Are Alcoholism And Narcissism Related? 5 Similar Traits They Share

Are Alcoholism And Narcissism Related? 5 Similar Traits They Share

Are Alcoholism And Narcissism Related?

Narcissist and alcoholism are not that far apart. They share many similarities. In this article, I want to outline the five similar traits.

1 – Denial

Anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a narcissist knows all too well how ironclad they can be when it comes to denying things they have done.

It is as if accepting the wrongs they have done to others will somehow make them melt away.

I often call them kidults (kids + adults) because they behave as such.

Much like a kid denies when they do something wrong, so as not to get in trouble or feel that shame, so too will many of these narcissists and alcoholics deny when they have done wrong or deny something is wrong with them.

I think it’s because admitting something is wrong with them when they have conditioned themselves so much that they are the sh*t would bring down the world around them.

2 – Refusal To Take Accountability/ Responsibility

Are Alcoholism And Narcissism Related

Responsibility is to a narcissist and toxic alcoholic what the sunlight is to vampires. They avoid it for their life. Exposure to any form of responsibility will cause to evaporate with the sheer intensity of maturity and reasoning.

3 – Entitlement

Are Alcoholism And Narcissism Related

The level of entitlement that both displays are nauseating. Now with some, NOT all alcoholics, their drinking is to DROWN the pain, shame, hurt, and self-loathing feelings they have. They drink because they just can’t deal with the pain.

However, some just feel entitled to a pint of beer. I have worked in bars, and the level of assholery that you can see in a drunk is annoying.

I am not above knocking you out, even if you are drunk.

I find drunks to be honest when they are in that state, and you can see how entitled, how toxic, and how kidult they are.

4 – Self Destructiveness

Are Alcoholism And Narcissism Related

Due to their lack of emotional regulation, and self-control, both of them usually end up destroying their own lives. This is one major reason why many empaths who have left narcissists say that NO CONTACT is the best revenge.

5 – Manipulates Those Around Them

Gaslighting is a very well-known tactic that narcissists use to control their victims slowly. This is also a tactic that alcoholics will also use to try and persuade people to buy them a drink. The guilt-tripping ad the PLAYING THE VICTIM is a hallmark trait of both of these characters.

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  1. Where are 6 and 7? The article stops after 5 and leaves you ready to read 6 and 7 and there is no wrap up or summary or take aways.

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