Be The Adult and Expect Nothing From Kidult Narcissists

Be The Adult and Expect Nothing From Kidult Narcissists

Be The Adult and Expect Nothing From Kidult Narcissists

You can only be young once but you can be IMMATURE FOREVER! – Conner Wood

I know how challenging it can be to be in a relationship with a kidult narcissist. Having someone roughly the same age as you, but behaving in a manner that is not too dissimilar to a toddler can be trying on anyone’s psychology and mental well-being.

Even worst is having to be the adult to a kidult narcissistic parent. When you have someone who is twice your age behaving as someone half your age can be a nightmare.

Narcissistic people DO NOT GROW UP.

They are forever stuck in their Peter PanI’ll Never Grow Up” mentality.

Much like getting a toddler to understand that having ice cream for breakfast is not the best thing and then having to calm them down after they enter into their temper tantrum, so too is it like with a narcissist.

And when you are dealing with a narcissist, the best thing to do, if you cannot leave them (for whatever reason that may be), is to keep cool, calm, and collected.

In other words…BE THE ADULT.

And here is why?

Be The Adult and Expect Nothing From Kidult Narcissists

Kids are a mercurial lot. One second they can be happy, and the next second they can be sad.

What shifts their emotional compass is usually unknown.

Kids are NOT emotionally aware and emotionally intelligent yet. They move in the direction that their emotional compass points them.

Narcissistic people, for whatever reason that may be, are STUCK in their terrible two stages.

These people have never learned how to control and understand their emotions.

And much like a toddler, we couldn’t be mad at them, because they don’t understand their emotions.

But the great thing about the kidult narcissist is that we can IGNORE their irrationality and let the sink into their fits of rage.

WE DON’T HAVE to calm them down.


I am saying be in control of your own emotions.

Don’t let them drag you down into their insanity.

Because that is what they want.

When you remain an adult, you win.

They lash out, gossip, stalk, smear you, vandalize, spread rumors, and post negative things about you on social media because they WANT YOUR ATTENTION.

And they, like the attention whores they are, are seeking a reaction.

They don’t care what type, they want a reaction.


If you really want to irk the narc, remain calm and DETACHED AS HELL.

This simultaneously shows them they have no power over you and that they are IRRELEVANT as well.

Be The Adult

Nothing angers a narcissist like a person who is unmoved by their silly antics.

When they yell…read a book.

When they try and start an argument…walk away and tell them you will be back when they finish their temper tantrum.

And when they try and bait you…smile and say “No Thanks. Not interested in playing this drama.”

Be the adult and remain in control of your feelings.

Need Support?

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