Be Unapologetically You: Refuse To Hate Yourself

Be Unapologetically You: Refuse To Hate Yourself

Be Unapologetically You

Owning our story and loving ourselves through this hard time is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.

I often speak on this concept of “life being a war,” and that in this war that we call life, we will all be deluged in a sea of enemies. We will be attacked on all sides. And we will have to suffer losses at the hands of unjust people; for irrational reasons.

Life is a GODD*MN battle. And for us individuals, some of us are destroyed and obliterated by the sheer insanity of the world.

Many of us fall and sink into the insanity of the world due to being overwhelmed by the irrational actions of narcissists, flying monkeys, enablers, mentally disturbed individuals, and, most of all, stupid people.

Life…is…a…GODDA*MN WAR.

Many people give up on themselves, due in part to the opinions of others. They allow the invading soldiers of criticism to enter into their sovereign minds and subjugate their way of thinking and perceiving themselves.

So deeply invaded by the sheer irrational opinions of others that they no longer believe they have a right to defend themselves. They no longer feel they have a right to voice their opinion. And they no longer have a right to…LOVE THEMSELVES.

Well, my comrades in the war against irrationality, I am here to be your Paul Revere. “The narcissists are coming. The narcissists are coming.”

I am here to be your “Brother Of Liberty.


Life is a F*CKING GIFT. Enjoy it while you can

And anyone…be they family, friend, lover, acquaintance, or just a person you meet on the street who thinks you did them wrong, has no right to invade the sanctity of your mind and make you think YOU are not deserving of love. 

YOU have the RIGHT to defend yourself, you have the RIGHT to voice your opinion, you have the RIGHT to say “no”, and you have the RIGHT to LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY.

And anyone, ANYONE who tells you otherwise can go F*CK THEMSELVES.

Excuse the crass language, but this is not an article…



Narcissists and their LEGIONS OF FOOLS will NOT win their war waged against us to make us hate ourselves.

“To be or not to be. That is the question. Tis nobler in the minds of man to suffer the slings of outrageous misfortune. Or to take up arms against a sea of oppression.” – Shakespeare, Hamlet 

I say, take up arms and let’s get ready to go to war to fight the most important war we will ever face.

The war for self-love.

Forgive Yourself For Not Understanding Irrational Minds

Believe you, me.

You are not the only one who was confused and perplexed by the irrational actions of the narcissist and mentally disturbed people in your life. You are not the only one who brushed their irrational actions off as them “having a stressful day.”

And you are not the only one who tried to make it work.

I say this, my fellow warrior (and you have to start seeing yourself like this, a “warrior”) that you know you are not alone. You are not a fool for not understanding and recognizing the irrational actions of narcissists.

You wouldn’t beat yourself up for not knowing certain constellations IF YOU NEVER LEARNED ABOUT IT.

So why beat yourself up for putting up with narcissists for so long when YOU NEVER LEARNED ABOUT THEM.

You seeing the good in others is not a sign of foolishness. That is a sign of being a human being.

As the great Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Treat a man as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he could be, and he will become what he should be.”

This is an exceptional trait to have. But it is a trait that you, along with many of us who have had to deal with a narcissist, have used and given to someone devoid of humanity.

To see in others something they could be is a gift.

Anyone one, and most people do, see the worst in everyone around them.

This is why so many people are on edge.

They are scared, and they are hurt.

To see in another human being, a person who is going through their trials and tribulation shows a GREAT level of Emotional Intelligence.

And emotional intelligence is just as relevant, or maybe even more important, in life than having a high I.Q.

You Are Only Human

Listen, you are only human. When you start to think about how much stuff you don’t know, you will be less hard on yourself for staying with the irrational nutjob that is the narcissist.

Life is a constant experience of both progression or declension.

You either get better or worse.

Why this is salient information, is because you need to stop WARRING against yourself for being…naive.

You were tricked, duped, manipulated, played…but you were also taught.

Rephrase what you tell yourself. Reevaluate the way you see things that went down. Replay in your mind the person you want to become.

Stop looking at your past self through the lens of who you are right now.

Had you known what you were dealing with early on, and had the new RESOLVE you have now (AS A RESULT OF GOING THROUGH THE NONSENSE YOU WENT THROUGH) — you would have left earlier.

You are only human.

We don’t make mistakes…we learn lessons.

This is the first battle that you must win in order to win this war against self-hatred.

NEVER APOLOGIZE: Be Unapologetically You


If you have not actively gone out your way to hurt someone, intentionally,  DO NOT APOLOGIZE.

Instead of saying, “I’m S*rry,” say:

“Excuse me, there must have been a misunderstanding.”

“I think there may be a misunderstanding on both ends.”

“One of us is mistaken.”

Saying “I’m So**y” is a self-esteem killer. And in this battle between you and the world, you must have the confidence and the self-assurance never to doubt yourself on the moral battlefield.

Narcissists know how to play the victim…DO NOT GIVE THEM THE AMMUNITION.

Stop Explaining Yourself: Be Unapologetically You

You owe nobody an explanation of how you live YOUR LIFE. If people don’t like the way you dress, screw them.

If people don’t like the way you walk, screw them.

When people gossip about the way you eat, screw them.

When people ask you why you do things this way, SAY NOTHING.

You owe nobody an explanation for who you are and what you do.

Take back your individualistic independence.

This is a revolution, and we will not allow anyone to invade the sanctity of our hearts and minds.

Hold your ground and never give anyone an inch because they will most definitely take a mile. 

Force Yourself To Love Yourself

I want you to think of your final moment of life. How does it end? Do you wish you had more time?

Do you wish you could have done more? Are you satisfied with how you lived your life?

Are you crying on your deathbed? Or are you smiling because you lived your life on YOUR TERMS?

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “the most difficult thing a man can do, is to be himself in a world that is CONSTANTLY trying to change him.”

Can you be strong enough and revolt against the legion of fools out in the world who want you to change, to assimilate into their irrational hive minds.

Or can you be a fighter, a soldier for the army of your individuality — a WARRIOR OF SELF LOVE and SELF IMPROVEMENT?

We get one chance at life, and no matter how much time you think you have lost, you only rob yourself of all the time you have LEFT by being a victim.

Life is a war, and you NEED TO BE A GODD*MN WARRIOR.

Fight for your happiness. Fight for your sanity. Battle for your dreams. 

Battle for your ideals. Attack all those negative thoughts implanted by the narcissist and their legions of fools.

Wage all-out war on WHO YOU WERE. Free and liberate that person you know and knew you could always be.

And most of all, my fellow warriors, LIVE LIFE WHILE YOU CAN.


Life doesn’t get easier, we just become stronger!

Need Support?

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  1. I’m so glad that I found this site. I’ve wasted so much time feeling sorry for myself and second guessing…I’m ready to take my power back!

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