Breaking The Cycle: Walking Away Is The Only Option Sometimes

Breaking The Cycle: Walking Away Is The Only Option Sometimes

Breaking The Cycle

Breaking The Cycle: Walking Away Is The Only Option Sometimes

Written By: A Reader OF Our Community

My story begins in a small neighborhood in Atlanta, GA. I was seeing someone having just completed college and found a job at a communications firm.

What I did not know is that I was beginning a journey to an endless nightmare. Having been brought up in Georgia, I did not expect much from my partner but care and understanding. I also had my share of childhood crisis, although that came more from the extended family.

My girlfriend was working too, and the first few months were okay for us. We even started making future plans to know we are both committed to making the relationship work.

What I did not realize is that my so-called life partner was a narcissist in so many ways. When the first tell-tale signs appeared, I assumed that these could be just mere mood swings, but that was it.

It first started with little defiance and disrespect in the house that escalated to verbal abuse in no time. I suggested couples counseling, but every time she had an excuse for why that was not an option.

After much coaxing, she finally gave in, and we had a few sessions. She promised to change, and we were soon living together. A few months later, the same cycle of tantrums started to creep back. I talked to her, and this time, she did want to hear none of it.

From where I come from, we do not perpetrate violence against women.

This is the loophole she used to justify actions since I imagine she wondered what the worst that I can do is. My efficiency at the workplace started experiencing the effects of my problems at home.

My mum is the overprotective type and advised me to walk away from the relationship. Having looked back at what I was going through and seeing no meaningful progress, I called it quits and even moved town.

Just as fate would have it, I now have someone who appreciates me for who I am. The road ahead looks promising, and my only hope is that people understand that domestic abuse is not all about physical abuse.

You can meet someone in your life who will torment you until the worst happens. If you are in such a relationship, walk away!

Have A Story To Tell?

If you have a story to tell, feel free to contact me here. Your story of how you escaped can be the blueprint for other people!

Struggling With C-PTSD?

I often say that living with a narcissist is like living in a war zone! This comparison may very well seem hyperbolic, but research has shown that living around narcissists can have the same effects on a person’s mind as people living in a war zone!

I wrote an article describing the “10+ Mental Illnesses Caused By Staying With Narcissists“.

These people are monsters, plain and simple.

If you are struggling with emotional flashbacks, dealing with mental and emotional battles that NO ONE but yourself seems to see and feel, and if you find it hard to get out of bed every day, you may be dealing with C-PTSD.

As great as support groups may be, or as profound as articles can be, they are no substitute for professional help. 

Sometimes the best way to heal and move forward is with therapy.

Speaking with someone and getting the hurt off your chest is a great way to unload.

Online Therapy is a site that offers visitors the chance to speak with professional therapists who will be able to help you get through your emotional and psychological battles.

If you sign up with my link, you can get 20% off your first month’s session.

Online Therapy

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