5 Signs You Need Therapy After Leaving Your Narcissist: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Near Me

5 Signs You Need Therapy After Leaving Your Narcissist: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Near Me

5 Signs You Need Therapy After Leaving Your Narcissist: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Near Me

After leaving a narcissist it is not uncommon for those who have dealt with these creatures to be somewhat, broken. Here are 5 signs you need therapy after leaving your narcissist.

They may have exited your life, but the mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual harm they have done is still prevalent in your life.

Nothing makes a narcissist happier than knowing that they can still affect a person’s life, and to do so while not even being in their life. To them, that is a power that is unlike anything else they feel in life.

If you are struggling with rage, with anger, with PTSD, with anxiety, with depression, with shame, and with just going on in life…I highly recommend that you speak with a therapist.

To sink into the nihilistic abyss is a narcissist wet-dream made a reality.

They love destroying lives.

Don’t give them the pleasure.

5 Signs You Need Therapy After Leaving Your Narcissist: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Near Me

1 – Depression Is A Major Factor In Your Life

Signs You Need Therapy

Wishing you could sleep…ALL OF THE TIME is a clear indication that you are suffering from depression. Transforming from being a smiling and bubbly person to becoming a person who no longer sees the silver lining in the clouds, is a narcissist DREAM!

Narc: Muhahahahaha! I was able to take away your happiness. Muhahahahahaha!!!!!

Depression is a disease that can make life unbearable for many.

And where it causes us to suffer…it causes great pleasure for the narcissist.

To be able to DESTROY something so beautiful is a huge victory for them.

These people are broken and they have a strong desire to break as many people as they can.

If you find that you are finding life dark, lonely, difficult, cruel, and just unbearable, then you may have developed depression.

2 – Alcohol, Drug Usage, Overeating and/or Sex Addiction: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Near Me

Signs You Need Therapy

It is one of the saddest things I have ever seen.

One of my best friends, in the world,(I am American, she is Australian) who is an alcoholic because she just cannot deal with the stress, anxiety, and depression caused by the many narcissists who have come in her life.


Drinking, and I have written an article on this (check out the article “Alcohol Doesn’t Cure Your Depression“), only helps us help the narcissist to destroy us.

There are a plethora of negative effects that drinking has on a person.

Indulging ourselves with alcohol, food, drugs and/ or sex is what a narcissist wants.

They want people to become addicted because when a person becomes addicted they no longer have control of their life. Once we lose control of our lives we then spiral into an abyss of chaos and destruction; all of which narcissists want.

This is why they try and introduce you to certain things, such as a certain alcohol.

“Hey come and drink with me”

This is why they try and get you to engage in certain sex acts.

“Hey, just be open-minded.”

They do these things because they want people to become addicted to certain things.

Breaking that addiction can be difficult. But this is more the reason that you seek professional help.

Don’t let your newfound addiction keep on doing what the narcissist wants.

3 – Signs You Need Therapy: Suffering From Extreme Self-Hatred

Signs You Need Therapy

If you are waking up every morning and the first thing on your mind is “I hate myself“, you need a therapist.

If you cannot look yourself in the mirror because of the shame you feel about putting up with the narcissist for so long, you need a therapist.

And if you feel like you deserve all the bad things that happen to you in your life (YOU DON’T), you need a therapist.

Narcissists know how to do this thing called gaslighting, which basically makes you see yourself and your reality in a way THEY WANT.

They can make you question your thoughts and your reality.

Learning how to trust yourself once again, will not be easy.

But with professional help, and just having an objective ear to listen to, you will be able to get rid of that shame. You will be able to trust yourself once again.

But most of all, you will be able to LOVE YOURSELF ONCE AGAIN.


Do what you need to RECLAIM who you were.

That…that is an act of revenge unlike any other that you can think of when it comes to getting revenge on a narcissist.

4 – Signs You Need Therapy: Emotional Fragile

Are you agreeable?

Being agreeable is without a doubt one of the major traits that narcissists try to cultivate in their victims.

Constantly always saying “yes” and always saying “I’m sorry” really mess up one’s self-esteem.

Being apologetic for things you HAVEN’T DONE erodes one sense of self-worth.

Check out this article “The dangers of being overly apologetic“.

5 – No Longer Like Doing Things You Use To Love Doing

The things you once found enjoyable are no longer fun.

Everything that you loved to do is now, nothing to you.

Losing one’s passion in life is what narcissists are after.

Aside from destroying lives, narcissists have a great passion for crushing people’s dreams.

Don’t let them steal your fire.

Rekindle it!

And let the flames of your success burn them to sunder.

Need To Speak With A Therapist? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Near Me

If you need to speak with a therapist the I highly recommend (this is an affiliate link) Online Therapy.

If you are struggling with:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • PTSD
  • addiction
  • paranoia
  • low self-esteem
  • self-hatred
  • rage
  • suicidal ideation

Then it is important to speak with a therapist.

To give up on your happiness and yourself is an major joy for the narcissist.

I often say that we must fight for our happiness and that we must fight for our sanity. And this is even more true for those of us who have just left a narcissist.

For the sake of your happiness, your sanity, and yourself…you are worth fighting for.

So keep fighting!

Sign up to my affiliate link, here, and get 20% off your first months of online therapy sessions.

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