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The Covert Narcissistic Male: Who They Are & How To Beat Them

So How Do You Defeat People Like This

Covert Narcissistic Male

There are many ways to defeat these losers.

For Men

If you are a MAN, know you will be the overall thought in their minds. Like a high school girl who has a crush on her high school teacher, so too will these effeminate narcissistic males think of a MAN they secretly fear.

Know that they will do everything they can to make your dreams never come true.

They love to act as Gatekeepers.

As a MAN, to defeat these losers, YOU MUST WALK YOUR OWN PATH.

What this does is show the covert narcissistic effeminate male that they have NO CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE.

And this crushes them.

They need to feel powerful over you. And the only way they can do that is by having control over your destination/ your path.

But by walking off that path they are on and creating your own path, you show them how irrelevant they really are.

For Women


Nothing makes women more beautiful than a smile. Makeup only supplements your beauty.

A woman that smiles, despite the harm a covert narc put her through FRUSTRATES them to no end.

Their whole purpose (the covert narc male) is to make you feel as if you are nothing.

And they do this because they feel like they are nothing.

If they can take away your happiness, your joy, your smile, your radiance, your warmth, your light, and make you devoid of feelings, like they are, then they feel like they achieved something.

By simply smiling about the stuff they put you through and moving forward with your life, AS IF THEY NEVER EXISTED, CRUSHES THEM.

And it crushes thems because it shows that despite ALL THE NEGATIVE STUFF THEY PUT YOU THROUGH…it wasn’t enough.

And it wasn’t enough because they are not enough.

By you seeking revenge, what you reveal to these losers is this…


By moving forward and smiling while doing so, you hurt them on a massive level.

They already feel like they are nothing, and by your moving forward with your life, you only reaffirm to them they are nothing.


I call myself the Rational Humorist. Narcs to me are cancer to humanity. The only way to beat cancer is to fight back against it.

The best way to defeat a narc is to see them as the jokes they are.

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  1. Shurdeah says:

    This helped me alot
    I already moved on and I’m happy but idk why imstill interested in understanding these crazy humans.
    Probably to avoid them

    1. Victoria Hiley says:

      I think it is because it is so hard to imagine that someone can be as stupid and self-defeating as they are. They end up with nothing and it basically all comes down to their own behaviour: cheating, lying, triangulation, gaslighting, the silent treatment, stonewalling and endless manipulation so that they can gain the upper hand over you. Their mantra is not love it is power and control. Sad. There is heaps of information on Quora about narcs. It is interesting to learn about what makes them tick and it’s important to learn how to spot one quickly so you can kick them to the curb and move on with your (more important) life.

  2. Kelly says:

    Your words of wisdom are spot on. I recently divorced one of these men. It took me a lot of research and learning about what makes them tick, that I was able to get a couple steps ahead of him and can now predict his every move, I HAD to get to that point for my kid’s sake. I am their rock and need to help them understand what/who their Father really is. It’s been a rough road for all of us, for sure, but knowledge is power. The divorce took 2 years (together for 23yrs.) and now I deal with anger more than anything else. Anger at the pain my kid’s have had to endure, having wasted so much time, effort, money, The destruction he caused our family is going to take years to recover from. I wish I had the answers on how to deal with the anger…

  3. Stephanie says:

    Narcissists’s live a very miserable existence. It’s truly sad and heartbreaking to watch someone live a life so empty and miserable. I’m not advocating for them, believe me, their behavior is unacceptable. I’m stuck with one and have been with him almost 10 years. Mothers day was last Sunday and for no reason I can see, he took my holiday away from me and i got nothing. It’s a miserable existence in this house and i just want out but for now i cant. I dont show him empathy and it is very difficult to have it at all anymore. All I can say is they dont even know why they lash out, their minds are broken and it all comes from when they were children. I dont know what happened in his life to make him this way, it is the driving force behind who he is. I hate who he is but honestly it makes me sad that he is a product of what someone else created. The narc never learns to self regulate their emotions which cripples their emotional growth leaving them the equivalent of a toddler emotionally. I am grateful that I dont have the weights he carry’s on my shoulder’s. I cant imagine worrying about what everyone thinks of me, strangers and all. I probably wont have the popular post award here but I felt like it was worth leaving my thoughts. Everyone wants to hate and bash the narcs who’ve hurt them, I know how it feels bc I have one of my own. Again I’m not saying their actions or treatment is acceptable by any means, we all know how abusive and devastating they are to our mental health. It is when I sit back and watch him from an outside perspective I can see his existence is nothing but pain and misery. Very sad deal for all involved. Every person in life has a classroom throughout life, it’s how we learn and it’s how we change. I am not saying anyone deserves to be here, I’m just saying we all ended up in this classroom for a reason. It has changed me from being a doormat to people into a strong person. And I do mean strong. I wore my heart on my sleeve and I dont anymore. I can choose to harbor resentment and pity myself for ending up in this experience but then the narc still gets what he wants. I chose to look at it as a learning experience and the things I’ve learned aren’t bad, they were neccessary. I survived the madness and further more I walk with my head high, I am a good person and I will never be defeated by anyone. I cant say the same for the narcissist, they will live in pure hell until they die and probably after, and it’s all because of someone else damaging them as children. I dont want to make anyone mad, so please dont jump all over me, I just hope to maybe turn some perspectives around and help you see that good still comes out of it in one way or another. We are lucky bc we get to move forward, the narc doesn’t. Thank you, and I’m sorry if I offend anyone.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      And you are a very STRONG and GOOD person, from what I can gather from this post.

      I do agree with you on many things you brought up.

      Especially the “life as a classroom” analogy.

      I to say the same thing.

      Life places us into a classroom and demands for us to take a test to which we are WHOLLY unprepared for.

      Yes, something happened to the narc as children that hurt them, damaged them, broken them.

      It doesn’t make it right what they did, but I can understand.

      Still, I don’t believe we need to be their heroes or punching bags.

      It’s a shame that they cannot regulate their emotions. But I don’t think we need to regulate their emotions either.

      This, to me, is a huge waste of time.

      I have tried doing that with many of them, and the games with them NEVER END.

      I truly thank you for your comment. You made very poignant comments that I wholly agree with.

      Take care and stay safe 🙂

    2. From personal experience, consider this. Think about your reasons for hangIng in there. Do you feel sorry for him? Does the empath in you make you choose his feelings over your own? Are you sacrificing your happiness for his? Are you being a hero for sticking it out? Are you congratulating yourself for being the hero? Have you considered what this is costing your children? Or are you the martyr? You know that martyrs always die in the end, right?

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