Can Narcissism Be Cured?: A Harsh Truth You Need To Know

Can Narcissism Be Cured?: A Harsh Truth You Need To Know

Now, the question, “can narcissism be cured” is not one-sided. Nothing in life is wholly black or white. I believe that there is no indelible line separating the two moral abstracts of good and evil.

Life is a myriad of greys; and we can ALL jump back and forth to both moral abstracts at any moment in time.

All it really does take is…ONEBADDAY.

And this is a truth for many people.

Life is a chaotic sea, and for some, the storm that encompasses their live forces them to sink into the chaotic sea. Hard times, struggles, a difficult childhood can sink many into insanity and BROKENESS.

Narcissists are these people; not all of them, though.

Life has royally messed up many of them; that could be because they just weren’t strong enough to rise above the chaos.

Some were just born chaotic.

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Can Narcissism Be Cured?

These “We Need Talk About Kevins” walking around here are just the @sswipes they are because that is just what they are.

For other people, the chaos that is life may also sink their boat of reason; but because of the INNER STRENGTH that resides in them, they can rise above the chaos, not sink into it.


Because in them resides a strength, a will, a spark that can never be destroyed, NO MATTER HOW CRAZY LIFE GETS.

Empaths, WARRIOR EMPATHS, are these people. People who work 18 to 20 hours a day helping and solving problems all the while balancing their own world on their struggles.

Empaths, WARRIOR EMPATHS, who fight not only their inner WARS but seek to quell the wars outside themselves.

Empaths, WARRIORS EMPATHS, who may be hated by the world, yet have a “love” inside that equals an infinite universe, and that infinite love they have is what makes them who they are.

The Hard Cold Answer To Can Narcissism Be Cured?

The answer to this is “if” the narcissist develops the inner strength WITHIN THEMSELVES to become better. Narcissists are not strong, they are weak, and to them, weakness is a D*MN LUXURY.

Having people pity them, do for them, fight for them, LIVE FOR THEM is a luxury in their weak deluded minds.

You must understand that staying, praying, hoping, wishing they would become better will not do a d*mn thing because these people are so enamored with their lifestyle and ways of living and thinking.

You have to think about this, as I do…is this how you want to spend this ONE LIFE?

Working day and night trying to improve someone who has NO DESIRE to improve who they are instead of improving yourself?

I read too many stories, of people wasting DECADES of their lives “trying to make it work.”


Why do you owe these people anything?

How is it YOUR FAULT they had a bad childhood?

Why do you think you have to be a hero to someone who sees you as a villain?


I know as empaths, we have a strong inclination to try and help others, but you MUST wake up and see that some people are so far gone that you will never reach them.

Physician Heal Thyself

You can save NO ONE if you cannot save yourself.

You have to accept this truth.

These people, although I call them kidults, are not kids. And THEY must start taking responsibility for their life, NOT US.

They have a disorder?


Hurting us, lying to us, manipulating us are not signs that they even care about their “disorder.”


Narcissism can be cured, and the panacea for their mindset or “disorder” lies within them, NOT US.

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