Broken Empaths: A Narcissist’s Greatest Invention

Broken Empaths: A Narcissist’s Greatest Invention

Of all the things a narcissist can do to an empath, the worst thing they can ever do is break them and turn them into a broken empath. 

Broken empaths are, in every sense…a narcissist’s greatest invention.

So broken beyond repair, they lose all that was beautiful about them and transforms them into the very thing they never wanted to be.

This is more the reason why I say revenge is such BS. It turns you into the very monsters you sought to try and heal or destroy.

This article will explain what I coined as the broken empath and explain how they are just as bad as the narcissist.

Some people, sad to say, are too broken ever to be put back together.

And I know that may be a contentious statement to say, but it does not take away from the fact that many people out there have been so thoroughly BROKEN that repair is just not feasible.

What Is A Broken Empath

In layman’s terms, a broken empath is a person who becomes so psychologically broken by the narcissists that they now think and react in the ways that the narcissist wants them to think and behave.

Broken empaths are puppets a narcissist willing plaything.

Broken empaths were once pristine figures smashed to pieces by the narcissist and put back together in a horrible mess.

In many of my articles, I like to use sarcasm and dry humor to illustrate a point.

Sarcasm, however, seems to go over A LOT of people’s heads.


And this is especially true for broken empaths.

So easily triggered by the slightest comment, which may not even have ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHAT THEY ARE FEELING, they take offense.

And this is why I say that broken empaths are a narcissist’s greatest invention.

Because everything negative, even if it has NOTHING to do with them, is somehow about them.

Many times, I have stated, “that success to a narcissist is in them destroying a life.”

And the lives they love to destroy the most are…LIVES OF EMPATHS.

Why empaths?

Well, because empaths are, in every sense of the word, a narcissist’s opposite.

The idea of helping others is appalling to a narcissist. 

The idea that someone can love others causes a severe level of irrational skepticism in the narcissists. 

And the idea that someone can have HUMANITY causes them to have a great level of disgust for empaths.

Narcissistic people are NOT HUMAN. And that is not a knock or an insult.

The idea of anyone seeing another human being as an object, tool, or less than is ludicrous. 

Human beings uplift. Narcissists tear down. Click To Tweet

And sadly, an empath who has been broken by a narcissist comes out of their relationship to be just as bad as the narcissist.

Broken Empaths Are Just As Bad As Narcissist

I am NOT victim-blaming.

And why is what I have said not victim-blaming?

Well, because with broken empaths, we know the damage they went through. People acknowledge that—some, NOT ALL, of course.


Hence the reason for this website. I want people to laugh, smile again, and be more robust and better because of their narcissistic relationship. Life is too damn short to spend it sad and moping around ALL OF THE TIME.

But I have noticed that in trying to help these broken empaths, that THEY ARE THE ONES WHO PUSH PEOPLE AWAY.

Why do they push people away?

Broken Empath Chart Below

And before I begin. Yes, I know that broken empaths NEVER want to be hurt again. So they set up barriers and defenses, as they should.

But…in seeing everyone as a villain that you come across in life, seeing everyone who tries to show you new ways of seeing your past and self, and in seeing everyone out to get you, it is not too dissimilar to how covert narcissists think. And this is how they WANT you to think.

Broken EmpathCovert Narcissist
“Everyone is out to hurt me.”“Hey, everyone is out to hurt you.”
“Must control everyone’s thoughts about me, otherwise, I get hurt”“These people are out to hurt your feelings”
“I will get others to fight for me when I FEEL (unjustifiably) hurt.”“You learned well. I have taught you well. Remember my flying monkeys?”
“I will use my past to explain away my unjustifiable and immoral acts on people I deem a threat.”“Oh, you have mastered one of my skills. It’s not my fault. These people MADE ME LIKE THIS.”
” I can act like a victim because…I AM”“I could teach Oscar winners a thing or two about acting.” “REAL VICTIMS AIN’T GOT SH*T ON ME”

A Broken Empath Vs. A Damaged Empath

Broken Empaths

Now, you may be wondering what the difference between a broken empath and a damaged empath is.

The primary difference between these two is that a damaged empath has a much easier time healing and less time controlled.

A damaged empath is a broken empath right before the break of their psyche and character.

They are much easier to save.

And I know this sounds harsh, but the more we know, the more lives we can ultimately help and save in time.

A damaged empath needs someone to pull them up from the brink of being broken.

Imagine it this way.

A valuable Chinese vase.

A damaged empath is a Chinese vase that has been cracked, while a broken empath is one that has been shattered and the pieces are gone forever, so even trying to glue them all back together, you still will not get what you initially had in the first place.

Broken Empaths Become Puppets Of The Narcissist

I know how narcissists can break people. And I know they do break a lot of people. It is smart to take steps NEVER to allow someone to come into your life and damage it ever again.

I am NOT against that.

Protect yourself. 

Defend yourself. 


And this is why most NEVER really heal after a relationship, and many become much like their narcissist.

They don’t improve who they are. They denigrate into becoming like narcissists.

In becoming your enemy, you have NO IDEA how you still allow them to hurt you.

Broken empaths hardly EVER heal because they have become so enamored with the story of how they have been hurt.

They have become so INDOCTRNATED by the narcissist words of:

“No one will ever love you.”

“These people are using you.”

“Everyone is out to get you.”

“I am the best you will ever have.”

That they don’t see that they have just become a puppet of the covert narcissist.

And with an illusionary feeling of being “free” (because they have left or been discarded), they now attack anyone, much like the narcissist does, who will hurt their ego.

“Oh, you need to set up “trigger warnings” NOT to HURT MY FEELINGS”.

Even if the subject has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. 

“Oh, you are NOT going to treat me like a victim, then you are a narcissist who doesn’t care about MY FEELINGS. BOO-HOO.” 

Even though this is the same tactic that a covert narcissist does.

“Oh, you make me feel insecure about myself.”


Broken empaths are not too dissimilar to covert narcissists. 

They become fragile, childlike people who, when questioned one time on any issue, break down in tears and cry out for help.

We have ALL been hurt in life.

Life doesn’t get more comfortable…we (some of us) get stronger. 

But for broken empaths, they want everyone, much like covert narcissists, to walk around on eggshells around them.

This makes me wonder…should we even try reaching out to these damaged souls?

I know this may sound harsh, but I see too many people so broken that they seem like they cannot be ever put back together.

Am I giving up on them?

I think they gave up on themselves…A LONG TIME AGO.

8 thoughts on “Broken Empaths: A Narcissist’s Greatest Invention

  1. I believe this is what I have become and I hate it. Thank you. I haven’t seen any info like this anywhere else. Helps to have a name to put on it.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for the comment. This is a name that I have created as I have noticed this with many empaths who have become broken.

      But to be broken does not mean to be destroyed.

      I hope in time you can put yourself back together again.


    2. I agree Emily. I have allowed myself to become what my abuser(s) set out to make me, and it all really bothers me to the core of my being. I’m glad I come across this article. Happy Healing

      1. I’m sorry to hear that Christopher. Although; tremendously helpful, having someone else willing to be open and honest enough with yourself. It SUCKS 😞. I’m struggling to just get through day. Don’t know where to, how to, or IF possible to ever heal. Like the song says ” old me’s dead and gone” . I’m scared to live the rest of my life this way. Time will tell. Keep on moving. Best to you!!

  2. I was married to a narcissist for 33 years and your article has been very enlightening because there was a lot I did not learn about narcissist when I finally made the decision to divorce him. He is remarried and I feel sorry for his wife who is Korean and there is some cultural communication that he just makes fun of because he doesn’t understand it and I pray for her all the time. She seems like a good woman. I never met her and don’t feels need for that. They live in Hawaii , and my ex-husband pretty much doesn’t need his two daughters and two grandsons and has been a deadbeat dad when it comes to affection and love. I’m wondering if this is why our daughter has chronic anxiety disorder and she is an empath. Her sister is more narcissistic but not to the degree of her father and I love them both very much and will be there for them until I no longer survive.

    1. Yes, narcissistic parents can cause many neurological and psychological issues in their OWN CHILDREN. These people are…

      Check out my article on Narcissistic parents effects on their kids. Along with another article on how they can cause long-term damage to their victims.

      These people are a cancer to humanity.

      I am happy my articles are giving you better insight.

  3. I am a “broken empath”, and I have tried to get first closure and then revenge for having my former life literally taken away from me by a malignant covert narc., my ex, that has also found a way to get me heavily fined and a year of imprisonment for stalking (with suspended sentence) at 53 years of age. I agree on the fact that she has changed me for the worse, but my crave for retribution has developed facto kept me alive. I discovered her weak spot, that is the same for every narcissis, shame, and I have taken steps to insure that she will suffer too. Yes, it’s a procedure that means bleeding twice as much as she ever will, but I can assure you that she is not happy with the damages I caused, They are unfaithful and use flying monkeys that often times have been (excuse the french) fucked over by them in the past and don’t even know know it, or would have believed me if I had told them. One of her ex conned boyfriends (16 years with her, and that payed for her moving house, furniture, brings her bottled water every week, etc..) has received a recording I made while in bed with her in which she tells of a holiday in Cuba that he had with her year ago (and of course that he payed for) in which when he went out of the village for a day trip, she got gang banged by four animators of the village: with her telling the story, good luck getting money of water crates delivered at home anytime soon..
    This is one of the initiatives I took: I thought of what she protected most when the final discard took place, and hammered on those things. I think we should all get even, and even though you and many others will disagree with my point of view, I have cooked up this idea: the main problem in fighting a narc is the fact that you have to do so alone. Why not then fom an alliance with other survivers in the local area and exchange favours with them in order to try to obtain some justice?,… Just an input… I believe in karma as much as the next man, but Batman had Robin and even Santa has helpers.. Why then should we not team up to get some revenge out there?

  4. Great article – this broken situation is not permanent for the empath, but it could last for years. Truth (I find) is the only cure, and the simple the truth is that you are loved, adored, wanted and needed.

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