Are BPD & Narcissism The Same?

Are BPD & Narcissism The Same?

Are BPD & Narcissism The Same?

At first glance, one may think they are. BPD and narcissists share many similar traits, but some very defining traits also distinguish them from one another.

Are BPD & Narcissism The Same? Similarities They Share

Traits BPD & Narcissist share:

  • Both rely on others to manage their emotions
  • Both live in a false reality
  • They both project their feelings of “badness” onto others
  • Both blame others for their bad day or life
  • Both have a hard time admitting they are wrong or have made a mistake
  • They can both carry grudges over trivial things
  • Both are unwilling to listen to criticism
  • Both are GREATLY jealous
  • They can both feel shame
  • Both try and control the world around them
  • Both need attention
  • They also see the world in black and white
  • Both are stunted emotionally

Where They Differ

  • BPD fears abandonment. Narcissists fear lack of supply to feed their ego
  • BPD emotions vary. Narcissists are mostly rage (Like toddlers)
  • BPD has suicidal thoughts. Narcissists believe they deserve everything for being the NOTHINGS they are
  • BPD has a weak sense of self. Narcissists have a deluded sense of superiority

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