Be Defiant: Live A Happy Life

Be Defiant: Live A Happy Life

Be Defiant: Live A Happy Life

The world is full of a lot of nasty, ungrateful, and needlessly cruel people. Narcissists are some of these people. They are people who look for greatness in others to either feed off of that greatness or to fluff that greatness out.

The narc that has come into your life and left a nasty imprint on your life gets the greatest pleasure knowing that you are NO LONGER the person you once were.

They get the greatest pleasure knowing that they hurt you, bruised you…DAMAGED YOU.

And they get the greatest pleasure knowing that you still think about them.

They are a sick breed of people. There is no reasoning with them (especially when they are jealous of you). There are no mutual grounds.


And there is never an apology for NEEDLESSLY wrecking your life.

Revenge can seem like it is the only way for you to move on. That, in you giving them the same hurt and pain they gave you that you will be able to move forward in life.

But to play their game only makes them happy.

To really get back at the narc, you must be happy. DEFIANTLY HAPPY.

Imagine this…if you will.

Be Defiant: Live A Happy Life

Live A Happy Life

After a traumatic relationship with a narc that may have lasted a year, five years, ten years, 20 years, 30 years, you finally had enough and leave.

The narc teases, antagonizes, and prompts you into lashing back at them.

They smear campaign you. The narc gossip about you to people around town. They all laugh at you and spit on your name.

People you thought were neutral all turn their back against you. You feel alone, sad, and angry.

You look back at the time you wasted on them and are angry they took so much time.

And you cry and think about what you could have been — had they not been in your life.

Tears flow down your eyes as you ruminate over all that has been lost. You fall deep into the dark, cold abyss of depression for months and maybe years.

But then, suddenly…REVELATION.


Live A Happy Life


You realize after going through your depression bout you ARE NOT WEAK. YOU ARE NOT STUPID. And YOU ARE NOT WORTHLESS.

Most people who would have been through the chaos you went through would have been destroyed, yet you keep on keeping on.

Every day is a battle. And you may not win each day, but you sure as heck keep on fighting.

You realize that if you give into what they did to you, THEY WIN.

You realize, that you only have but so many tomorrows, and you start to work on ‘YOU‘.

No more pity parties. No more sob stories. And no more ruminating.

You get back to doing the things that brought you passion in life.

You start working on yourself and traveling and exploring the world to help you REDISCOVER THE UNIVERSE that is inside of you.

Inside of you lies a REALITY of positive potentiality that the world has never seen before.

And the chaotic relationship was the Big Bang that helps to ignite in you the best of what you could ever become.



Because the narc has become the catalyst to keep you working to have the life they desperately tried to keep you away from.

Your Happiness Is Anathema To Them: Live A Happy Life

divine light, light, clouds

You realize that just being happy and doing things that bring you joy and happiness actually hurts the soulless narc.

You realize that in spending time on yourself that you TAKE AWAY the time that you gave away to the narc by ruminating about them.

And like the energy vampires they are, they slowly weaken because they no longer have your energy to feed on.

And you realize that they are NOT worth your time as they add NO VALUE to your life.

All the fools (flying monkeys), enablers, and bystanders who threw dirt on your name, don’t matter.

And why because they don’t matter.

You don’t need them to find value in your life…because you are worth a reality.

Your reality.

And you also realize this…

It is better to be alone and REMAIN 'YOU,' then to be in a group of fools and lose yourself. Click To Tweet


Be Defiant: Live A Happy Life

flower, peony, blossom

You may not gain as much as you want, but you will most certainly lose as much as you are losing right now by ruminating on the past.

Read that again if you miss the point.

I know the pain you feel, the anger, hurt, shame (7 ways to get over shame), and just sheer HATRED you have for the narc for coming into your life and wrecking it.

But to waste another attosecond thinking about these worthless people only validates to them that they are worthy.

To not care about them, and to be so focused on living your best life is the ABSOLUTE BEST REVENGE.

There is no more significant regret we can ever have than but to die, looking back, and to only, at the moment, realize, HOW MUCH TIME WE WASTED –thinking about someone who added NO VALUE to our lives.

That is a wager that I am not okay with, and I hope that you, too, in time, will no longer be willing to wage.

Your life…YOUR ONE LIFE is a gift.

The narc may have damaged the box, but what’s inside, that treasure that is you, is still intact and yours to open at any time that you want.

So give yourself the time to open up that gift that is you.

Don’t focus on the outside damaged box; remember the gift inside of you.

We get one shot at life, enjoy it, and live it while you can.

Peace and love.

Live your best life while you can.

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