How To Survive A Toxic Boss: Big Bad Bosses

How To Survive A Toxic Boss: Big Bad Bosses

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How To Survive A Toxic Boss: Big Bad Bosses

I often heard it said, while growing up, “we all have to make a living in life“. To me, I never liked this saying. I never liked having to learn how to survive a toxic boss. All I ever wanted to do is just make a living without the cost of having to deal with toxic bosses and toxic co-workers.

But d*mn, if coming to work and actually working, doesn’t piss off a lot of people. Work is very much akin to going back to our school days. And if you think I am talking about high school or elementary then think again.

I am talking about “pwee-skool” (I see the spelling) and “Kindagaden“, where peers around us can smile one second and then throw a tantrum the next second.

And it’s like…”What the HELL just happened?”

I have been a teacher in the past and I can say from an objective standpoint that toddlers and people in toxic workplaces are not too dissimilar.

This is not a polemical statement but rather a very true statement. Toxic people, much like narcissistic people are like CHILDREN.

And being around them can really have devastating effects on your health. So in this article, I will explain how you can survive your toxic boss.

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The Negative Effects Of Working In A Toxic Environment

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Working in a toxic environment is not too dissimilar to being in a relationship with a “narcissistic partner” (these creatures are EVERYWHERE).

You constantly have to walk on eggshells, take the brunt of people unjust insult and criticism, and constantly make sure everyone else is okay.

It can be quite annoying and taxing on one’s mental health.

I know this from personal experience.

I have been fired from so many jobs because I STOOD UP FOR MYSELF.

And this is why I say that working in a toxic environment is like being in a relationship with narcissistic partners.

The moment you stand up for yourself you are enemy number one.

The Negative Effects Of Working In A Toxic Environment

  • stress
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • depreciation of mental health
  • suicide

(Read the full report of “The impact of work environment on mood disorders and suicide: Evidence and implications” to get a better understanding of ALL the negative effects associated with working in a toxic environment)

“We all have to make a living” is what people keep saying but…

what good is making a living if you are NOT ALIVE to have a living? Click To Tweet

Escaping A Toxic Work Environment

I know many people say that they stay in a job THEY HATE because they need the money. And I can relate.

I stayed in jobs that I hated because I THOUGHT (this being the operative word here) that I needed the job.

However, there are many people, such as:

  • single mothers
  • college dropouts
  • fired employees
  • high school dropouts
  • aspiring entrepreneurs
  • and many other people who thought it could never happen

Making a full-time income…ONLINE.

There are many articles out there that tell you how to DEAL with your toxic workplace, and I ask…

Why work for someone else who only wants the worse for you?

Why work with people who will NEVER GROW UP?

And why work in a job that you hate?

This Is A New Era

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It is very possible in today’s society for anyone who may want to become self-employed to do so.

The internet has liberated hundreds of thousands to millions of people from ever having to work a 9 to 5 again.

I am NOT suggesting that you up and leave your job today in pursuit of the online world. But in your free time, you may want to research on how you can make money online.

In the links provided below (these are affiliate links — you don’t have to buy ANYTHING) they help TEACH you how to start your own online business.

Here are just a few:

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Free eBook On How To Escape Your Toxic Workplace

I make it no secret that I think narcs are a joke. But that doesn’t take away from the idea they can drive some people mad.

More than trying to get people to see the narcissists for what they are (a joke) I also want people who have to deal with these creatures on a daily basis to LEAVE THEM.

I am a huge advocator of going NO CONTACT and with a toxic workplace, the best “no contact” is to become your own boss.

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