      1. I thought he was the narcissist. His ex tore him up aborted behind his back fist fought with his daughter. She warned me about him in the beginning and everything she said was truth… the lies manic the devil… now she’s back I reached out to her two weeks ago to thank her for the warning she told me they’ve been together since April and are re engaged since she’s been asking me for info on him and I don’t respond to her. Tonite she called twice… this is all so crazy but was surprised when u said u felt he was a flying monkey, I think his secretary is one but not him.

        1. What you have just said, “his ex tore him apart behind his back and fought FIST with his daughter” is why I say he is a flying monkey. Flying monkeys will treat their lovers like the narc treats them and their lovers. And they will chase after their narc like the slave-minded fools they are.

          They don’t know any better.

          He may see her as a goddess, and she may be everything in contrast to a goddess. But to a flying monkey that is how they see their narc.

          Flying monkeys are not that different from narcs except that they are less than.

          He may have treated you bad, but he is only emulating what his narc master did to him.

          They just don’t know any better.

          The best revenge is NO CONTACT.

          You can’t save or help a person who doesnt know they need help or saving.

    4. I’m on my way out of a 30 year marriage having realised only two years ago I was married to a narcissist , I tried everything to help and sort him but tere is no back now only advice I can give is run fast away from these people they will never change his robbed me 30 years of my life don’t let it happen you.

    5. Tara- Run fast and never look back. I know it’s so hard. I was married to a man who never put anyone ahead of himself, not even his two children. 27 years later, I am trying be free of him. He has dragged this divorce on because he feels powerful in doing so. Be strong. Never doubt yourself. They pick women who are empathetic and motherly. When you start to think about your feelings and not his, it’s all about how you didn’t treat him right. They are never wrong. They can never take ownership. Be happy, that is your best revenge against them.

  2. I used to think I could heal him with love I could fix him and for my love he would change … the only one changed was me lost my self my dignity my money my time my confidence and my will to live …. his a chameleon always adjusting to what everyone needs temporary to use and abuse he has destroyed over 4 marriages that I’m aware of always “easy targets… married lonely vulnerable women “ usually close to home family friends teachers and so on destroying their relationship to then dump them and move on… oh how u wish I had the same on off switch he so easily operating with… so I can turn him off forever n have my feelings n memories of him disappear … to his wife I hope she can forgive me and wish she understood we are all victims just like her … healing vibes to all the victims out there …

  3. “Narcissists are batshit insane at the highest level” just made me belly laugh and I needed that so much. Thank you 🙂

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