Category: Comic Strips About Narcissists

Comic Strips About Narcissists are humorous little comic strips that show the irrationality of Narcs. Don’t be angry at how the narc acts or acted towards you. Laugh at how they act and be GRATEFUL you don’t think that way.

The purpose of “Laughing At Narcs” is to help people see the absurdity behind the narc.

We laugh not to tease the narc, as that will only make us like the narc.

No, we laugh for our healing and for our strength.

Laughter is easily the best medicine.

Learning To Laugh At The Absurdity

For many people the idea of laughing at the wrongs that people have done to us is ABSURD. But laughing at the irrationality of people is how you keep yourself from falling into an endless state of despair.

“The nihilist, in claiming that our fate is unfair, unwanted, and unfavorable nevertheless need not take this as a signal that it is necessary to collapse in despair or to abdicate a passionate adherence to the highest and most unattainable ends. Rather, with humor this individual might understand life, and all of the failures that we endure during its course, as part of a comic drama that is amusing in its ultimate absurdity.”
― John Marmysz, Laughing at Nothing: Humor as a Response to Nihilism

It is very easy to get depressed and fall victim to anxiety but in laughing at the chaos of life we can start to better endure life.


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