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How I Learned To Spot Covert Narcissists

When I started seeing a therapist, she asked me, “You don’t know what creepy is, do you?” I remember kind of looking at her in this quizzical way because I did not know what she was getting at. However, upon giving the query a little bit of consideration, it had dawned on me that I had spent my whole life marveling at others when they would say someone was creepy or weird or “off.”

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Sometimes Love Is Not Enough

I gave unconditional love, I boosted his ego, gave him ridiculous amounts of praise, respect, accolades. I made every tiny accomplishment a monumental congratulation. I took care of his parents, took care of his dying brother, I drove him to work and picked him up (23 miles, 45-70 minutes one way) in traffic, for almost 3 years, because he lost his driving privilege. Note: I worked seven minutes from our home.

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