Covert Narcissists Will Destroy Themselves: Go No Contact

Covert Narcissists Will Destroy Themselves: Go No Contact

Narcissists Will Destroy Themselves

The desire to get revenge on a narcissist is understandably reasonable. They do so much harm to us. But there is no need to destroy a narc because narcissists will destroy themselves.

For many of us who have had the unfortunate turn of events to fall in the hands of a narcissist, after leaving them/ or being discarded, the primary feeling that we have for them is…REVENGE.

Their destruction and downfall can become an intoxicating thought that festers across our hearts and mind.

Revenge can feel SO SWEET.

But I am here to tell you…

That narcissists will destroy themselves.

And if you think I am wrong then continue to read on.

Covert Narcissists Are Emotionally Unstable

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Narcissists have no emotional regulation.

They are in every sense of the word “kidults”, “grown children”, “toddlers in adult bodies”.

And before you think it childish of me to name call, let me explain.

The names to which I have ascribed to the narcissist are not meant to tease but to show the narc for what they are.

Throwing a temper tantrum because you couldn’t get what you want is…CHILDISH.

Lying to get what you want is…CHILDISH.

Being scared to take responsibility for your actions is…CHILDISH.

Adults do not act like this. We make mistakes and we learn from them.

Heck, I make mistakes EVERY DAY and admit it. If I have wronged someone, I apologize.

Narcissists DO NOT DO THIS. It is everyone else’s fault.

But to get back at the issue at hand. Due to their lack of emotional regulation MANY, a great majority, of them get addicted to drugs, alcohol and uncultured partners (STDs are not uncommon with many of these people).

As they age, they become worse.

“Unlike wine, they do not get better with age.”

And this realization HITS THEM.

They may act like it doesn’t… but it hits them. Hence the need to continually drink and use drugs.

The Addiction Is To Numb Their Sadness

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Those of us who have been with a narcissistic partner know that many of them are heavy drinkers, lovers of cigarettes, users of drugs and they may get around with a lot of partners who never quite fill that void inside of them.

Hence the need to have so many partners.

All the things that these people do, when viewed from an objective vantage point, are all signs of a person who is crying out in pain.

These people will slowly tear themselves apart.

What Eventually Happens To Narcissists

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A sad, lonely and tragic end.

Narcs usually end up:

  • alone
  • divorced (Read here if you are considering divorcing your narcissistic partner)
  • being estranged from family
  • legal problems
  • financially DEPENDENT
  • damaged reputation
  • missed opportunities
  • REGRETFUL ON THEIR DEATH BED (“I wasted so much of my life”)

We have all had narcissist enter our lives. And I can say that a majority of them never end up well in life.

Whatever car, house, marriage, money they have…NEVER LASTS FOR LONG.

Their immaturity coupled with their lack of emotional regulation slowly destroys them over the course of their life.

And this is because they never focus on developing their character. Many of them end up alone in an old person’s home (a sad BUT fitting end to a narcissistic parent) or they O.D from drugs or too much alcohol.

It sounds harsh…but what is TRULY NEFARIOUSLY HARSH, is destroying the life of someone who…LOVED YOU.

This is exactly why I champion the idea of going NO CONTACT.

Narcissists will do themselves in.

There is no need to get revenge on a narcissist because them “just being themselves”, is revenge enough. Click To Tweet

Let them have hurt us.

The best way to get back at them is to not think about them and to focus on making our lives better.

In becoming our best version we not only get a victory over them but we also have a much better ending in life.

Unlike their sad ending.

If you are hung up on getting revenge on the narc; STOP.

Because the narcissist will do themselves in for us.

For those who feel like they have lost so many years/ and their life to the narc here is how you can reclaim the amount of time you have left.

Getting Back The Years After Being In A Narcissistic Relationship


Sign up here with my affiliate link to take this 21-Day Challenge. It takes 21 days to form a habit. So why not create a new habit?

No Shame In Therapy

Narcissistic people can do a wonder on someone’s mind and psychology. 

In fact, I wrote an article called “10+ Mental Illnesses Caused By Staying With A Narcissists“.

The narcissists and their legion of fools can slowly drive you insane. And sometimes the best help you can ever receive is from a stranger. 

When everyone around you is trying to convince you that YOU are the bad person, sometimes an objective view of you from someone you don’t know maybe what saves you from drowning in the sea of insanity the narc and their legion of fools try and drown you in. 

Therapy can help heal in ways that reading blogs, listening to videos, and talking with other WARRIORS (we are not survivors, we are warriors) can ever do. 

Join my Facebook Fan Page “No Shame In Therapy” to get a 20% discount on your first-month session, as well as articles and updates on the benefits of therapy.

Narcs have a legion of fools behind them to hurt you, I think it would be a good thing to build your own army of warriors and allies to help stand by your side. 

12 thoughts on “Covert Narcissists Will Destroy Themselves: Go No Contact

  1. I ended up crippled, He after all the horrific abuse for six years just found another victum after I went no contact bout a year ago. I’m going to catalyst counsling still trying to pick up the pieces of what was me. I left there having been victimized and then being shunned and looked down on cause he played the victum. He never admitted any wrong doing. It just doesn’t seem right. He got away with all of it Scott free. Like my every year and bruise were all invisible

    1. I am in the process of writing articles and interviewing people who were able to heal after their narcissistic breakup and THRIVE IN LIFE.

      I know for many, the idea of them getting off scot-free is enough to make us sick to our stomach.

      But in ruminating over them they still WIN and HURT US.

      Healing will be difficult but I can tell you one thing, the more you think about him getting off scot-free the ore you will hurt.

      The greatest revenge in life is living happily.

      This may sound simple but trust me finding happiness is possible.

      If you could find the strength to smile again you don’t know how many people you could inspire.

      I mean that is what pushes me to keep on trying to succeed. To be an inspiration for others who have also been hurt.

      1. I was forced into a divorce after leaving home to take care of a sick parent. He went behind my back and filed for a divorce, told that I had abandoned him and my teenage kids. Mind you I have never been away from my kids a day in my life but he swore he thought I wasn’t coming back because I don’t offer any support for the kids ( my kids are his step kids but he has been there for them since the baby was 2 and the boys 7 & 8). It wasn’t like he didn’t know I was leaving he even kissed me on the forehead and said be safe. I drove 23 hours to NC. I took this divorce with a grain salt because after 15years I was at my end and didn’t care. I helped him falsify how long we were separated just to be done with it. I was very much scarred and just broken at that point where I was like ok to the lawyers, whatever he said that’s true. He did leave me with half of his 401K because he didn’t want to look bad in the end. That’s just you typical Narc. He still did things to me to make me feel his raft during the whole divorce because he had a lawyer and I couldn’t afford me. I was kicked out of my bedroom of a house we wouldn’t have if I didn’t talk him into being home-owners, I was locked out if I wanna t back a certain time, given a restraining order for him & his family, my kids (his step kids) mistreating the moment I had to leave and didn’t know where I would go but he did agree to let them stay till I got myself straight. Whole time talking down to my son and daughter making them feel as if they where truly the step children while working on moving his daughter in after her Mom passed. Going into my daughter room to measure it while she sleep only to speak out loud how great that room was for his daughter and just not saying anything to my son(just ignored his existence). I used that time to be independent, I got into a relationship with God and let Him build me while I built my children. I didn’t own anything with him, now I own my own house, my car, and every bill is in my name. My son moved away and got his own place and my daughter went off to college with a car I was able to finance under myself. It can be done it just take that one strong moment in yourself to say I have had enough and move toward bettering yourself. I pray everyone that has encounter a Narc gets the strength to leave and never look back.

    2. I have read so many stories and articles about what I finally see as covert narcissism with my ex girlfriend it really is text book scripted perfectly predictable and the hurt they bring hits every aspect of our lives once they show who and what they really are but the reason for my comment is to let u know i respect and appreciate what ur doin and there is something special in the way u deliver it that I really thought u should know how helpful it is thank u so much and please dont stop there’s no way to get through this alone I tried and it almost cost me the ultimate luckily I started doin research to understand what I was foin wrong to deserve this and bam 2 articles later covert narcissism came up and the rest is history and a hard set of facts to face but sugar coating the facts about these individuals is more harmful than other sites know it pitd doubt into an already confused soul thats barely holding on to sanity as is so please keep up the amazing DIRECTION u point out its like light at the end of a long cold black tunnel is actually possible thank u again sorry for goin on do long but I hope u know how thankful I am and I’m confident so many others are in what u do and how

  2. Thank you so much for this. It confirmed what I already suspected. I know that prior to me he had nothing but “bad luck,” and it continued during and after me. His bad luck is due to treating people badly and using underhanded schemes to get ahead. Until that changes, and he accepts responsibility, his luck will continue to be bad. I’m so glad I’m no longer hitched to that wagon. I just wish I had seen it sooner.

    1. You are very welcomed.

      These people don’t know how to play fair in life that is why they always end up the messes that they are.

      Glad that you left your narc.

      Let him suffer alone.

      1. Unfortunately, he won’t be alone. He has lots of “friends.” He may not currently have someone devoted to him like I was, but he will soon enough. He knows how to lure people in, and he’s very good at keeping the mask on until you get to really know him. However, he seems to have problems keeping someone around who has deeper feelings. Will this matter to him? Well, I know he thinks his luck is bad with the people he loves, but he doesn’t seem to care enough to reflect on the reasons why. It’s never his fault, or anything he did to cause it. So he is doomed to shallow, superficial relationships, people who won’t be there for him when the going gets tough.

    2. you are so right Buddy, i am just coming off 2 weeks dealing with a Covert Narc, she was a master manipulator and sadly will be a therapist in 5 months! Need ( they need everything to be fixed), Victim ( every person has done them wrong, parents, exes, siblings, friends) and its always other people problems, Lies and manipulation ( she got me to trust her and drop all my guards and then it was done you believe everything the say and close your eyes to facts), drinking problems ( the article hits is right, alcohol and drug is persistent), empathy ( faking empathy towards others masterfully). you wake up one day and you find out all you have been doing in this relationship has been serving her, all her needs, every task is around her. they drain you in all names, school tuitions, car, apartment, therapy!!, health, clothes, i have been there 120k later, yeah 120k you read it right. and i would have spent more! Avoid, go no contact and they will still contact you, they cry, play all your buttons. my covert narc did a personality test on me and knew all my traits. my fatal one is trying to fix and help this was a pay dirt for her. you show me you improve i will make your life better and she faked improvement! lied while cheated on me as they want attention and blow anyone who ticks them as interesting. very sad and harmful, i feel sometimes my heart is gone through a shredder

      1. Yeah, I swear these people have no integrity, dignity, or honor.

        And you are not alone brother, we have all wasted so much on these people.

        But we live and we learn and if we learn to use the anger in a more constructive and productive way, we can become so much more than they could ever thought we could be.

  3. i need a support group to help me really get over my ex narc girlfriend who was a devil and demon to me,she wanted to me die.

  4. Knowledge is the best defense against a Narcissist. When you discover that arguing, no matter how well prepared and how much undeniable evidence you have, you will never win an argument or get them to admit to any wrong doing ever. You come away feeling like you’ve gone through the twilight zone. Don’t waste your time, if someone can’t treat you with respect, they don’t need to be around, no matter who it is!

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