Beware The Envious Flying Monkey

Beware The Envious Flying Monkey

Beware The Envious Flying Monkey

Envy definition is – painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage.

I make it no secret that I genuinely believe that flying monkeys are some of the lowliest people on this planet. I will not be going on a diatribe about them, but this is a revelatory truth I have discovered after watching them.

These people have NO SELF-AWARENESS. They have a strong desire to cling to the narcissist because, like the vicarious livers they are, they feel like they are somehow strong and important.

Without their MASTER narc in their lives, these fools would be nothing.

And this is why you must beware them.

Because they know that they are nothing and will do ANYTHING for their narc to be…SOMETHING.

Be careful with the flying monkey because they will take things to the NEXT LEVEL.

NoteGaslighting is a favorite tactic of narcissists to use on their victims. Download my FREE eBook “Am I Being Gaslit” to better understand their sneaky tactics.

Beware The Envious Flying Monkey

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Why does the flying monkey envy you?

The answer is straightforward.

Because YOU occupy the narcissist’s thoughts.

The narc NEEDS you in their life, even if it doesn’t seem like it because they may have found a new supply.

The new supply, most often, is a tool to keep on hurting you.

The flying monkeys envy you because of the narc’s desire for you, while they are just a tool for the narc.

They are disposable…like toilet paper.

The envious flying monkey will also be extremely envious of you if you MOVE ON with your life.

In their kidult, undeveloped minds, they cannot fathom someone being able to live without their master’s in their lives.

This is a thought that never comes across their minds.

By becoming successful and MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL after leaving a narc this shows the narc they are NOTHING GREAT.

And because the foolish envious flying monkeys feel what their master feels, they too, by proxy of their master, feel like they are nothing.

God! The lunacy of these people is why I laugh (and NO I AM NOT LAUGHING AT PEOPLE WITH MENTAL DISORDER; this is a TRAIT they have developed).

Envious flying monkeys have no will of their own.

Be very careful with them…because they WILL TAKE THINGS TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

NoteGaslighting is a favorite tactic of narcissists to use on their victims. Download my FREE eBook “Am I Being Gaslit” to better understand their sneaky tactics.

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5 thoughts on “Beware The Envious Flying Monkey

  1. This is the truth! They are envious of the attention you are getting, even though it’s all negative attention you don’t want!

    They believe they are owed that attention with their infinite greed, their entitlement. And attention from master is robbing them of the best attention, you monster!

    Truly they are low functioning Narcissists / Egopaths.

  2. My narc committed suicide as my punishment. The monkeys are tormenting me. They steal my husbands stuff. They enter my house when I’m not home, move things. So much so, I have to take pictures before I leave, so I can compare and know I’m not crazy. Like they are trying to push me over the edge. They are highly dangerous. I cant call cops, I’ll come off crazy. They take little things, not enough to bother cops. It happens minimum 5 days a week. If I tell anyone , they think I’m nuts. I realized I was telling normal people, who dont understand that there are people who do this. They dont know anything about the abuse or monkeys. They have no experience. So I deal with it on my own.

    1. I believe you. I’m sorry he selfishly cut out. .. mine did shit like that before he started beating me last year. He can CHANGE in jail. Move if you can. They are dangerous and are definitely trying to drag you to hell with them . NO. I’m not joking one ioita. This is warfare. Soldier up, you have to have a relationship with your Creator.

    2. so sorry to hear what you are going through, im in a similar situation, however not as disturbing as your situation.. you have probably had this suggested to you, would the installation of discreetly hidden cameras be any help?

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